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Sep 24 2011 Anchor

I just wanted to point this out.

Two structures which I found (might be more) have the wrong or a strange looking icon for them in the structure menu.

The first is the GDI Refinery which still has a picture of the old model. (You know, with the open Tiberium-pool of death and polution)

The second is the Wall. It has a much darker colour too it, making me think more of what Nod would use for a concrete wall. The picture doesnt resemble the colour at all of what you get when you actualy place the wall out.

As I said, might be more icons looking strange or wrong than the two I mentioned, if you know of any others, feel free to just post them in this thread.

I noticed the Refinery "error" exists for the Nod Refineries as well.

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