The Sith Lords is going to be one of the first clans set up for multiplayer RAW. This clan is going to be huge in it's development. We are going to have the history of the Sith right here on Moddb, War plans will be made here on this site or online, There will also be ranks, a dark council. Among a bunch of other things. To all Sith Lord members this will be our main page.

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This is it the War Room! Meeting is not in session, feel free to to browse this page. Not much on the page though to look at

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The War Room Meetings are held here, so don't come in if you were not invited. I will PM everyone who is suppose to come when we have a meeting. After the meeting I will delete all the posts so no one can see what we did.

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Well if anyone is wondering at what happened at this very short meeting. We decided that the server we are playing in is the US server. We are not going to have a website. my decision since it creates way too much work for the person. We have also come up with a new idea for the clan It's called the Lvl up system. All I can say is that it features Feats, Force Powers. The feats and force powers you choose determine which prestige class you want to be.

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maleluminara Creator

ive just joined and could some1 please tell me the role i will play and how i will 'level up'

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