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Apr 6 2011 Anchor

Okay guys, I've been struggling with this for quite awhile... On what tank do you think the GLA Scorpion was based on? I believe it may either be the Panzer I, the T-26 or a combination of the two. What do you guys think? And please don't just say the name of a tank, give convincing arguments.

Jun 17 2011 Anchor

The GLA does not seem to have any real life counter part, but the FT-17 (wikipedia is probably the most similar to the fictional Scorpion tank. There are no further claims from the developers as there are no interviews or even detailed accounts on the part of the development team, but I deduced that the developers most likely took a look at many tanks for the factions of C&C Generals and Zero Hour. The Chinese of course has the t-59 to be modeled, the U.S. has the abrams to be modeled over, as for the GLA the developers took the theme of a ragtag, mad-max third world type of army that uses outdated equipment. It explains the technicals, and to the most satirical sense the use of the FT-17 for the scorpion tank, since the GLA is a satire of middle eastern rebels who will improvise all the time. So answers the GLA tank question.

note no countries today on the middle east uses WW1 tech but outdated soviet equipment or whatever has been given to them. The use of the FT-17 again was a satire to middle eastern rebels.

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