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Jul 5 2011 Anchor

In Tib Sun they were the nod replacement for cyborgs when cabal rebelled, but i feel they could serve well as a tier 2 infantry, but more along the lines of its position in C&C renegade Reborn. I figure they would have the same weapon that the nod soldier has but a little stronger than a gdi riflemans gun. and as an addition they would have a grenade launcher that could do good damage to light vechs and bunched up infantry. i figured squads of around 3, 2 or mabey 1. the role would i guess be a sort of a gap-filler in your army, where if loose all your rocket guys they can take the role (though not quite as effectivly) while still being able to hold ground agenst infantry squads. I'm not shure if they should still be tib proof, i thought mabey they could take on the evolution upgrade.

playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Jul 6 2011 Anchor

I don't feel like there is any place for units in the mod, and especially Nod and its T2 infantry, it has two units with slightly different roles (Black Hand Squad, Cyborg Squad)



Sep 23 2011 Anchor

The one idea I could have for this unit is for them to be the "Deciple" upgrade. By that I mean that the upgrade could give an elite cadre to the rocket and soldier squads instead of a Black Hand trooper with a lasergun.

Sep 24 2011 Anchor

Actually that makes good sense seeing that Elite Cadre are officer units.

playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Sep 25 2011 Anchor

But the Black Hand are also elite officer units, especially when wearing capes and not wielding flamethrowers. :P

Edited by: playmsbk



Sep 25 2011 Anchor

Yes But the black hand are more like Kanes personal assassins and warriors, and I cant really see such high ranked individuals leading a pack of recruits/privates. Whereas the Cadre are more like highly ranked rifle soldiers, which would make more sense. Its like having a major lead privates into battle, or having a Sgt or Lt do it.

Oct 10 2011 Anchor

Think a bit on how it was like in C&C Renegade. There you had the Nod Officers leading the Soldiers. The Black Hand was, and still is at the time of C&C3 an elite sub-organisation within Nod, Slavik is the leader of them, and is Kanes right hand. They never lead troops into battle head on, they were more of the special forces.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Oct 11 2011 Anchor

I completely agree with atlas.
You would not have your special forces leading your grunts, you would have your higher ranking grunts lead your grunts...


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Feb 1 2012 Anchor

I heard about The Elite Cadre in they might be useful just think about it,maybe it could have a beacon for a cobra artillery
or emp charge to help disable or destroy enemy building.They should hold a heavy laser rifle strong enough to cut down infantry and
destroy medium or light vehicles.

Feb 1 2012 Anchor

No. Just no.

Feb 2 2012 Anchor

OK fine do what ever you guys want it's just a @#$% suggestion

Edited by: TheBlackMarkofNod

Feb 2 2012 Anchor

TheBlackMarkofNod wrote: OK fine do all of you remember the Mutant Marauders from the normal game why not use that mole to make the
elite cadre they can become an anti infantry and anti aircraft squad of 3 .All we have to do is change the voice and make a few
extra change and give it a few body armor to it and besides the Brotherhood needs some thing to kill those jump jet trooper.Plus
they don't need to waste a lot of time.

Waste a lot of time on what? Besides, you kill jump jet troopers with rocket infantry. We dont need a weaker AND a stronger squad of basic infantry.

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

True, but then how many infantry on nods team can kill tanks easliy, theres rockets, Cyborg Reapers (which arnt that good for their price and speed), hmm I cant think of any more you can produce in number. Maybe they could be mostly anti-tank but have a more effective attack against infantry than rockets do. The laser rifle from renegade would work fine on that.

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

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And Reapers are effective. If the price is a metter, Zone Troopers are also not effective.

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