We have just opened our own clothing shop with cool gear and now we want your help to make it even cooler! So if you feel like geeking out and spreading game development love, create a t-shirt modders would want to wear and win great prizes in return. Read on to participate and you may soon have a t-shirt you designed available for game developers to buy and wear.

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Vote for your favorite Mod DB shirt design

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Two months ago we kicked off a t-shirt design competition to celebrate the launch of the new Mod DB store... we now present the top 7 and want you to help us pick the best (pick your favorite design - ignore shirt color since it can be easily changed). Click the image below to goto the forum discussion where you can chat and submit your vote. Then look out for the winning shirt in our shop in a few weeks.

T-shirt Competition

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This is your chance to design some sweet swag for the brand spanking new Mod DB store. Your challenge is simple, using the t-shirt template design a shirt you think visitors to Mod DB would want to wear. Your shirt design can be anything you want. It doesn't need to include the Mod DB logo, it just needs to be related in some way to games, mods and all that. To help get you started some ideas we had include:

  • [insert name here]: Source
  • I made a zombie game

In return everyone who wins (i.e. their shirt is chosen) will receive the first printed copy of their shirt and $50 in games from GOG.com. That's it... join in the WIP discussion on the forums, read the full competition details and go crazy!

T-shirt Competition!


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Thanks to the great guys over at Splitreason, we have just opened our own Mod DB shop with high-quality well priced Mod DB gear. So if you want to be the coolest kid in town and have all the girls chasing after you, we highly recommend you stop developing games swing by our shopfront and grab the latest and greatest t-shirts we have on offer. Splitreason can deliver these shirts practically anywhere in the world, so provided you don't live in Antartica - you have no excuse not to stock up on shirts.

Many have asked for a way to get gear and support the Mod DB at the same time, so we hope this helps kill two birds with the one stone*! So far we only have 2 shirts both with huge Mod DB logos on them, but we hope to flesh out our shop with some cool witty tops (i.e. "[insert name here]: Source" or "I made a zombie game") with your help. To achieve this we will kick off a competition in a couple of days with some prizes up for grabs, so if making a shirt is your thing - get a head start and start designing now. START SHOPPING!

*No birds were harmed in the making of this store

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