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After a short leave, I am proud to announce that I am back as Twisted Insurrection leader and have resumed progress on the upcoming Public Beta 5!

Posted by Aro on Oct 24th, 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to bring you some good news today. Some of you may be aware that I (Aro) announced my resignation as Twisted Insurrection leader a few months ago, I'd just like to inform you that I have changed my mind on the matter due-to several reasons and will be resuming work as normal! I apologize to our fans whom I may have disappointed, but I'm happy to announce that it was, after all, only a temporary leave.
After recent discussions with some staff members and some other people I consider to be my friends, I have managed to be persuaded to think otherwise about my resignation, so I owe a lot to the guys for helping me pick up my mood again.

One other main deterrent of keeping up working on Twisted Insurrection was the fact that Windows 8 hindered my ability to resume work at the pace that I usually keep, but now thanks to a lot of fine-tuning and fiddling, everything is back in order again. Once Public Beta 5 is released and I have found an almost-perfect solution to the Windows 8 issue, I will include a tutorial of how to get TS/TI working correctly on the dreaded operating system.

Now that I am back in the game and finally have internet set up at my new home, I am pleased to inform you that Twisted Insurrection will resume progress as normal! Not that Twisted Insurrection has been quiet for all those months, quite the contrary. We are only 2 Nod and 3 GDI Missions away from having a completed campaign, big props to Q45 for all his hard work. Once both campaigns are complete, some additional challenge missions will be created and then work on GloboTech's... missions... will begin.

Now, I know what you're all thinking, which is probably something along the lines of "But Aro, when will the faction structures and units be finished?" and the answer to that is simply this, I don't know. ErastusMercy, the lead voxel artist for Twisted Insurrection has been on hiatus around the same time that I took my "leave" due-to several reasons, one of which being to embark on working on his mod, Emerald Prophecy, now for the Unreal engine, but hopefully he'll be back in the game soon.
Lin Kuei Ominae, the Nod Building artist for Twisted Insurrection has been unable to use 3DSMAX for quite some time now, but that time is drawing to a close very soon (we hope), once he is able to begin work again, the Nod structures will start flying out again. Henskelion, our cinematics artist is also busy with studies, meaning that progress has been slowed too, but not for long. As for GDI, well it's just a matter of whether the artist in question has time, I'm going to discuss things with some of our SHP artists and see whether or not we can get things rolling at light speed again!

So we have taken quite a blow in terms of staff activity, but things are going to pick up again as from today. Sadly, no, I can not give you a set date on Public Beta 5's release, but that's only because unforeseen consequences are bound to happen if I start making promises on release dates. Never-the-less, looking at the progress that has occurred and how much shorter our to-do-list has grown (with the exception of some faction graphics), we're nearing completion, and whilst it's not just around the corner, it's going to happen! Tiberian Sun modding will not die until we die. Fuck you, Windows 8!

Check out Twisted Insurrection's pages around the web!

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BioDestroyer Oct 24 2013 says:

Good to see everything coming back to normal. Can't wait to PB5. :)

Long live TS Modding!

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7ty7 Oct 24 2013 says:

Great news, thanks for the update

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Templarfreak Oct 24 2013 says:

Thank you for finally filling us in on the state of progress for the project, I've been wondering why we haven't seen any new building art for a while.

Also glad that you're back in the saddle, Aro.

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Dude Oct 24 2013 says:

That's a good news. Also keep up the great work!

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afterwars Oct 24 2013 says:

this is looking absolutely awesome! Great work!

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missledef200 Oct 24 2013 says:

Kane still lives! Nice to see you back on the team, Aro. My patience will have to hold out a little longer, it seems, but I don't mind. Keep rolling.

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sgfan206 Oct 24 2013 says:

So I am (was) not the only one who had problems getting TS running in Windows 8 ... XD

For those interested, I wrote a tutorial how to do it - although it's not a perfect solution, and it took me hell a lot of time to resolve all the problems. Moddb.com

I am really interested to see how your solution will work ... way better than mine for sure. :P

EDIT: You have actually continued working on the project because of my tutorial?!?? O_O

And I thought it would be a waste to post since I guessed that many others knew how to do it as well ... XD

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Aro Author
Aro Oct 24 2013 replied:

LoL. As I mentioned in response to your tutorial, I have tried multiple methods, but one thing I always overlooked was how the screen resolution could crash the game in windowed mode, and your information helped me to fix it, so thanks again. ;)

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Balgeron Oct 25 2013 says:

YES! Great news!

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hammer326 Oct 27 2013 says:

Super awesome to hear! One of the first big projects I followed when I made it to ModDB, haven't looked back. Well yea I have, I've been keeping tabs here with the vigor of a ****** off NSA operative who's had way too much coffee.


Super late news: OUTSTANDING OST, I have just gotten to listening to it. Very reminiscent of great industrial bands like Funker Vogt yet also so at home in the tiberium universe.... what a mix, like milk and ovaltine.

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Guest Oct 28 2013 replied:

I'm so glad to see that there are so many TI fans that know and appreciate bands as underrated and amazing as Funker Vogt. +10 to you, my good man.

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Aro Author
Aro Oct 28 2013 replied:

^ That was me, FYI. I forgot to log in.

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hammer326 Oct 29 2013 replied:

This world is a system without emotion.

Back on topic- thanks for doing just the same, and for this project. It truly is a fascinating twist on what people normally think of as mods, even total conversion mods.

As someone who's borderline retarded if install instructions aren't included in a particular mod, I also thank you for in fact making it a standalone game effectviely, as well as including the free OST. Super excited for the future! Thanks again!

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