All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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New name to call out TE mod. (Groups : Tiberium Essence Fans : Forum : General Banter : New name to call out TE mod.) Locked
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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Dec 7 2011 Anchor

we call TE units Epic,
any new update is awesome,
new features are great,

but all together... how do we name it then? because were probably
going to need a word that has not been made yet... brothers, Kane and Carnius need you!

think of a name to call out Tiberium Essence Epicness :)

Dec 7 2011 Anchor

the great epic of awesomeness...........just about sums it up

Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Dec 8 2011 Anchor

Its mod = GreatholyKaness.


User Posted Image
May the fox be with you...

Dec 9 2011 Anchor

Command & Conquer
Tiberium Right F***ing Way Since Westwood

playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Dec 10 2011 Anchor

Doesn't "Command and Conquer: Tiberium Essence" sound good enough already? It's old-school and sounds oifficial!



Dec 30 2011 Anchor

Lets name it CARNIUS-Carefully Awesomely Rocking Nifty Iconic Untold Supernova

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Jan 6 2012 Anchor

yah.... I agree with playmsbk...


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Jan 27 2012 Anchor

I agree with Playmsbk.

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