War Gamer's Community is the rebirth of a dead in the water group that was once called Alpha Company. Here, gamer's of the War FPS genre, and even RTS depending on which game, will be able to freely post any and all pictures and videos of gameplay experiences to share with everyone. There is no need to apply and wait for acceptance, as this is a free community for all who love FPS and RTS warfare gaming. Since we are currently pulling this group right out of the gutter and starting fresh, we still need a more and more people so we can upload pictures and videos to share with the world! Right now we may not seem like much with very few actual gamplay vids or pics, but we could use everybody's help and get this group on the way! Help us out by joining up and posting as much as you can! :)

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Hamachi for Generals Zero Hour +Mods
C&C: Generals

Hamachi for Generals Zero Hour +Mods

Sep 12, 2012 CnC: An Act of War 4 comments

EA wants no servers for Generals Zero Hour?? SO BE IT! We got one of our own! Need an Hamachi network for mods of Generals ZH? We got them too!

Jul 27, 2010
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