We Are The Group.

We Are The Ones Who Control Your Mind Stalker.

We Are The Minds behind C-Consciousness.

The Group are a Clandestine Research Group hidden deep in the Zone.

Who are you?
- Strelok ”

We are the result of an experiment aimed at creating a superconsciousness called “C-Consciousness”. The consciousnesses of seven volunteers were connected during the experiment leading to the creation of the superconsciousness that is us. We immediately subordinated those who were conducting the experiment and assigned them to tasks we needed them to carry out. According to our calculations, Earth is surrounded by a special informational field, the so-called noosphere. It includes all the inhabitants of the planet with cognitive abilities. Our main goal was to make small adjustments to the noosphere, allowing us to remove things like anger, cruelty, greed and other negative factors from the planet. Individuals are unable to affect the noosphere but C-Consciousness could. Unfortunately we made a mistake and our interference spawned the Zone, which we have been trying to contain ever since.
- C-Consciousness about itself”

Notable Info:
The Rainbow Aggression Suppressor Emitter (AKA The "Brain Scorcher")
Kaymanov Psy-Emitters (NO LONGER OUR CONTROL)
Ever Lasting Vodka (FAILED)

An Answer to your Questions:
I Guess most of you stalkers are asking, why is there a giant fucking brain suspended in a giant glass jar by metal piping and wires? well we have no idea... the kaymanov emitter used in x-16 was a specially modified one to emit small scale non-lethal emissions. until some idiot Knocked over a vodka bottle and spilled it on the cooling controls and caused it to go Ahab.

The Rainbow Emitter (NO LONGER OUR CONTROL
Labs: X-7, X-8, X-10, X-16 (LOST), X-18 (NO LONGER OUR CONTROL).

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I´m also joining the group, sounds very interesting.

I want to understand the Wish Granter itself, where it came from ?

Who made it, why he or it made it. The Monolith ( WG ) have his own consciousness if I´m right.
Some say Aliens other say the C-Consciousness itself created it as a illusion to lead the Stalkers away from C-Con to the WG for protecting the secret of C-Consciousness.
Why isn't there an huge amount of radiation.

Is the WG dangerous for the C-Consciousness because of the possibility to wish an end of the zone. And did the Doctor really made his way back from the Wish Granter. If yes, what kind of wish did he make.

In short, nice to meet your group : )

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psykljudet Creator

I Don't think the monolith created the granter, it must have been there since the 1986 Disaster.

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psykljudet Creator

Well we hope you can find The Group's Knowledge helpful in anyway

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We can only guess what it is. Maybe a result of the noosphere interference causing the zone and this beautiful stone, blending STALKERS from the existance of the high amount of radiation in the beton block.

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psykljudet Creator

"Come to me. You will gain what you deserve. Your wish will soon come true. Come to me. Your path is ending. Come to me. Only one will be rewarded." - The Wish Granter.

Rumors say, that the Monolith will grant any wish given, starting from eternal glory to limitless power.
In reality, however, it is much more sinister. The Wish Granter is an illusion created by the C-Consciousness to protect its secret. After a 'wish' has been granted, the Zone expands 5 km. The wish itself is an illusion or a violent trick. Not many have reached the Wish Granter, and there are no confirmed information of anyone coming back after visiting it, with a head not full of Monolith lies and brain washing. One possible exception could be the Doctor who, as rumor has it, managed to reach it and come back alive still as a human. However, this is just a tale or a myth that became a port of local folklore rather than a fact.

Also, the doctor is still alive, It is said that upon reaching the Wish Granter, he wished to have the ability to heal any living creature, even if it was beyond recovery or even dead. He was granted his wish, but he also lost the ability to distinguish mutants from normal creatures. Doc himself pretty much proves this tale is false. i hope this can help

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I have succesfully joined the "The Group" group.
You don't say ModDB?

Well, it sounds very interesting, I will bring my PSI helmet. Maybe we could start an offensive to take the lost labs under our control again.

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psykljudet Creator

Trust me, you don't wanna go to X-16.

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Genghis91 Creator

Sounds like an excellent place to compile info on the zone.

I sometimes wonder if Redrick Schuhart may have once worked at one of the labs or research facilities :D

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psykljudet Creator


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