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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Alright, i'm going to pick at you Exalted40000, because you have asked for it recently...

Yes, Cadance is slightly darker than canon.
No, this artwork does NOT depict her as immortal.
Yes, her eyes are slightly "Anime", which is cool.
Those ARE feathers on her wings, they look good.

Now that's out of the way, let's not bicker pointlessly about it ^.^

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RighteousFighter Creator

first point, I do not care.
second point, that's because she isn't grouped with the other princesses in this video.
third point, again I do not care. I have nothing against anime.
fourth point, and again, I do not care.

and my fifth point, I do not even watch videos on this group. (thanks to the amount of illogical cross-over stuff in them)

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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Sorry man, it's just that you have been asking for it recently, don't take too much offence to it ^^

No love lost though, right?

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RighteousFighter Creator

Well I can't avoid what I really am.

Not love lost.

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JonSplitz Creator

I was thinking about putting a vid of that on here, it looks awesome.

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You can buy her art at Etsy:

"I don't know how many request of Princess Cadence I have got, but it's a lot, so I decided she would be the next character from MLP for me to draw. I sort of like her in the show, but I can tell you that I really hate her colors when it comes to drawing her. They're just bland and boring. And I know the body color is a bit dark, I did what I could to do it as light as possible, so please don't hate about it :)
She was funny to do anyway, I think I've never use this much pink in a drawing since I was 8 ^^
Hope you likes it!"

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