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Aug 27 2011 Anchor

So, when we have here World of Tanks MMORPG, Soviets has in their disposal most of the Iosif Stalin tanks. IS-1/2, IS-3, IS-4, IS-6 also known as Object 252, and IS-7. There also existed IS-10, but it was long after the war, and even still is present as part of IS-3. But my question is, what was IS-5, which officially isnt present in WoT?
There is not much informations about this tank, but i found one image, which would be presuemd to be IS-5.
It looks pretty similar to IS-6, only that the back armor is more sloped. Maybe IS-5 and IS-6 will be one and the same?

Oct 23 2011 Anchor

is 10 neevr exosted mate, i thought the same but it was infact the IS 8 = T 10, wikipedia made the romur that t 10 = IS 10, plus the tank in the pic is a is 6, WG made the model for WoT already

Oct 23 2011 Anchor

Yes, and IS-5 is than?

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