Due to personal and work related reasons, the planned machinima based production of Stargate Vengeance, originally developed by [$#!T-Happens] (formerly SGC*gunner15*SGC) has now been canceled.

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We have been given the go ahead from the Stargate Modding Group to continue...

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Yes we have been given the go ahead from the SGMG and can continue the work we were doing before the things that I failed to do before came back and bit me on the a$$. I just have to say sorry to the SGMG for what happened... and would like to say thankyou for giving us the chance to make a small show using the fantastic mod that they have made...

Now we cannot give you video and picture samples of what we are doing until Stargate Empire At War 1.0 is released (tomorrow) although the samples probably wont come until some time in the next two weeks (3 tops)... With that in mind, we will have a massive update on what we are planning, some early teasers (dont expect too much, it's only the beginning) and a fair few new pictures, and maybe even the final names for some of the people ship and planets...

I am glad to welcome MerlinGalgotta, the Co-Leader of the Stargate Modding Group, and also the consultant who will be helping us with the videos to make sure that they are good enough for you to see.

Here the links to their main website, their ModDB group page, their ModDB game page:
SGMG Website: www.stargate-modding.com
SGMG Group Page (ModDB): Moddb.com
Stargate: EaW Mod Page: Moddb.com

"We have been Given official clearence from the SGMG to produce these movies"

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