we are the Sith Imperium, a new name for a new order. Do not mistake our intent, we are not tyrants who exploit the weak for personal gain. we too believe in a galaxy at peace. However, we do not fear the dark side and the powers it brings, and we intend to use it in our endeavour for a peaceful galaxy.

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Fully updated to accomodate the New Galactic Empire!

Posted by Ρrʌжis on Mar 3rd, 2012

Military of the New Galactic Empire

The military of the Galactic Alliance have been refomed into the military machine of tthis New Galactic Empire. With enough clones for both the military and navies, there is complete order among the ranks and no defiance. These clones can be in some ways be considered to BE the Empire. By their sacrifice, the Imperial citizens are kept safe and the laws upkept.

Imperial Ground Forces

Storm Trooper
Role: Assault, Defense, Garrison, Soldier

"The clone troopers, now proudly bearing the honorable rank of Imperial stormtroopers, have tackled the dangerous work of fighting our enemies on the front lines. Many have died in their devotion to the Empire. Imperial citizens would do well to remember their example." -Lord Cronus
Named after their brothers in amrs centuries ago These Clone Soldiers are absolutely loyal to their creator and Emperor, Lord Cronus. They obey his commands without questions and are excellent soldiers. Being the perfect soldier, these troops are the bulk of our fair Empire's army.

Special Ops Trooper
Role: Special Ops, Assault, Raid

The Special Ops Trooper are taken from the veterans and elites of the many Stormtroopers throughout the Empire. They are given extensive training and the best gear at the Empire's disposition, and are used to Infiltrate, Sabotage, Assassinate and simply cause Havoc among Enemy Lines. They are useally found in teams of 10 to 20, and use Blaster Rifles, Snipers, Vibro Swords/Knives, various traps and grenades and display a large amount of cunning. They are required to work independantly from other Imperial forces.

Scorpenek Annihilator Droid
Role: Assault Unit, Tank

Annahilator-SGtD.jpg These droids were essentially a much more powerful version of the droideka, and they utilised four rapid-fire blaster cannons. it could target with a crimson photoreceptor or a composite radiation sensor. it also utilised a particle-energy shield, which was similar to the droideka's, though tougher. they were so dangerous that a single annihilator droid was powerful enough to take down three platoons of troopers on its own, and were rumoured to be able to decimate a dozen AT-TEs, striking fear into the hearts of our enemies.

Advanced Walker: Recon
Role: Support Unit, Recon

The AW-R was created to give the Imperial Army a recon unit, but it is also widely used by the Stormtrooper Corps for policing in major cities or around Imperial bases.

Armed with two dual light laser cannons and a suppression cannon, the AW-R can defend itself against infantry if needed. the suppression cannon is a fast firing blaster cannon, with little accuracy but it shoots a hail of laser fire, meant to make hostile troops take cover and, as the name suggests, suppress them.

It has light armor, but amazing speed, and can overcome most terrain thanks to its flexible legs. Two soldiers are required to fully man it, though only one is needed to drive.

TX-130T Repulsor Tank
Role: Support Unit, Assault Tank

TX-130T Fighter TankPreviously used by the First Galactic Empire, the TX-130T was introduced by Emperor Tarl in one of many reformations of the Imperial Military to fill the role of an assault tank.

The Second Galactic Empire has modernized the previous design, and has made it into the main and most produced vehicle in the military, present on nearly every world.

They are mainly dispatched to support infantry, patrol around Imperial bases or simply in large groups to assault enemy positions. Armed with two heavy laser cannons, one beam turret and two missile launchers, the TX-130T fills its role perfectly, and plays a vital role in most defensive and offensive operations, able to hold its own against the enemy and dish out good damage.

All Terrain Anti-Aircraft
Role: Support Unit, Anti-Aircraft

Eaw at-aa perspective.jpg The AT-AA had four stubby legs and lizard-like locomotion, along with a low profile not seen in other Imperial walkers. On most models, the only weapon was a turreted flak pod, capable of firing several types of ordnance. Other versions could be equipped with one or three rocket-launching tubes. Initially the AT-AA had an inability to fire at ground targets. This was partially rectified with the addition of gun ports to allow the crew to fend off infantry attacks.Some variation had flak pods replaced with concussion missile launchers. The AT-AA also carried electronic countermeasure systems that could scramble missile guidance systems, thus lowering the risk of missile strikes.

Advanced Walker: Artillery
Role: Support Unit, Artillery

The AW-A is the replacement for the AT-AP, providing much better artillery support. Two main versions exist: AW-IA and AW-DA.

The AW-IA stands for Advanced Walker: Indirect Artillery. This version is equipped with a large mortar cannon, designed to lob heavy shells of various sorts onto enemy positions from long range. It fills the role of classic artillery.

The AW-DA stands for Advanced Walker: Direct Artillery. This version is equipped with a large dual heavy laser cannon, both twin linked. It is used as a large Anti-Tank gun, and able to destroy most vehicles that have the misfortune to enter into its sights. It can also serve as AA of sorts, if the target is big enough.

Both versions have "feet" that can dig into the ground, allowing for more stable fire, a mounted blaster cannon for light defense and a heavy hull. Their legs allow them to pass most terrain, though due to the weight of their armament they are rather slow.

Advanced Walker: Support
Role: Support Unit, Light Tank
The AW-S is used in conjunction with armored or infantry units, providing anti-infantry support. It is equipped with two light laser cannons and one mounted repeating blaster cannon. The laser cannons fire one after the other, allowing a continued stream of lethal laser blasts to be spewed out to the enemy. The mounted blaster cannon provides further anti-infantry capability.

It is manned by one driver and one gunner.

It is also very fast, and equipped with medium armor. This makes it perfect for flanking enemy forces. However, against hostile armor it is nearly useless, as its weapons are not heavy enough to deal with them.

All Terrain Amoured Transport
Role: Assault Unit, Heavy Tank

The new Advanced Walker designs have remade the AT-AT, with help from the AT-AHT design.

Now the AT-AT has much heavier armor, and more weapons. It has one heavy blaster cannon mounted on each side of the hull, the left, right and rear, to counter flanking attacks. It also has a dual light laser cannon facing upwards, incased in a ball to provide light AA. Light shields have also been added to reduce small arms fire.

The "head" is armed with two heavy laser cannons designed for Anti-Tank purposes and four heavy blaster cannons, allowing it to face up against most other vehicles.

It can hold up to 60 soldiers, as well as 4 AW-Rs or 2 AW-Ss.

Whenever the AT-AT is deployed onto a battlefield, you can be sure that the enemy will have a very hard fight on their hands.

Chabb-Class Assault Droid
Role: Space/Land Unit, Assault, Ambush, Sabotage

Chabb-Class Assault Droid
The Chaab Assault Droid was based on the terro walker of the Galactic Empire. using the same design, it has since been upgraded with modern technologies. In space, it is launched from Imperial ships and flies through the battlefield in search of a target. Once it has found a ship to attack, it attaches itself to it and begins to tear it apart. Once its has gotten inside a ship, it is very difficult to destroy, due to its shield generator and size.

Imperial Dropship Transport
Role: Support Unit, Transport

Eaw at-aa perspective.jpg The Imperial Dropship Transport, also named "IDT" for short, is the main Imperial transport employed in the military. Used by most commanders to deploy squads of soldiers into the battlefield, the IDT can transport up to 18 troopers, and is armed with with 2 missile launchers, 2 medium laser cannons and 2 repeating blaster turrets, located on the wings and used by the soldiers inside to eliminate enemy troops as they land, or to provide minor AA fire.

Hawk Gunship
Role: Assault Unit, Gunship

The Hawk was designed by the Imperials to provide the Army with dedicated Air support.

It is equipped with 2 dual heavy laser cannons and a rotating blaster cannon, as well as 2 missile launchers. It uses this armament to destroy vehicles and infantry on the ground to great effect, using the missile launchers and heavy laser cannons on the vehicles and the rotating blaster on the infantry.

It has a light hull, but makes up for that with medium shields and a very powerful engine. It suffers against fighters, and if not supported by allied fighters or AA, it will easily be destroyed.

Special Troops

SMF Pics Sith Adept
Role: Assault, Defense, Bodyguard, Special Ops

Sith Adepts are the "weakest" Force User among the sith that is employed in the Imperial military. They are composed of Sith Aprentices, Sith Hopefuls and other such rabble. Rumours even have it that some of them are Prisoners of War, who were taken away to the High Inquisitors chambers and came out changed, loyal to the Sith Order and with untrained Force Abilities. They could be compared to Jedi Padawans, Jedi Knights at most.

Sith Warriors
Role: Assault, Defense, Special Ops, Elite

Sith Warriors are some of the best Warriors in the Galaxy, easily on par with Mandalorian Warriors and Jedi Knights. They are heavily armed and armoured Marauders, who use the Force to increase their combat abilities and crush the enemy using their superior duelling skills and amazing strength. They useally work in pairs, though some are sometimes seen to work in threes or fours.

Nautolan Sith Sith Inquisitor
Role: Commander, Assault, Defense, Jedi Killers, Elite

Sith Inquisitors are used mainly as Commanders and Leader in battle, either coordinating alongside Sith Officers or using the Force to either improve Imperial Troops morale or to destroy the enemy using devastating Force Attacks. They can also participate directly in a battle, and have moderate duelling skills. Some specialised Sith Inqusitors, known as "Jidai Zudifas", or "Jedi Killers", are deployed by the Empire to track down and kill certain Jedi. That or to capture them and extract infomation from them, or even turn them to the Dark Side.

More Sith Pics Sith Assassins
Role: Special Ops, Elite

Sith Assassins are deployed outside of the battlefields, tasked with silently eliminating important figures in the enemy ranks. They can also be tasked with infiltrating and sabotaging, or even gathering intelligence. They use the Force to conceal themselves, and to improve their agility and speed, in order to track down targets, escape with vital information or get into just the right place to snipe a hostile down.

Imperial navy

The Imperial Navy was formed from the Galactic Alliance Navy, and as such was still under Naval Command. The Imperial Navy conducts itself by the Imperial Naval Code, a set of martial laws and regulations created to guide the massive military organization. With a crew made up of Clones, mutiny is non-existant and commanders of the individual vessels knows that they have absolute full authority, next only to the emperor himself.

Executor-class Super Star Destroyer

The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, colloquially known as the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer or Executor-class Star Destroyer, was a heavy warship class in the Star Dreadnought league, often used as command ships and flagships in the Imperial Navy. At their prime, they were among the largest vessels in the galaxy, and were almost invincible in combat, although they were costly to operate.

Nemesis-Class Dreadnought

This vessel was designed for taking up the role as Flagship or as a Command ship within the Imperial Fleets. This ships is about 3 times the size of a Imperious-Class Star destroyer and is perfectly suitable for the task, being able to fend of most ships, even some Super Star Destroyers or ships equivalent in size, this ship is most formidable vessel.

Imperious-Class Star Destroyer
Also known as the Advanced Star Destroyer, the Imperious-class was considered larger and more powerful than the palleon-class destroyer. It could carry a larger armament as well as a larger complement of fighters. It is the most advanced Star Destroyer in the galaxy and provides a strong and secure core in any fleet.

Pellaeon-class Destroyer
Considered one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, the Pellaeon class destroyer sports many armaments, including heavy turbolaser batteries, ion cannon batteries, proton torpedo launchers, tractor beam emmitors and gravity well generators.

Strike Cruiser.jpg
Strike-class Medium Cruiser

While a frigate in size, the 450-meter long Strike-class was capable of challenging larger cruisers with its surprisingly heavy load of firepower, strong shields, and high sublight speed. Armaments included 20 turbolaser cannons, 10 turbolaser batteries, ten ion cannons, and some point-defense weapons. The order of battle considered two Strike-class cruisers the equivalent of one Victory-class Star Destroyer.

EscortCarrier-Rebellion.png Escort-class Fleet Carrier

A standard Imperial chute system provided for rapid deployment of TIEs and an onboard hangar allowed for minor repairs. The Escort carrier was the smallest vessel that could carry a full wing of starfighters (6 squadrons of up to 72 craft). The ship also carried six shuttles, and could carry four more for each fighter squadron removed.

Ardent-class Fast Frigate

Ardent-class fast frigate.jpg The Ardent-class frigate was about one-fourth the size of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers. They were designed for rapid responses and sacrificed both shielding and armor to increase their speed and weaponry. The class had a raised bridge section and three ion drives. They carried Nune-class Imperial shuttles. In overall appearance, the arrowhead-shaped vessels were reminiscent of the century-old Acclamator-class.

Vigil-Class Corvette

The Vigil-class corvette contained some weapons at the dorsal area of the ship, as well as a large dish. It was intended to be a heavy corvette for escort, reconnaissance, and utility duties of the Galactic Empire. Today a modern version still serve the Imperial Fleets and perform admirably against lighter vessels and starfighters.

Predator-class Starfighter

Considered a successor to the older TIE/In interceptor, the Predator-class fighter was still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was also equipped with hyperdrives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings. As with the earlier Chiss Clawcraft, these wings could adjust to a variety of positions, aiding the starfighter's maneuverability.

Neutralizer-class Bomber

Neutralizer.jpg The Neutralizer-class fighter was a multi-purpose bomber, in use by Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. Developed by Sienar Fleet Systems' engineers by adapting the designs of their Predator-class fighter, the Neutralizer was larger, bulkier, and less agile than the Predator. Featuring impressive shields for a fighter of its size, the ship was also nimble for a bomber and was capable of reaching speeds of 1,500 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. The bomber was also equipped with a Class 1.0 hyperdrive, and a navicomputer for interstellar travel.

*Outdated units have been upgraded to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield, others have proven so effective designs that even centuries later, they are still a force to be feared.*

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