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May 28 2013 Anchor

This was sparked by Kane_Wrath suggesting that a commando could take out a Cyborg Reaper by throwing C4 and hoping that it sticks, content transfered from the comments thread so forgive me if formatting is a little messy:

M0nkfish May 22 2013, 10:06am replied:
C4 thrown like a grenade is an interesting concept, perhaps this could be applied to the Nod commando as she is a little underpowered, maybe have the throw as a secondary ability like blackhand grenades
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Gallade May 22 2013, 1:03pm replied:
I did notice how underpowered she is compared to the Zone Commando. If he can destroy buildings from quite a considerable distance then surely the Black Hand Commando can have some sort of equivalent. I think her rate of fire should be increased as well.
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Kane_wrath May 22 2013, 10:24pm replied:
the black hand commando is underpowered a little because nod also has the cyborg commando which is basically everything the black hand one isn't it balances the game out a little bit better.
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M0nkfish May 23 2013, 7:57am replied: True, but GDI has a half decent commando & the Mammoth Mk2, Cyborg Commando is roughly the NOD equivalent to the Mk2 so i see no reason why she cant be made slightly better by adding the ability to throw C4 (with a cool-down time obviously). This way she might even be able to take out a single wolverine, if she can get the charge to stick to the body. Which i think would make her infinitely more worthwhile in terms of her cost price.
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to sumarise the proposed ability to throw C4 would work similar to the blackhand elite's hallucinogenic grenades maybe with a longer cool down time and allow the destruction of any single hostile light > medium vehicle by throwing the charges she uses to destroy structures, sufficient to take out a single vehicle only and would only be slightly > moderately damaging to the heavier vehicles such as the mammoth tank. Maybe could also be used to damage buildings from a distance but would be far less damaging than planting them by hand in the conventional way (maybe as strong as a shadows demolition charge)

please see here: for the GDI equivalent

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Jul 2 2013 Anchor

The improvements for our redhead helmless girl.

Well, first her Black hand subordinates,with proper NBC suits are automatically immune againts tiberium radiation,unlike her.So I think Forced evolution upgrade should apply to her as well.
Shadow squads are using laser pistols,she is using laser rifle.So I think Laser capacitors upgrade should apply to both, as it already applies to Shadows squad.

I know I am repeating myself. xd

Since it all began by my question if C4 could be used on ALL walkers (including Wolwerine,Cyborg Reaper,Cyborg Destroyer,Colossus,Conqueror,and all new possible walker type units from Tacitus Archive/factories/Montauk/Mutant mercenary center in future. I think we all agree that C4 shouldnt work on epic units like Mammoth MKII, and all the possible new walker type epic units in future :D ) I will give these suggestions.

My suggestions is that Commando units will have two types of C4:
One normal,common,used againts structures.Only usable againts structures.Melee ranged,no price,no cooldown.

Second,will be thrown,with range similar to Disc thrower/Black hand/Corruptor.Usable only on vehicles,with cooldown about 5-10 seconds,with price from 100-200 credits.

Faction equals C4 - belong to their respective threads, I will place it all here, to try to avoid needlessly complex and confusing comments.
The suggestion could be possibly used on Commando units of all factions.
In case of Nod, only on Black Hand Commando. (Cyborg commando will stay out of this)

in case of Scrin, possibly only on possible new (suggested by me) Scrin commando unit (Stalwart commando)-Maybe Overmind can have only melee type C4,Stalwart commando ranged type C4 or vice versa,or some combination of it.(Both units having melee or ranged C4,only one of them having both ranged or melee C4)

In case of GDI, due to my non-forum comment that all factions could possibly have 2 types of Commando units,in future,thus in GDI case will fully correspond to Scrin case,to avoid confusion with GDI Zone commando,already using ranged Orbital bombing ability,used only againts structures and normal C4,this time usable only againts vehicles from melee range.

Oh gawd,its confusing as hell already!

I will not compromise with the bold underlined, the rest is ready to be torn apart by disscusion,criticism. :-)

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Feb 20 2014 Anchor

If you want some simple improvements, why not make her permanently stealth and be able to C4 all vechicles? The enemy will be forced to use more stealth detectors and you will have a deadly lady that matches with Cyborg Commando perfectly.


Brotherhood, Unity, Peace.

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