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Poll: Stealth Detection (9 votes)
Stealth detection in 3-way battles (Groups : Tiberium Essence Fans : Forum : General Tiberium Essence Ideas : Stealth detection in 3-way battles) Locked
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Feb 25 2012, 3:08pm Anchor

When a unit on Nods team is detected by a GDI units stealth detectors, while GDI and Scirn are fighting, Why should the scirn see what GDI sees? If a wolverine sees a stealth tank he relays the info to the titans behind him, but in that case, why should the Tripods shooting at the titans and wolverines see the stealth tank that the Wolverine sees, if they arnt on the same team. It makes no sense that GDI would send info on where a stealth unit is to the scirn so that they can see it as well...And this is more apparent in the way that after the wolverine is destroyed the Tripods become oblivious to the stealth tank sitting there. Of course this was all an example situation, but the facts remain the same. Stealth detection shouldn't Remove a units stealth field, it should tell friendly units that its there, so that they may target it, but enemy units shouldn't be able to see it just because their enemy sees it. Because if one team runs a large number of anti-infantry units with stealth detection and the other side runs a lot of anti-tank without it, It makes it kinda hard to slip past 5 tripods when a wolverine getting its ass kicked makes all your guys uncloak and get THEIR asses kicked. Just my thought.

Feb 25 2012, 7:19pm Anchor

Well, how to say it. I understand GDI's radar is not a Scrin radar,and vice-versa while they are not allies.But you should understand the sense of realism deeper.
Stealth detection is not just a radar.How to see something what is stealthed? You must detect it,then you are able to shoot it.Detectors are meant to laser-scan and plunge through the camouflage system around stealthed unit.Therefore,detectors are not zerg overlords but they will render the stealth system useless.Thus everyone can see now the un-stealthed unit no matter who set those detectors on. So I say detection is a remover of a stealth field.When you will destroy or move out detectors,the blackout returns.But we cant have so much realism and common sense in game to expect units themselves to shoot on target which we saw just a second before, right at our hands.It is stealthed again and you will not possibly micro-force attacking everything what you saw in blink of an eye somewhere.Therefore I dare say when it comes to this,TE is pretty well balanced and you will need work on your stealth detection macro,expecting unexpected,adapt to situation when you can see enemy is spamming stealthed units.When you are an stealthed attacker,yes,the detectors are needed to be taken care of as first,and thus the good strategy is born.You cant expect lets say from seeker,attack bike,etc. to throw GPS dart on detected unit,and being opaque just becaue you created illusion of undulated air around you doesnt mean you are invisible or even invincible.

Feb 26 2012, 8:56am Anchor

Why in the hell I would give tactical information to the enemy? If it´s for mutual help, why you´re not on the same team?

And when a stealth unit is detected, it will remain stealth unless if attacked. The scaners just give the information that "there is something there"

Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Feb 27 2012, 5:27am Anchor

Oaks put it there very detailed.
If you shut down the stealth system then you will not be stealth anymore. "say HI to he world!"

It works the same as radar detector, if Police want to caught drivers that go over the speed limit. a few drivers got a "radar detector" that make sure that the device does not work when they "fly" the police by. (reason police got now the "radar detector, detector" to see who use that illegal device)

That's makes also same with the stealth here. if you come to close, your stealth system malfunction. then you back up the detector is not capable to track you anymore.

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May the fox be with you...

Mar 3 2012, 5:06pm Anchor

I only halfway understand what Oaks meant. A laser detector scans through a stealth shield so you can see it, very true, but, why would the whole thing shut down? That sounds more like an EMP than a detector. I kinda interpreted that as : the detector scans the target and sees something, then once it has identified there is something there it shuts down the stealth shield so that everyone can see it. Still sounds more like a computer hack or a emp to me.

And Starfox100, a radar detector doesnt stop radar guns from seeing you it tells you when there is a radar gun working nearby so you can be prepared. (but if they do have those radar jammers I haven't heard of it, and I gotta find one)

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Mar 14 2012, 7:35pm Anchor

Erm, We could interpret it (the stealth shutting down from detector units) as a burst of low yield electrons that could scramble whatever is doing the stealthing...


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Mar 17 2012, 10:55am Anchor

Ok finally someone says that in English where it actually makes sense. But I still think it makes more sense as just like a radar scan. Think about TS, when your stealth tanks were detected by a sensor array, they still stayed cloaked, and until they came after you you didn't know you were visible, and so if you were detected, when the stealth tank goes to fire he still has to uncloak first, even though the array could see you the whole time. Makes ALOT more sense to me.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Mar 17 2012, 3:55pm Anchor

Touche, I vote this. ^


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Mar 30 2012, 1:54pm Anchor

Lt_Wheeler, it already works on that way kid -_-

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Mar 30 2012, 3:11pm Anchor

█Black/Brunez█ wrote:Lt_Wheeler, it already works on that way kid -_-

Does it? Because I've gotten my guys out of more than one attack due to me seeing the 'stealth has been disabled' thing.


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Mar 30 2012, 4:44pm Anchor

Uhm... Well, sorry if I´m wrong.

I actually can´t remember now.

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