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Tigon-Class Battleship (view original)

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4 Triple Heavy Turbo Laser Cannons
10 Heavy Turbo Laser Cannons
40 Medium Turbo Laser Cannons
12 Concussion Missile Launchers
6 Proton Torpedo Launchers
100 Point Laser Defense Turrets

Hanger 1 Squadron, 3-4 Shuttles (at the same time).

Shields: Heavy
Hull: Heavy
Speed: Slow
Length: 1160 Meters

Description: The Tigon-Class Battleship is the front line Capital Ship of the Federation. It is a good, all round Battleship, able to stand up against most ships in a fight. The 4 Triple Heavy Turbo Laser Cannons are used as anti-capital weapons, designed up pack a huge punch when fired, and can double as an artillery unit if needed, due to their long range. However, due to their size and power, they need a longer time to charge than most other weapons, meaning a slower rate of fire.

The Medium Turbo Lasers allow the Tigon to defend itself whilst recharging the main cannons, giving it some form of protection against larger vessels. While they would be useless against larger capital ships, they do perfectly fine when used against frigates or corvettes. The Missile Launchers and Proton Torpedoes serve a similar purpose, however the latter can also be used effectively against Capitals, and the former against fighters if needed.

However, the 100 Laser Defense Turrets the ship is equipped with provide excellent fighter and bomber protection, which is needed due to very limited hanger space. With only a single fighter squadron inside, which is used mainly for recon anyway, the Tigon needs to be escorted by dedicated carriers if it wants any fighter protection.

The Tigon is also equipped with excellent shielding and thick hull, allowing it to last longer in battles than most other ships. Engines suffer, however, making it susceptible to flanking attacks.

The ship was designed to soak up and deal large amounts of damage, perfect when defending however the slow speed and rate of fire means it suffers when assaulting targets.