We are the inheritors of the galaxy and loyal servants to the Emperor. Born from chaos and war, the Empire is the beacon of light in the dark and shelters all. We are order through law, we are security through courage, we are justice through honor and we will reign a thousand years. We are the sons of the Galactic Empire.

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Imperial Legion
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Since when is a regiment 1 hundred tanks o.0 that's a platoon or in any case a company but DEFINITLY not a regiment.

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Headhunter128 Creator

1,000 Special Ops? Please read your own description of the unit. xD

As for Vehicles, maybe it is just me, but I think you should at least half it.

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Ten10dix Author

Done and done.

I'm not familiar with most military terms, Adenn.

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Headhunter128 Creator

Maybe I am understating my forces, but these were my own estimates of our forces.

16000 Troops
4000 KR1 Battle Droids
100 Recon Speeders
150 PAT's

50 AT-AE's
100 TX-130T's
75 T4's
50 FAAV's
25 MAC's
40 AT-SE's
10 Juggernauts

150 MAAT's
1 Reliance-Class Assault ship

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Ten10dix Author

I was basing myself off of the cannon Imperial Army organization, but I'll do so off of yours.

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An Imperial Legion is composed of the following:

5,000 Clone Soldiers
14,800 Stormtroopers
200 Special Ops Troopers
100 AW-Ss
150 AW-Rs
150 Scorpeneks

200 TX-130Ts
50 AT-AAs
25 AW-IA
25 AW-DA
75 AT-ATs

200 Hawk Gunships
500 IDTs

Certain Legion may have more or less of a certain unit type.

Armored Legions normally have more Tanks, but less Infantry and Air support.

Infantry Legions normally have more infantry support vehicles, such as AW-Ss, Hawks, Artillery, but less heavy tanks.

Air Legions normally have more IDTs and Hawks, and may also have fighter and bombers squadrons, but less ground vehicles.

Clone Legions are entirely composed of Clone Troopers.

NOTE: This is a "beta", thus feedback would really be appreciated.

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