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"There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. With each decade it advances deeper, leaving drained, dead worlds in its wake. This horror, this abomination, has thought and purpose that functions on an unimaginable, galactic scale and all we can do is try to stop the swarms of bioengineered monsters it unleashes upon us almost by instinct. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call it the Tyranid race, but if is aware of us at all it must know us only as Prey." - Inquisitor Czevak

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The Tyranids, also known as The Great Devourer are an
extragalactic alien race, whose sole purpose is the consumption of all
forms of genetic and biological material in order to evolve and
reproduce. Tyranid technology is based entirely on biological
engineering. Every function is carried out by living, engineered
creatures, each of which collectively forms the Hive Fleet, directed by a single Hive Mind.
The Tyranids are seen as one of the gravest threats to the entire
Galaxy. They seek only to consume all organic life and cannot be
reasoned with or deterred in this quest.


The exact origin of the Tyranids is unclear, save the fact that they are not of the Milky Way Galaxy
and have only recently arrived here after traveling countless millennia
in the intergalactic void. It is unknown which galaxy they originated
from, or for how long the Tyranid race has been on its genocidal
rampage. Indeed their very name is but a title given to them by the Imperium, named after the planet where they were first encountered (Tyran).
Whether they left their original galaxy after they had consumed
everything of worth there or are in flight from another, even more
fearsome race, is unknown. It is possible that they have been preying on
other galaxies since time immemorial.
According to another source, they have consumed one thousand galaxies
and are responsible for the annihilation of millions of intelligent

If you wanna know more, check the Lexicanum!!

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