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we support our supreme commander thrawn . This article explains some more about the empire of the hand .

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The Empire of the Hand was a group founded and created by a chiss from the chiss expasinary defense fleet and a grand admiral mitthraw udodo or by his core name thrawn . He was a highly intelligent chiss who developed tactics better than his serperiors which is how he got grand admiral . Once he had that authority he ordered admiral voss parack to go to the unknown regions and to start this empire . After the battle of endor he went back to oversee the project and later left again with some ships to reunite the empire . Many years after his death , Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker went out to the unknown regions on some mission . When they found their ways into the hand of thrawn building on Niraun , they found a clone of thrawn . They destroyed it and left Niruan hoping to never see anything thrawn related again .

The Empire of the hand's navy consist of Imperial and chiss technology.
The Empire of the hand's ground forces consist of chiss soldiers and chiss tanks .

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