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Media RSS Feed Report media Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium Online CANCELED (view original)
Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium Online CANCELED
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Luthorian May 14 2012, 8:38am says:

They are converting it into a single player RPG akin to Space Marine.

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Sanguinius Creator
Sanguinius May 14 2012, 12:56pm replied:

Yeah i was so sad when they announced they are going to cancel it and convert to single player. We don't need any more single player 40k games we NEED a MMORPG!!!

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SlayerX3 May 14 2012, 2:10pm replied:

Mine and the collective reaction upon hearing such news

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CadianConscript May 15 2012, 1:14am replied:

Once upon a time there was an idea for moding Hellgate:London into 40k universe mod. I hated the fact the project never got started. Now if they make something like kingdom of Amalur in terms of gameplay, but in the 40k universe - then I'm happy with it. I just hope I can play as every race... well mostly the IGs =)

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Grimpast May 17 2012, 4:41am replied:

Playing Every race? And who will lead the Tyranids, cuz they controlled by a collective consciousness.

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CadianConscript May 17 2012, 6:12am replied:

Always thought of Tyranids as NPCs so... no body will play as them =)

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Grimpast May 17 2012, 6:27am replied:

Yeah, They are outsiders anyway, aren't they? :)

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martlew Jun 3 2012, 10:32pm replied:


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petron1991 May 14 2012, 10:19am says:

they turned against the whole community with this decision and why? because they have no money for bringing a mmo on the market but with monthly subscription system they would make more money then making a single player rpg

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SlayerX3 May 14 2012, 2:11pm replied:

I don't know but World of Warcraft and Knights of the Old Republic are the most successful MMOs ever to date and they use the monthly subscription service.

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{{)ark}_}{ue Jun 20 2012, 2:00am replied:

Star Wars: The Old Republic is actually in a somewhat fast decline in its player base right now...They're already having to do server merges.

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ukato Jun 24 2012, 2:24pm replied:

As a KotOR fan, I was disappointed when BioWare decided to go with TOR (and Mass Effect) and not give us KotOR 3.

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commandercody94 May 14 2012, 5:08pm replied:

Yeah, but an MMO is a hell of a lot more expensive to make, it there is an even larger risk if it tanks.

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 10:35am says:

Are you shocked? It is clearly a harder task to make and maintain an MMO which takes place in the future and has an unique tone. When Blizzard made the World of Warcraft tons of medieval fantasy movies were on the market an don't forget they choosed to redesign Warcraft into an anime cartoon. Good business call, many people like anime and manga. Thousands of players paid just to play a fantasy game they weren't interested in the premises of the Warcraft universe.

But what about Warhammer Online? Can it gain new outsider subscribers who aren't familiar with the story of the Warhammer?

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Chompster May 14 2012, 10:48am replied:

highly doubt it.

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Calgar Creator
Calgar May 14 2012, 11:59am says:

I'd rather have an RPG game than an MMO, so I'm happy with the (old) news.

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Rogal_Dorn May 14 2012, 12:11pm replied:

Totally agree! MMO sometimes ruins all of the soul of the Universes like a WoW did it with Warcraft universe.

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 12:33pm replied:

WOW is a soulless marketing ***** whom tries to get ****** as many times as possible. From Warcraft 3 the game slowly turned into a colored manga-dsiney cartoon fairy-tale.
Don't forget Blizzard made the Warcraft 3 in order to hype the already under development WOW.
So I think Warhammer will take an MMO-turn if this RPG will be succesful enough.
But I still think (exept in rare cases) average MMOs trie to get more money therefore they polish so hard the universe for the masses this can ruin the whole "soul".
Daunting task, Warhammer has a very grim dark tone, I doubt if any wanna-be MMO ever will be as dark as the rulebooks are.

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Luthorian May 14 2012, 3:52pm says: +1 vote     reply to comment
BillNye_the_Nazi_Spy May 14 2012, 4:11pm says:

It's not being canceled.

It's, as stated in other comments, being changed to a single player game.

Which means it's being changed and not canceled.

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IFork May 14 2012, 7:47pm says:

They probably fear they will suffer the same fate as the Tortanic

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Vader91 May 14 2012, 9:35pm says:

Good, the number of decent SP games out there are dwindling. I'm getting sick of MMOs popping up all over timbuktu. I want a game where I pay once and I'm done, not some retarded "pay each month or quit playing."

Now all we need is a decent game where I can be an Ork...

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Orac| May 16 2012, 1:03am says:

Hell yes. MMOs are not my cup of tea, but an SP RPG... I'd spend forever on it.

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abrun4 May 16 2012, 10:54am says:

For Once the MMO is the more logical choice for making a Warhammer40k game, with the single player element lacking in Content / context of the true warhammer40k atmosphere ( EG TOTAL WAR! ), i am against MMO i hate them with a passion but for once I reckon making an mmo would be better, unforgettably the bastards at relic FIRED! half the staff from the team

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Luthorian May 16 2012, 2:30pm replied:

It wasn't Vigil's fault, it was THQ that fired those employees.

And turning 40K into a MMO would destroy the lore faster than Matt Ward's pen. Guardsmen running around with Eviscerators? Space marines with Exitus rifles? Screw that thought.

What we need is Final Liberation II.

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purgations May 16 2012, 3:09pm replied:

easy response to that is that all they have to do is make class specific weapons that stick to lore -_- they do it all the time. you never see a knight running around with a mages book. just make easch faction (Imperium, Eldar, Ork, etc...) then have the subclasses be the races troops like for example; Imperium- space marines who further subdivide into their respective specialties, IG- same as sm. and so on. it will take intelligence and alot of thought to get through so who knows if a good 40k mmo will ever happen.

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Luthorian May 16 2012, 3:12pm replied:

Another problem would be the sheer amount of factions and sub-factions in them, there's no way they would be able to appease ALL the fans.

Not to mention the risk of them being grouped in "Good" and "Evil" teams like in Warhammer Online....

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Grimpast May 17 2012, 4:24am replied:

In an MMO who wants to be a Space Marine really? Ok, They kick *** in battle, but usually they live a very strict and recluse life in their monastery.
I think your problem is you imagine an MMO as a Warcraft MMO. If some group want to make Warhammer online they should break from this kind of MMO convention radically.

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Grimpast May 17 2012, 4:49am says:

Hahaha Just realized the backfire of the -gather XP and level up-system.
Space Marines are supposed to be superhuman elite warriors, so playing this kind of class would be far more advantageous than playing IG troops.
And if you choose to be an IG troop you will find yourself teamed up with others on a planet surrounded by orks.
I just can't imagine how developers would solve such problems.

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{{)ark}_}{ue Jun 20 2012, 2:01am says:

I was disappointed at first, but I have come to realize that I am fine with it.

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I know that it was a while back but do you think the new version is going to be any good?

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