We are the Bountiful Colors of Tribulation! The last thing you will see before your head gently explodes into a pile of crimson napkins is a potpourri of delightful pigments ranging from the farthest reaches of the spectrum to the nearest!

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Alright, so here's what's what. This Studio was created first and foremost to establish what roles that its members would play both in our first mods as well as future indie projects. As we start on our first project, the obviously tentatively titled "Project TEST," we will be learning the trades that we're most interested in pursuing, whether through official classes or through self teaching. Therefore, it will be quite some time until any substantial media releases, or even solid gameplay mechanics are set into place. When the first mod is finally on a steady track in development, I promise for small but -fairly- often media releases, or even updates just to let you guys know that the mod isn't dead or whatever. Or, you know, if the mod actually IS dead, I'll promise to actually let everyone know.

Until next time, be real, be chill, and make sure yo girl's drinkin her chamomile.

Project Leader / Lead Coder

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