All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

The Ravager unit profile complete with the video! Credits go to Starfox100, Alexandro and SecretCroc for making the video. Enjoy!

Posted by playmsbk on Nov 4th, 2012

Designation: Armed Air Transport
Affiliation: Scrin
Role: Transport, Anti-infantry
Armament: Fusion Cannons
Type: Medium Aircraft
Speed: Medium


The Scrin did not always attack their planet targets with a full invasion force. Sometimes, the Scrin sent numerous small forces througout the planet to stage and make surprise attacks before the fleet reached it. The Ravager was the most important unit of such strategies, being able to decimate infantry and transporting the Scrin's forces from city to city safely and fast. However, the Ravager still remained usefull even after the full force was present, as not all Foremen always had access to the Scrin teleportation and wormhole technology, and it remained the best way to transport ground forces through impassable terrain and barriers.

On the invasion of Earth, the Ravager served its role as a transport and support aircraft well. Human forces were horrified to see Alien troops being teleported into the battlefield from nowhere and then taking extremely heavy fire from the sky. However, the Ravagers were not as powerful as the Devastators or Carriers, and were easily taken down by the human anti- aircraft defences. For that reason, all Foremen were authorised to research Tiberium Enhancements to improve firepower and survivability to the Ravager, as well as aircraft shielding tecnology for the purpose of more armor. Other than combat and transporting, the Ravager could implant drones in the mechanical systems of enemy vehicles in order to spy on them and damage them, becoming a useful tool for scouting and weakening enemy forces.

"The Alien aircraft code-named "Ravager" is an aerial infantry transport, able to phase Alien infantry units from its interior outside and from outside to its interior. GDI infantry units are warned to be careful for its cannons which seem to be highly effective against humans, but less effective against walls or armor. All commanders are advised to take them down using airplanes or heavy anti-air ground units. It has also been observed that the Ravager can implant a drone to vehicles. Though we do not know its true purpose, many have reported mechanical failures and all crew members are advised to immediately return for repairs to a War Factory if one is found on the vehicle."

--GDI Guide Against the Invaders--

Transport, Guns and Scouting
The Ravager is an extremely useful unit in early and mid-game as it can easily take down enemy infantry and transport your own fast across the battlefield. With a moderate price and considerable speed, it can serve as a good scout, also having in mind its ability to corrupt enemy vehicles with spy drones. Later, it can be upgraded to survive punishment from heavier units and still punish heavier enemy infantry.

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TheNodCommander Creator
TheNodCommander Nov 5 2012 says:

Oh, haha. I honestly didnt know it was a transport too!

-1 votes   reply to comment
Oaks Nov 5 2012 says:

I rather prefer to use its entire name.Ravager Gunship.
Oh my.I havent played Scrin for awhile.I forgot it uses Tiberium Enhancement upgrade and the shield is from Forcefield generators upgrade?
I am also often mistooking its cool icon for Devastator. xd
And it has detection.That means detectors has been removed from the Storm riders?
I would also note that it has no anti-air capabilities.
I just love to outflank enemy base and harass harvesters with drones.
Maybe add to video that it is being repaired and has improved combat effectivenes in Ion storms.
Just a question:If theres skirmish Scrin vs Scrin,then enemy Ion storms heals or hurts your air units?
And of course, good work, guys.keep it up. :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Starfox100 Creator
Starfox100 Nov 5 2012 replied:

Not from the stormrider, but it is removed from the PAC. a carrier WITH stealth detect is just OP in TW. so this ship jumped in to gain that cause for TE.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Smallchange Creator
Smallchange Nov 5 2012 replied:

Ironically, it does both. Although it damages more than it heals, you still get the +10% battle effectivness too.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Pyrodaimon Nov 6 2012 replied:

Curiously, it's actual name is Ravage, not Ravager. I don't know whether it's a typo or intentional to avoid taking the name from KW's Ravager.

+1 vote     reply to comment
playmsbk Author
playmsbk Nov 6 2012 replied:

Really? I can't check that out right now, maybe if someone is kind enough to check it and tell me?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Starfox100 Creator
Starfox100 Nov 7 2012 replied:

the image explains it all i think.

i do not have KW so for me it's still the Ravager. not the Ravage.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Pyrodaimon Nov 7 2012 replied:

I could swear the unit in-game is called Ravage. So, it's probably just a typo then. Carry on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Oaks Nov 7 2012 says:

and thats exactly why TE Ravager is actually called Ravager Gunship.

and pls dont mistook for xd

+1 vote     reply to comment
playmsbk Author
playmsbk Nov 8 2012 replied:

Yes, I am aware of that unit, but since we are in the TE Timeline, this unit has never existed, so I don't think there isa problem.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Smallchange Creator
Smallchange Nov 9 2012 replied:

Neither do I really, it's not that big of a deal. I mean, I think everyone that has played TE for more than 10 minutes, or has even looked at the gallery will know what it is. So, it's really no big deal.

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