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thought this might interest anyone who wished to know some mods for DoW2 and the original DoW... :D

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Well, at a few days back from today, our mighty and all powerful Wereturnip of the BIA Mod (the Brothers in Arms Mod) has declared that they will finish the wave of the new races and do something extra.

For starters, the mod will be including the new Imperial Races of Tallarn Sand Raiders, the Elysian Drop Troopers, the Mordian Steel Regiments and the Vostroyan Snow Fighters. These are the currently under work regiments as well the units from the Chaos Renegade Guardsmen, these will be explained if you ask me more.

Apart form adding these new races there will be the editing of the Orks, Eldars and others. Sadly the Necrons and Space Marines will be left as our majestic mod leaders hate them... :P

Now, the big news is that the mod is now starting to take shape and it is nearly done. Pictures will be posted up if i feel like it... i might... if you guys force me...

Another BIG blowout... the mod leaders have decided to make a Dawn of War 2 mod, these will be certainly adding the regiments from the one in the mod being worked.

well then, i believe this is it... and worry not for i will post these news in the Dawn of War Clan group!

XxChaosUndividedxX Creator

is there gonna be blood pact as chaos guards

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ramagon Author

currently, the new chaos guard is going to be an Undivided army, offering special abilities such as daemons and others... if i am not mistaken, there should be a unit that is zombie.. plague zombies i believe... :)

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do you have any date or estimation of release?

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2012 I sure!

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Pictures please and thanks :)

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