All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Feb 14 2012 Anchor
Guys! I took my old ideas, and I rethought in a more elaborate and reasonable way, without exaggeration or difficult achievements,perhaps in a couple of weeks it can may be done! Also I explained the reasons for such changes(yup, lots of text). Now, I know at this point we all think: "fuck what this idiot wants!? I just want the 1.5 and fuck that shit!" But I believe that with some of this ideas, the game could be much more enjoyable and special!And just one more thing, I have to remember that i made this based on what Carnius showed us, i cant imagine how the game its at this point!Okey! And I appreciate the comment of you guys! ^^Hope you like it!

.SURVEYOR/GDI OUTPOST: add a low range stealth detector to all deployed outposts. (GDI, NOD and SCRIN) ->This way, it could work as a low range Mutant Sensor Array(which has a large range area)
.DISK THROWER: the shockwaves grenades upgrade make the disk squad to throws one shockwave emp grenade by an activated ability.
->this would make the disk throwers the only infantry that can have an weapon upgrade. ->if you dont see the point of add the emp, I say that will make the game more engaging, benefiting those who use the disk thrower without the APC,or any kind of garrison, also asisting the player who likes microhandling its units.
#GDI EMP THINGS: this way, Gdi would have the Falcon with upgrade, disk throwers with the same upgrade, and the shockwave bombardment.
#One more thing: Shouldnt the Orca Bomber Shockwave Bombs Loadout only be available after the Shockwave Grenades Upgrade?
.APC: keep the mine field, and change that Nod logo that it apears when the ability is selected.(this pisses me off - EA slackers)
.TIBERIUM SILO: GDI and NOD Tiberium Silo could generate a small, like 5 tiberium income per second.(reminding that the tiberium spike give 25 per seconds or 1500$ per minute), so, every tiberium silo would produce a 300$ per minute, like a Rifleman Squad/min. its not much, but it would be useful. ->Scrin have the Growth Accelerator, and the ability to create tiberian fields (Conqueror ability). ->And to the game not get filled with Tiberium Silos, just simply increase the value to 750$ and make it occupy a small amount of energy. ->Without saying that I never used a single tiberium silo in my whole life.
.SHOCK WAVE ARTILLARY POWER UP: make the shells bombardment animation visible. (again - EA slackers)

.ENGINEER: armed with a revolver (Steal Tallons - KW)
->Sabouter carry Demo charges, Assimilator can stelth, Engineer cant do nothing.
.MAMMOTH MARK II: lower the range of the disk launcher and make it clear garrison (as a disk thrower on a APC);
add a disrupt cannon as a third upgrade, that way the Mammoth will be very good against tank(disrupt cannon),or infantry(disk launcher) or anti-air(railgun turret) in CLOSE range. ->this way the Mammoth will be the Identity of the GDI, having all its unique weapons choices, in one big walker. ->I need to say something: in all my games, i never killed any Mammoth with only garrison units. Furthermore, I say that this upgrade would not be OP, and would make it more real, decreasing the huge range of the disks, and havin its role as clearing garrisons. ->not to mention that with only just 3 shots, you can put down a house at a distance that the Mammoth doesnt suffer even a scratch. ->to take down a Mammoth, you got to have planty of units and some upgrades, and not fill every building in the map with soldiers.
#reminding that the Mammoth its a very slow unit, and would not clear all the buiding in a metter of seconds. hehe
#NOD Cyborg Command can clear garrison, heal in tiberian, resist emp, its stealthed, and have great fire power. #Scrin Conqueror can travel through WormHole and cause chaos in any base, prepared or not.
->guys I made a horrible montage on paint, but its just to give an idea of how the disrupt cannon could be in the Mammoth! (let me dream! XD)
->okey that would really take a little longer to get finished.. but I think it would be a welcome change! :)

.NOD CYBORG COMMANDO: he shouldnt be able to garrison! not only because his huge, but a single black hand, disk or little tiny buzzer can kill him instantly. the cyborg need a LOT of shots to die, be killed this way.. its wrong.
.SHADOW TEAM: change the explosive charge to an EMP remote charge, and add a BEACON TARGET (KW) for the Cobra Artillery (like the sniper team view for the Juggernaut artillery)
->The Shadow team is a tactical unit, with those upgrades, they will be a lot more usefull. #Nod only have 1 unit with EMP capabilities, the Reader with the Emp Coils upgrade.
#Nod have 3 units that have Remote charges (sabouter, shadow team, and Nod Commando) each one with different purposes.
#NOD have a lot of conter EMP measures (Cyborgs resist to emp, Temple of Nod Master Computer contermeasures) #So, adding more emp weapons, the game will be more elaborate.
.COBRA: make it buildable only after the tiberium plant (becouse it uses the plasma tech), and with the BEACON TARGET, he will eventualy be more usefull two (in a tactical way).

.FLAME TECH: add a chemical tiberium vapor upgrade (like the TIB. VAPOR BOMB POWER UP), could be upgraded at the Secret Shire; this could make the Black Hands a MIX with the TIB. Tropper.
->This way, Nod have 3 upgrades for weapons involving tiberium (tiberium warheads, tiberium particle beam, and now, chemical tiberium vapor) ->In addition, the Black Hands could be the second infantry with an upgradable weapon, being the first the disk thrower (with the shockwave grenades).
.PROPAGANDA TECH: make the NOD OUTPOST (Emissary) has an area of propaganda when unpack, rather than their repair units, taking advantage of the new propaganda upgrade for the Avatar. and add a low range steath detector.
->Nod Outpost already has holograms, perfectly matching with this propaganda function.
#->GDI Outpost repairs units for its good support function (ex: gdi Condor)
#->Scrin Outpost could have some ion storms (temporary activation) only to improve the efficiency of the ships, but without the lightning strikes.
.POWER UPS: Remove the Seed Tiberium (Nod seems to use tiberium as a weapon, opposed to Scrin);
add the POWER SIGNATURE (KW, for those how dont know, its like the Tiberium Scan, but for power plants); ->Nod dont have any kind of power up that reveals the map, the power signature is a good solution, since they have a good electric tech. ->Moreover, knowing where are the adversaries power plants, can be plan a more sneaky and tactical attack.
.SUBTERRANEAN ATTACK: Limited range with more time to the unit come out,in the meantime, a slight Dust could appear before the unit emerge.
->the Devil's Thonge attack are constant and dont stop until the target is destroyed; they are not like the Fire Hawk, that after throwing his bombs, go back to his base for charging. ->it would be interesting a discreet warning for these subterranean attacks. ->Now, for the distance, I know, already has a limited range, but if can be decreases and make it proportional to the distance and speed of the vehicle, so that not take forever to emerge from the ground (and not so quickly too).
.HARPY MK2: only change the MICROWAVE name to JAMMER EMITTER (sounds more like a Nod weapon).
->even though, possibly, a microwave weapon ALMOST was released in the first Cnc, it was never officially released, and therefore, I believe the name microwave sounds more as a new technology. Then, Nod could use something that its already dominate. (jammer tech for example)
#Nod Jammer tech things: jammer missel, signature generator, and even the cloak(stealth ability).

.NIGHTWING: unlike the complaints I've seen, I believe this unit would be a good replacement for the NOD carryall.
->fisrt becouse the original, seems more a ORCA then a Nodish unit, and second, if its avaiable only via CALL FOR TRANSPORT, only a few selected units could use it (so, would not be OP) ->as for the fact that its cloaked, its just raise the price for shipment. ->I dont think that producing it on the Airfield would be a good alternative.. and besides that, I never saw him in the game!(so then.. I shouldnt say much..sorry)
.REAPER: And if, instead of the Tib. Web, was a Light Napal Launcher? Ahn?
->So if the idea was to slow down the Reaper's prey, This, surely, would happen, besides the extra damage. the problem is that he would have 2 upgrades: the missiles and the fire... too much maybe..? I dont know.. I only wanted to give something to think about.. sorry again :(

.POWER UPS: Remove the Reconstruction Drones Power Up (think the Corrupter is already too powerfull as both repair and assault unit). ->all Scrin units heal in tiberium, and can regenerate very easily.
.WARP: Make all Warp (teleport) Abilities with limited range.
(Scrin Reaver can teleport anywhere) #Only with the WORMHOLE POWER UP units should teleport to any location on the map.
.SCRIN OUTPOST: Add the Sensor Array (low range), but instead repair units (nanofield), it could have some ion storms/clouds (temporary activation) only to improve the efficiency of the ships, but without the lightning strikes.
->I know I already talked about this, but it is only for organizing! hehe
.SCRIN PEACEKEEPERS: Disable units in a small local range for a little time (EMP effect)
->seems to fit with the unit (IMO). (and IYO?).

#Wreckage of the falling ships cause more damage to unit and structure in the ground who are hited.(damage is given according to the size of the wreck) if possible.. ->To all 3 factions. of course.

#1.6) Some Ideas for the future.. or not, who knows?! :D
.(GDI)KODIAK: an slow OP Unit at cost of 10.000$, with missel turrets, machine guns and railguns, 4 of each.And buildable as a power up (like the planet killer mothership of Scrin, so you need to have the cash to call it).->this one, I wouldnt mind that the unit was taken from cnc4 if possible.
.(NOD)MONTAUK: An Stelth and Subterranean Tank "Crawler" Mobile Factor(CNC4 and TS-FS) that build all types of units and infantry when deployed. At the cost of 7.000$. Buildable afterthe Tiberium Chemical Plant.**if you dont know the Montauk and like to see it concept, just tipe NOD MONTAUK in google images.
.(SCRIN)ASSAULT MOTHER SHIP: add a Warp Travelling and a Force Field ability. When it Warps, the power of the ship goes down for a time, lowering the force field, and preventing from use the ion storm ability. Cost of 8.500$.PLANET KILLER MOTHER SHIP: add an force field. ->those 2 have only upgradeds to counter the new GDI and NOD power!

thanks so much for reading!! you are truly a fan! 8)

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Feb 15 2012 Anchor

Ok here's my answers to your "Greatest Ideas"


.SURVEYOR/GDI OUTPOST: No need, just surround the outpost with stealth detecting units and base defenses.
.APC: This I agree, it needs a new mine deployment logo.
.TIBERIUM SILO: NO! A silo is meant to keep tiberium not generate a small amount of tiberium.
.SHOCK WAVE ARTILLARY POWER UP: You mean seeing a couple of visible EMP shells falling from the sky? Agreed on this one.
.ENGINEER: Agreed.
.MAMMOTH MARK II: Personally, No..

.NOD Cyborg Commando: Fully agreed.
.SHADOW TEAM: Could work, although I'm not so sure about the emp charge
.COBRA: I don't think it needs to be a T4 unit even with Beacon Target. Also I think it needs to be fairly inaccurate when using Beacon Target ability to balance it.
.FLAME TECH: NO! I like flame weapons and I like to burn people alive! :devil:
.PROPAGANDA TECH: I like the idea to differ the three outpost and adding the propaganda is very a fitting idea for Nod. Also Nod already has the Phantom for vehicle repairs. About giving Nod outpost low range steath detector, like I said before unneeded.
--Adding POWER SIGNATURE: Could be useful but I fear it might ruined the balance mainly because knowing the enemies location while being stealth give Nod to much advantage.
--Remove Seed Tiberium:
HELL NO! It serve as backup economy and it needs to stay and NO, don't say silos generating small of tiberium is good enough to replace it..
.SUBTERRANEAN ATTACK: I think its fine as it is..

.POWER UPS: Sounds reasonable.
.WARP: What the hell are you talking about?
.SCRIN OUTPOST: Like I said above, I like the idea to differ the 3 outpost and low range steath detector, again unneeded..
.SCRIN PEACEKEEPERS: Its a mind controlling unit.. It doesn't need any emp ability.

#Wreckage of the falling ships: To make it more realistic, yeah anything under a falling air unit should take damage depending on the size of the air unit.

#1.6) Some Ideas for the future.. or not, who knows?!
Well here's my answer to all 4 of your ideas,

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Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Feb 15 2012 Anchor

I can tell now already im a pain in the *** when it comes towards new ideas.
I look not only for what's good. but also in balance/multiplay/singleplay (campaign)/useful/balance of units in between.

This makes right away the Mutant Sensor Array useless, even it's short. the unit itself is not necessary anymore. so no.
.DISK THROWER: Most people gave a "no" to this idea already. also IMO GDI goes a bit TO much EMP and also a bit on the OP side. then i can make a army of 10 and runinto a base because there's nothing that can stop me. only air units, and that's not really a thing i would like to see.
.APC: The combination towards the Falcon it's better if the falcon gets a more serious position on the field. but otherwise it would be fine by me.
.TIBERIUM SILO: Did you guys already forgot my idea? the drill tower is good, but make sure it does not go OP. like mine does not give THAT much advance
.ENGINEER: Oh NO, a enemy squad! let i use a pistol! *gets killed in 1 second* PISTOL=USELESS Engineers does not suppose to run in the open. and NEVER had a pistol (it only came in KW, also without a good result), when are you guys going to learn! (90% of the TE fans dislike this idea)
.MAMMOTH MARK II: to needed, MK2 is already AT unit. then why a AT turret extra?

.NOD Cyborg Commando:
full agree, also because of the zone troopers balance
.SHADOW TEAM: no comment with the EMP explosives. I'm not sure yet of the artillery. # own idea. let them be capable to switch between pistols and sniper.
.COBRA: problem is that the cobra is more build for defensive and HIGH tactical ways, i think the long range can be just a bit to much and become more assault units. but if is ok, then like Dvtr!!: very inaccurate.
.FLAME TECH: not needed.
--Remove Seed Tiberium:
Seed tiberium is really needed! even more if you give GDI there tower.
--Adding POWER SIGNATURE: What must be removed is that dump signature power up for the Venom/harpy MK2) add something they can see a bigger area for a while.
.SUBTERRANEAN ATTACK: they are already limited only not if you got infantry on location. (very balanced i think) about the the warning to emerge, good idea.
NIGHT WING: Carnius got a vision, i prefer to stick to that one.

because ALL units repair easy i would agree with this (not only because of the corruptor or Conqueror)
.WARP: uuumm... they already can teleport?
.SCRIN OUTPOST: agree with Dvtr!!
.SCRIN PEACEKEEPERS: IMO, it takes units over, EMP is not efficient then.

#Wreckage of the falling ships: MY VOTE!

Epic units: NO! also told more then 100 times.
Don't you think Scrin airforce is not strong enough already?

own idea:
Mutan Mastodont: when it blows up leaves a uncapture able wreckage behind. the werckage is weak but can be reconstructed by the player as lone turret. the wreckage becomes a single cannon turret. not as strong as a normal turret. but at least strong enough.
takes some time to build it up. and after shot down, it will be removed.
(i always had the idea for something like this, but i do not want to give a Faction right away advance, so that's why the mutans)

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May the fox be with you...

Feb 15 2012 Anchor

Hey!! Thanks for the feedback guys!! I'd like to answer some things that were not very clear before.. hehe

  • Outpost: you guys are right! there are plenty of other options to get a stealth detection! But Im glad to see you like the ideia of making the outposts more unique for each faction! These are changes that could only bring improvements to the game! xD
  • Disk Thrower: true!! i came with this idea, becouse that upgrade made me think, "Humm shockwave Grenade, how could this not going to the grenadier?" huauah but know i see, truly GDI are the masters of emp attacks, and in this way would be something else, not to mention that already has a lot of emp things.
  • Drill Tower: interesting concept!! i came with the tiberium silo idea because the Scrin doesnt need one, sounds unfair to me! hehe but i think all the 3 factions should have some sort of income to keep the game flowing! This Drill could only be build 1 at a time right? And so the Nod stay with the Seed Tiberium, and the Scrin with the Growth Accelerator. Great!
  • Engineer: see, I thought the gun should be used against a weaker unit, like other engineers or buzzers. And yes, it was almost useless in KW, but I still think the Engineer should distinguish himself from the others, like giving him the ability to build up a Sentry Gun.. or giving the Rifleman Bunker ability to him.. Any ideas? :D
  • MAMOOTH MARK II: The extra AT Turret(disruptor) could fire at any direction in close range, but the railguns, can only shoot forward! :D But as for the Disk launcher to lower it range and cleaning garrison, I feel its just fit right.. Disk were made to fuck up the infantries! hehe 8)

  • Shadow team: Gdi use the Emp in every case as a weapon, either artillery or grenades. The Nod, in the other hand, use it more tactical, like the Reader (not to mention that is the only unit that use it), and its not every player that like to go microhandling things. So the emp to the Shadow team could be something to think about! :)
  • Flame Tech: Yes me too! Nothing please me more than roasts a crowd! haha but the chemical tiberium vapor would not change that! hehe I wasnt very clear before sorry, I imagine the flame with a little bit of green mixed up, just to show that was an upgraded, and to do more damage too.. but again, its just a idea!! ^^
  • Remove Seed Tiberium: huauhaahu i was gone to say it! hahau but yes you are right! Every faction need some income, i just wished Nod should have something diferent then that! ;)
  • Power Signature: Truly, it could get Op, and talking about the Signature generator.. What does that shit?? huauhahuhau Could be changed to something a little more efficient! How about a bounch of Harpy Holograms? (like the Decoy Army)
  • Scrin Peacekeepers: Indeed, i just thought, "humm it fits with the name Peacekeepers!" hehe and becouse the scrin doesnt have any emp unit..hey, one last thing! as I remember, shouldnt the ion storm cause some kind of electric interference?

Ahh and Im glad you guys liked the Wreckage of the falling ships thing, it could make a hell of difference to the gameplay! :D

  • 1.6) ahuauhhau sorry bros, its just that I like epic units! and I see the Assault Mother Ship and the Planet killer as both epic units.. so thought that gdi and nod should deserve it too, each in its own ways..And the fact that I have called it 1.6 version, is because it would be for a final things, after everything is ready hehehe ;)

Carnius got to see this topic dont you guys think? lets pray that happens! \o/ hahaha

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playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Feb 16 2012 Anchor

Surveyor\Outpost: This is bthe MRT's only job, so no.
Disk Throwers: No, not only becvause GDI already has lots of EMP, but now you do not use Disk Throwers to counter vehicles, so EMP disks is not really usefull.
Goliath APC: Yes, though it is a minor problem.
Tiberium Silo: It'd be cool, but it is a silo, let's keep it classic.
Shockwave Artillery: Again, minor problem but yes.
Engineer: I agree to that
Mammoth mk2: I could imagine the Mk2 with a disruptor cannon, but I am not sure if it just makes it too powerful against armor. I still say not to the Disks clearing garissons, it is the greatest bonus the CC has against the other epics in a combat.
Cyborg Commando: In my opinion, the way garissons work should change altogether. Make garissons so that the infantry inside take much less damage than they would outside, while the buildings suffer the rest of the damage. The clearing weapons would just ignore part of the defensive bonus and kill the infantry faster, but not instantly.
Shadow Team: I agree, and believe they need more infiltrating abilities like the spies in RA3.
Cobra: I think it should be kept at T3 for balance purposes.
Flame Tech: Tiberium vapor flames sound pretty good, but also get it for all flame-wielding units, even the Napalm Turret
Propaganda Outpost: I find this idea pretty good, actually, the Outpost asks for it with those holograms!
Support powers: The seed Tiberium is bery usefull, for boosting your economy and making an excelent combo with the Catalyst. The Power Signature sounds good, but it is not really necessary.
Sub attack: Yes to everything but the warning, that's actually the whole concept of the Sub Attack.
Harpy Mk2: The Microwave idea is a whole lot sexier. A sadistic and evil army such as that of Nod is made to use technologies such as microwaves. It was a mistake that it did not make an appearance yet, well it was about time.
Nightwind: I still don't like it being a VTOL.
Reaper: Would be too OP, being able to successfully counter anything you send at them. ( Rockets-AA-AT, Napalm AP)
Drones: I am not sure
Warp: Yes, sounds fair.
Outpost: No, I don't like it much.
Peacekeepers: Sounds cool.
Falling Ships: Yes, would be cool.



Feb 16 2012 Anchor

Outposts: No detection needed,but I like that you want units and factions to be different and unique.Maybe with GDI Condor,Rig,Factory and outpost in one place(which is helluva of repair drones)can be RD removed from outpost.But than what with him? NOD-Propaganda tech is already on Avatars,but on outpost,interesting.Rather than that,I would make so that outpost would be also hub for NOD defense structure,the same for Scrin,or it could emanate tiberium aura.
Disc throwers:GDI already has more than enough of EMP stuff.Besides this we can already see in some other mod.Shouldnt the Orca Bomber Shockwave Bombs Loadout only be available after the Shockwave Grenades Upgrade?,APC logo-I agree.
Silos:Interesting,but sooner or later everyone will have more than 10 silos.Disturb of gameplay balance,rather look on Starfox100's idea.
Engineer pistol:Maybe only to fend of Assimilator or Saboteurs,but seeing him fighting another Engineer or anything,firing from APC is ridicoulous.Btw when did you see anyone to step into Sabouters trap or Assimilator to avoid death by standing still with succes? One squad guarding the Spike,Assimilator standing near,waiting probably on them to go away.Righ before his eyes,enemy engineer taking spike,thus enraging him,trying him to capture spike,but dying,forgoting on that squad.xd I would rather give place very small emp mine field for Engineer.
MKII: I agree to certain degree with lowering his range,but why the clear ability,he can destroy any structure in moment anyway.But when there are more filled with infantry its tough even for him.Its for balance I believe.AA railgun turret only for close range is nonsense,besides he already has some AA.Disrupt cannon is nonsense.
Cyborg Commando: He isnt stealthed.He is humanoid, maybe he is bigger,but still can garrison like any infantry,like Scrin Stalwarts.The difference comes when we have Reapers or some Scrin infantry.Than comes the question,can he be in APC? And why it is with Zone troopers exactly opposite?
Shadow team:probably agree with emp charge,but it also should damage the building a bit.Or they can enter the building like engineer,thus sabotaging it and bomb it from within,dying there,and so removing the hated Fanatics.They can use the same ability like snipers with Juggers,but Cobras should have lower range.This or beacon target for both ST and snipers.Doing Cobra a T4 need.
Flame tech: OP for devil houngees(especially with subterenean attack and support power),it would be strange for Black hands,I dont think that Chemical,Tiberium troops will be in TE.Also remember that Carnius changed shredder turrets into flame turrets,or napalm launchers?
POWER UPS: NOD seed tiberium cannot be removed.In KW or some mods there is even upgrade that changes it to seed blue tib.Power signature is OP,I would give them something like in The Forgotten mod.To reveal some neutral buildings.Or it could reveal some other type of structure,not so crucial as power plants.Maybe outposts,or harvesters,or it could work differently and lets say it will reveal larger areas around your shadow teams or some.
Subterranean attack: Agree with warning dust animation,and it shouldnt be so fast,to be more reminding of TS. But the range and emerge time of ability should not differ from vehicle to vehicle.
Harpy Jammer emmiter name: Agree
Nightwing: Yes,only via Cft ability,no need for raising prize,its just that NOD will have advantage of stealthed transport,in name of unique factions.It doesnt look like Orca,GDI has new transport too.
Reaper: Like I said,there will be napalm launcher instead of shredder turrets,they also are napalm launchers on Avatars,and Carnius insists on Reapers having webs.
Scrin: We must come with something clever to replace Reconstruction drones,limited warp ever heard of limited warp?.xd Peacekeeper.I can control you,but you will not listen,'cause your emped.
Wreckage of the falling ships: doing damage is nice for realism,but when Mothership,debris,or debris of Conqueror or MKII falls on your head,then its like superweapon.PAC,Devastator,Bombers,etc:yipee I died,but still my debris killed everyone under me...
Kodiak: Flying MKII with massive tranport will happen over dead body of many people.including me and Carnius.
MONTAUK: NOD has enough stealth and stealthed units,as well of subterreanean units.No mobile factories.and CNC4 is taboo here.
Assault Mothership: What is force field,do we look like Protoss? Conqueror is gonna wormhole into my base,and A mum ship will warp there at the same time and I will puke all over the place.

Feb 17 2012 Anchor

SURVEYOR/GDI OUTPOST: No. Was decided to give this only for Forgotten becoz if any main faction had this, Nod stealth would become near useless on assaults.
DISK THROWER: No. This would make them OP. They are already good aganist troops and structures. They are already ok.
APC: Well. Don´t really see any problem with this.
TIBERIUM SILO: Hell no. Silos are only to keep you gaining money. Let´s keep it how it is for now. Also I don´t want to see people spamming this only to gain money.

NOD CYBORG COMMANDO: Fully agree. That thing has the size of a Wolverine and can enter on structures. I think that it can also be added for cyborgs.
SHADOW TEAM: Maybe can work if the charges keep their damage. Anyway, your arguments are invalid. Each faction uses diferent tech.It´s not becoz, for exemple, that GDI use railguns that Nod also need Railguns.
COBRA: Meh. Keep it on T3 for balance. ALSO STOP WITH THIS BEACON IDEA.
FLAME TECH: Hell no.
PROPAGANDA TECH: Hey... I like this.
Remove Tiberium Seed: HELL MOTHAFUCKING NO!!!!
Add Power Signature: Maybe.
SUBTERRANEAN ATTACK: The warning is somewhat good. The rest is a HELL NO
REAPER: Heh. This would be OP.

POWER UPS: Not sure...
WARP: ????
Wreckage of the falling ships: Well, sure.

1.6) HELL NO!

Starfox100 "Inferno Phoenix" field Commander
Feb 17 2012 Anchor

@ Brunez
i think that was a pretty clear way to say it...

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