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So, you’ve never heard of or played Age of Chivalry before? Well let’s start from the beginning then…

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If you haven't experienced Age of Chivalry, you're missing out on one of the best mods on the Source engine. Tibberius Bane, mod leader, takes us through a quick overview of this melee-based medieval mod.

Basic Game Overview

So, you’ve never heard of or played Age of Chivalry before? Well let’s start from the beginning then… Age of Chivalry is a first person online medieval combat experience with a heavy focus on melee combat and objective-based team play. That is, most of the game consists of you taking a viciously spiked mace, or equally violent medieval weaponry and quite literally bludgeoning your opponent repeatedly in the face until he dies a very messy and gruesome death. Alternatively, if you really want to get messy you could always cut his head clean off (yes, we mean decapitation) or just entirely shred him with a catapult. Don’t worry though, the games not all about gore, there is plenty of strategy and depth in the combat to keep you satisfied in-between your spurts of bloodlust.

The game is a first person medieval combat experience that revolutionizes the genre of FPS games by thrusting the player into the middle of medieval battlefields complete with swords, armour, bows, catapults, siege towers, massive castles, sprawling outdoor landscapes and up to 32 player online battles. Ever wanted to prove to your friends who would have been the greatest warrior of all times? That’s exactly what Age of Chivalry is all about, allowing you to deliver a nice friendly medieval-style beat-down to your friend who thinks he’s a gamer. Or perhaps together you shall defy your enemies and lay waste to the battlefield in an epic clash of steel and valour. Either way, you’re bound to have a great time while playing Age of Chivalry!

Combat System Basics

The combat system right now is a mix of reflex and tactics based, players can choose to be relentless assaulting berserkers or defensive, elusive counter attackers and both styles can be very effective depending on the surrounding environment and what class you have chosen to play. There are 4 basic combat options available to you at any point in the game that you have a melee weapon equipped:

Mouse 1 – Will execute a slash attack that is fairly fast and has a wide arc, allowing you to strike multiple opponents but is generally the weakest of the attacks.

Mouse 2 – Will perform an overhead (on some weapons this is a shield bash) strike that is balanced in power, speed and range, but typically does not excel in any one area.

Mouse Wheel Forward –Will fire off a stab attack, these attacks generally deliver the most damage with the longest reach but take longer to recover from as they put your player off balance.

Mouse Wheel Down/Backward – Executes a parry with a weapon or a block with a shield. Expert timing is required to successfully defend strikes with a parry but shields can hold block and defend all frontward damage, which is great for advancing on archers. Parrying or blocking an incoming strike will leave your enemy vulnerable to counter attack.

There are certain classes that perform better with certain combinations of actions and play styles, but you are always better off using a mix of all four of these options to keep your opponent off guard and to ensure it is his blood that is split across your sword and not the other way around.

So, just by reading this you have gained an edge on the battlefield! The next time someone tries to claim all melee-based games are simple hack and slash show him how a true sword master uses all the combat options available to him and the surrounding environment to his advantage and make quick work of any opponents who make mistakes and provide you with openings. Strike hard, strike swift and strike true!

Real-time Strikes

One unique element of our combat system that people have a hard time understanding is that our swings are real time. This means that, if at any point during your swing your opponent changes his location, you can also change the direction of your swing using the mouse. It is also great for being able to miss a team mate that jumps in the way at the last second! The best way to think of it is the keyboard WASD or arrow keys being your feet and legs that control your movement direction and with the mouse representing the hips, you have the ability to “turn into” your strikes and ensure the blow lands flush.


The other element of our combat system that true experts must master is stamina. Stamina is effected by nearly every action you perform in-game and it helps to prevent attack or block spam being too successful. Represented by a yellow glob, when stamina gets to dangerously low levels a player will suffer from near-exhaustion and deal significantly less damage (half damage when under 10% stamina!). If a player continues to engage in combat actions and does not make an attempt to recover or rest and his stamina level hits 0%, he will be totally incapable of performing combat actions for a brief period (typically long enough to end up getting smashed in the face).

Classes Available In-Game

A description and outline for each of our nine classes

9 Main Classes are currently available per team, allowing us to feature a wide range of weapons and varied stats and specialties for each class. The equipment you carry into battle will play a huge role in your experiences and tactics in-game, choose wisely based on your situation and you will succeed!

Good Archer Longbowman: Excels at punishing opponents from afar and supporting team mates, excellent rate of fire, this class is ill-equipped for close combat, armed only with a short sword for a backup.

Crossbowman: Delivers devastating damage but is forced to be completely stationary while reloading, this class is devastating against medium armoured troops. This class is ill-equipped for close combat, armed only with a short sword for a backup.

Javelineer: The ultimate hybrid, with javelins for range and a great spear and buckler combination for up close, the Javelineer can easily adapt to any situation he gets himself into on the field.

Man-at-arms: The fastest class in the game, the man at arms is great at harassing enemy units and ideal as a counter to archers, though if he’s caught in close quarters he can struggle with the heavier classes in melee.

Evil Footmen Sergeant: A ruthless mix of speed and power the sergeant’s best game plan is to work his way inside and then overwhelm his opponent with a flurry of strikes that punish quickly before they have time to recover from the assault.

Guardsman: This mighty warrior wields the Halberd, a weapon known for its unmatched reach and devastatingly powerful stabs. This class must attempt to keep other units at bay with his long reach and avoid getting in too close where he might be overwhelmed.

Crusader: The “light-knight” bares a massive two handed sword that brings a balance of power and speed to the battlefield that many opponents struggle to compete against. His ease-of-use makes him one of the more popular classes for beginners, but it should be noted his relatively low armour levels can leave him vulnerable.

Evil Knight Knight: A powerhouse that charges into the middle of the battle and is at ease when engaging multiple opponents at one time, his stab attack has the unique feature of being a 360 degree swipe with the flail, which can be devastating if used appropriately. The class is a defensive juggernaut and works best when he is able to use his counter attacking skills.

Heavy Knight: An all-out brute force warrior that uses his massive weaponry to dominate his opponent when he gets in close. He can be vulnerable to missile fire with his slow movement speed and lack of a shield, but should he manage to close that gap his opponents shall tremble in fear.


Great mod.

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I wonder if they'll ever make a new trailer :o

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

If I see another axe commercial I'm going to kill someone.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Very good and fun mod, I wasted a lot of my life on it ;p

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I just wasted 30 seconds of my life on peeing.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

awesome sauce

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Congratz AoC team :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Me loves teh AOC.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I love it but just one thing: You have to be constantly moving and not just stationary, maybe when your in combat you should move slower because I don't think real medieval swordsmen danced circles around each other until one of them got decapitated.

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that's the magic of playing a GAME ^_^

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