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Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Hail fellow 40k fans!

Thought i'd give you guys the heads up on the release of a new, playable, beta build of my 40k themed Source mod "Exterminatus".

If you're not already familiar with Exterminatus, it's a teamplay FPS mod that pitches marines against tyranids in a series of map specific mission objectives.

The new beta includes 10 different playable classes, each with it's own weapons and playing style, along with 8 warhammer 40k themed maps.

You can find Exterminatus on ModDB here , our main site and forum is at

Jan 23 2012 Anchor

i can put this in the groups news feed if you want


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Jan 24 2012 Anchor

Thanks Alpha, that sounds good to me :D

There are a couple of update patches available for Exterminatus over at

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