Otherwise known as the WICMMT, we make maps for the game World in Conflict. Some maps are really serious and some not so much, but our goal is to make the game World in Conflict more enjoyable for you. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or want to join the group let us know. You can send a PM to the leader of the group, Brody9311 or find some other way to contact us. I hope you like what we are doing and check back to see if we have new maps up.

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Updates and other fun stuff from the World in Conflict Map Making Team!!!

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Well its that time of the year that the children start going back to school, and maps are made for the WICMMT!
So, your starting to think that the WICMMT is starting to fall apart because there has been no maps and other things...Well we have been kinda hard at work with news maps coming later this year and earlly next year. So hold on we are still here for you.
I still need more map ideas...and then I can get someother maps going...
I was also thinking about a map making contest for the WICMMT...ill think more on that...
Also next sunday(the 18) is my birthday so woo go me...
In the end I would like to say that the WICMMT would not be here without the help of our members of the group and all of the fans that kept WIC alive over the last 4 years since the first WIC was made...thank you!

Have a great day...
Head of the WICMMT

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