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GDI Mission "Bern" - Orca upgrade (Groups : Tiberium Essence Fans : Forum : TE Bugs / Glitches : GDI Mission "Bern" - Orca upgrade) Locked
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Sep 30 2011 Anchor

Okay ...

In the *Idon'tknowhichnumberitis* Mission in Bern, where you have to take out the Scrin Drone-Platform, the Orcas have the "EMP-Grenade" Upgrade instead of the "Minigun" Upgrade. But - as the Stormriders are incredibly weak there (one shot and they're gone), is this a bug or was this made because of balancing reasons?

Cause I found it very annoying that I couldn't own the Scrin with my Anti-Air, Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank Orcas. If I remember correclty, that wasn't the only mission with that bug.

Well, I pwned him anyway with a MAMMOTH MK. II, the Scrin Conqueror and the Assault-Mothership... :devil:

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Oct 11 2011 Anchor

lolwut? what numbered mission on which act?


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Oct 12 2011 Anchor

It's mission 15, GDI campaign.

It was quite annoying not having the gatling-upgrade available for the orca fighters. It would've been over much faster ...

Act? Phew ... I guess IV, but I'm not sure.

Act I - US East Coast
Act II - Egypt
Act III - Eastern Europe
Act IV - Central Europe
Act V - Italy

But I don't know exactly wheter this is right or not.

Dec 30 2011 Anchor

One MKII to rule them all...blah blah,the rest you know.No need for mammoths,JJT's,or even Juggernauts. Means I literally used ONE unit to PWN THEM ALL in this mission.cause the beast gained heroic pretty fast.And HEROIC MKII seemed to be NOT BOUND to this REALITY.

Dec 30 2011 Anchor

Sure, but I think Orcas are much cheaper to fight enemy aircraft. They are very powerful against vehicles, and with gatling upgrade even powerful against enemy aircraft.

And a Mammoth MK II is S ... L ... O ... W ... L ... Y !
Also, I am not a destroyer. My goal is to capture the entrie enemy base - no matter how strong it is.

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