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The question "Who am i" is very easy. But i tell you truth, my life is difficult for me. I have some problems in real life, unfortunately. I tell you that i am modder for Dawn of War game, for Lord of the Rings Batlle for Middle-Earth II (+Rotwk) game and also for Total War games. I started to create mods for all this games since may 2010 year. And now i am famous modder in the internet. Some big mod companies knows me. But my artwork has very agressive critics from my compatriots. I don`t know why they are don`t like my art and my mods. I think, they want to help me to do the BEST work. I don`t know how to decide this problem. Really don`t know. Some of people said that i am non-ordinary man. I think its true. I am not like as many my coevals. Maybe i am very kind and my kindness - my main problem. Yes, i am very kind. And my kindness is shows in my all life and artwork (and in modding too).
And also, friends, i am only student. I am studying literature in the big univercity in my city - Moscow. I am writer and poet. I am writes some stories (mystic, horrors) and of couse poems. I studies also psychology of people. I want to understand many people psychology and their characters. I want to understand the our planet - Earth and their residents. I want it very much!If you want, you can write your opinion about me and my artwork there. I will wait opinions about me from other people.

(Alexander Bagatur)

I was need to create this group because trolling of my mods is increased. Lets do not let trolls to destroy my projects.

My most famous mod for Dawn of War now:


Count Bagatur - General-Policemeister
Moddlord - Inspector General
Berserker101 - Colonel
Soulstormfan - Captain
Soundwave (Hellalujah) - Spec Ops Leader
Necronguy - Necrontyre Pharaoh
SkyMaid - Lieutenant of Hy Brasil Dragons
SilentSiren - Hussars Lieutenant

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