Join, if you want Steam software and Valve games for linux distros! Myth: Nobody uses Linux! Fact: Millions of people use it, it's just not the several hundred million users that Windows has. Myth: Nobody plays games with Linux! Fact: We have not only proven that we care about games with projects like Wine, but we have also demonstrated that we buy more games/pay more for games than the typical Windows/OSX user in every single Humble Indie Bundle. Myth: Supporting all the Linux distributions is too hard! Fact: We have POSIX for a reason. While packaging tends to suck (.deb, .rpm, etc.), this largely does not affect games. Games can be installed with a simple and (mostly) universal .run binary file that installs the game's binaries and content in a single folder, and the necessary libraries (such as OpenAL) can typically be installed from the distribution's repositories. This has been seen primarily with id Software's games, as well as several games in the Humble Indie Bundle.

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Black Mesa Linux Tutorial

Black Mesa Linux Tutorial

Other Tutorial 6 comments

I was really excited to hear Black Mesa finally released their mod after 8 years of development. What an amazing accomplishment! Of course the first thing...

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Steam Linux games is up to 171 games... not bad a few months after public launch.
Some of my favorites are:
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Counter-Strike: Source
Serious Sam: BFE
Amnesia: Dark Decent

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have any of you played beat hazard on steam using linux?
thoughts / opinions / major compatibility issues?

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Only DRM-free version... Worked super fine on Debian Squeeze.

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You mustn't forget that it's because of the bazaar philosophy, aka being open-source and libre that GNU/Linux has these possibilities.

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Прикольно, я админ аналогичной группы Steam :-)

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Only 7 members? I'm sure this group will grow as the native Steam binaries roll out and we can start playing Source games natively in Linux.
This is the "Push" we have been needing for a LONG time!

I'm not a programmer so source code isn't all the important to me. I just want to play games and I'm tired of Windows and all the costs/dependencies that come along with it.

Linux is totally free and runs on all of my computers. Now its running my PC Games with hardly any issues... I'm excited to see what the future of PC Gaming is going with Steam and retail games!

Shameless Plug:
I have been writing tutorials for Mint 13 and PC Games.
Check em out...

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Sometimes I just feel that the FOSS community just needs to shut up, bite the bullet, and just be content with the fact that we're gradually receiving attention from big commercial gaming companies. Yes, it sucks you can't modify the source code, but think about it! If we were to steal a HUGE chunk of the WoW player base from Windows then I think it would be officially "written in stone" that Linux is truly a worthy platform for gaming. Then we'd be the bee's knees, amirite?

Hell, just look at Valve's plans for Steam on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (!!! It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see the future of gaming and whether the gaming industry will turn to open source as THE standard for developing games.

Not trolling, just want to see mainstream gaming on Linux flourish! =)

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It is said that steam for Linux would come soon(within 2-3 days with Portal and (maybe)L4D2.

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Hi i love ubuntu <3,i like desura,but i miss tf2 :.(

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If you include a name for privately owned proprietary software in the URL, then it is NOT for "Linux and gaming on Linux generally."

If you reduce Linux into a platform for running licensed proprietary programs owned by huge corporations, then you totally miss the point of freedom in Linux.

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Keep in mind, that not everyone cares that much about freedom dimension in GNU/Linux. Most of us use it because we like its possibilities.

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