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Beta release delay and new release date.

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+++Subspace link open+++
+++Incoming transmission+++
+++Origin: Earth Fleet Command+++

Message from Technical department:

We are very sorry to announce a delay of the next beta release of our Tactical Battle Simulation training software (Codename SG:War Begins). Due to many unfortunate problems discovered during very first hours of beta release our Head technician decided to withdraw this release in order to prevent further confusion and damage. Most of these problems have been solved very soon but few critical problems still remains and waiting for repair.

Head technician also took steps as restructing main team and improvement of internal testing methods to prevent such critical problems with future public releases. However, application of these steps on actual public release will take some time.

Technical department is very sorry, again.

New release specified: 1st November

+++transmission ends+++
+++subspace link closed down+++

o_O WHAT!!

sorry to hear that.

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