This group is for you which want to show in your profile you are a single person developing a game, making if not all the game aspects(music, coding, arts), at least most of it, the famous 'lone wolfs' of the indie game world. This group also is supposed to show you respect greatly others which do the same, other 'lone wolfs'. Our games sure take longer to come out and demands much more effort, but you bet they are cool when they do!

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Salutations space adventurers, there sure have been a lot of arts for the 2/3 step of the game, which will also include the space map navigation; step 3/3 isn't far ahead too. Lets once more talk a bit(or should I say, alot?).

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Before anything:

Cool isn't it? I wouldn't be here without you; also, we now have a decent game site! It is true the main page still need some work, and we do not have yet a donation system for outside Brazil(Brazilian users already have one), but I think you will like the brief visit(because most of its contents are in essence the same from indieDB), you can visit it here

Questverse site

I requested to indieDB some graphic changes for my game page to look good, as always it is taking a lot of time(8+ days already) negotiating with indieDB support and quite some confusions happened; my end of the task was already accomplish througth, now its with them.

The site features links to the game facebook, google+ and twitter page, digg, delicious and reddit buttons and a news feed; but what I really got interested upon was twitter; I have been writing my philosophical thoughts, teachings and some not so useful things there(and about the game of course) quite a lot(so I will not talk anymore about that small things here). Visit the game site Share area for these features if you wish.

Most of the introductory video art content is done, I have already been taking a look at the space map scene(which I had already did something about on the past) and gave some thought about the quest part of the game; I might already do something for the 3/3 step. Some past arts were updated as well. The new arts below, one was an art for a game fan(the jungle one).

Jungle explorationLife of questsLife of Quests 2Life of Quests 3
Loading guiSpace Map gui 1


In case you're curious, here is how the project development process was planned, and how much of it has been already done:

A last thing, I previously said which you, project follower(hidden or not), was a sort of "virtual family member", I may not know anymore who joined when, so I could give my personal greetings and thanks(indieDB should make that clearer for 10+ watchers...), but I can still notice when a family member goes away(2 had gone away since april I think); if the project does not pleases you anymore, consider before leaving, to write me a PM about why you're doing that(if it is a project flaw instead of personal preferences), so I can improve Questverse for you and others, you may not value your opinion, but I do.

That is all, thanks again for your support! Feel free to talk a bit; the user Crawling_Chaos and some others did.


Nice update, glad to see you are producing content and keeping things fresh.
Did you know that you can change the moddb/indiedb game page yourself with some HTML & CSS knowledge?
Ask around in the forums and they will give you some tips on how to use the <span> tags to use your own background, images, fonts and stylings to make your page look original.
Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

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Tsukiyoarts Author

I'm aware of the possibility of changing the html/css code, but trying to cooperate with indieDB is being quite troublesome, even to just apply the changes I made. I will discard their "cooperation" if customizing the game profile can be achieved under other way.

Thanks for the tip, I shall contact you...right now! =)

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Thank you for posting all this stuff like development steps and artwork. One of the most interesting things for me is the actual development of the game, meaning all the different steps during the game's making. It's good to see your work progressing.

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Tsukiyoarts Author

Thank you for your attention and kindness. I already met several people which do not thank the help they receive, and even get angry with it(and never ask for forgiveness by that).

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It's true and saddening that this kind of people exists. Don't think of them, think of the people supporting you instead!

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Tsukiyoarts Author

They want people to do what they want, but refuse to hear others, they invent reasons for that and insult others; I do am gratefull to be able to chat with rational people like you, be proud of being that way Pabo; and stay aware for new game project stuff = )

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I will, thank you. Keep going with your project, and I'm sure you'll meet many people you enjoy to chat with the further you get into development. There might be a point in the future when you can just ignore the bad responses due to the sheer mass of the good ones :).

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