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Islam Code Of War (Groups : Unity of Beliefs : Forum : Islam : Islam Code Of War) Locked
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Xalimur Muslim Admin
Sep 24 2011, 7:29am Anchor

I posting this discuss Islam Code Of War...most people think that Islam when to war,we always seen like barbaric warrior...well we need to fix right from wrong...let us discuss..

ComradeWinston Head of the Group (Atheist Admin)
Sep 24 2011, 9:08am Anchor

You know, i never even knew there was a code of war, I must say off the bat my knowledge of Islam is quite limited as I do live in the United States(sadly) so I mostly just know of the Christian religions. Hence why I have the occasional guy coming along crying over me "hating" Christians. Though as to my knowledge all I know and have heard is, "Death to the Infidel" essentially...



Xalimur Muslim Admin
Sep 24 2011, 9:18am Anchor

there is Code Of War...When we Muslim go to war, there code to follow...1.If we muslim siege a city, we request that civilian like children, women, old men etc to be evacuated. 2.Before battle, make negotiation. 3.The WAR must be about PEACE,not VIOLENCE. 4.Do not kill women, children, old men (civilian), do not attack enemy if they are praying, do not kill animal or destroy plant that economical(stuff that are useful like cattle,coconut tree etc)...There are many more...i need to look for more..

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