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RSS feed Report content HentaiVerse (Free Text Online RPG sub-game)
OrangeNero Author

ow yea great just great -.- why did he had to add that pic which isn't in the game??? lol how come that pic is on moddb but not on YT?! totally contradicting my "oh its not H at all..."

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OrangeNero Author

there is a wiki for this too, good for understanding the game Ehwiki.org

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First this game contains NO HENTAI! and is TEXT BASED. Actually if it wasn't called HentaiVerse and one of the monsters being called sperm whale and that with the credits earned in the fights picture galleries can be downloaded containing hentai (therefore HentaiVerse) on the main site this wouldn't be connected to Hentai at all.

after all the what it ain't lets focus on what it is.

Game is entirely free to play, all you need is a valid email to register to the site and then you can start slaying monsters earning experience and credits to level up and buy equipment. And theres more, you can create your own monsters and battle in different modes like arena or grindfest. the variety on equipment and abilities lets you be anything from mage to warrior. The game is completely played in your browser there is nothing to download or install sadly also nothing to hear or see just reading and selecting. you can battle against players too but since i haven't done that yet i can't tell you anything about it apart from it being possible and used. you can send objects and messages to players too, your account allows you also to enter the forum and to use the archive downloader for the gallery (the place where the hentai is) downloads paying with your credits which is earned by fighting.

The vid will give you the idea of what it is and i just wrote. it only shows the grindfest but the other modes don't vary all that much so just don't expect it to be spectacular. i got to like it, i didn't get the point why you have to play before downloading but the game makes fun and is good for when waiting in the train or doctors waiting room etc.

i wont share the links but if you ever heard of search engines its a matter of seconds finding it. see ya in the HentaiVerse ;-)

Video from Youtube.com

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