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The Entire History of the War has been Compiled up. This tells the story of how the old Galactic Alliance formed and how they handled the Yuuzhan Vong War. It has nothing to do with the current one.

Posted by Fenris58 on Oct 28th, 2011

The Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzhan Vong War, the bloodiest war in galactic history. Trillions were killed and the old republic nearly collapsed. Major changes were made to galactic policy and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances was created. In short it was called the Galactic Alliance. Now the Yuuzhan Vong were main unaffected by the force. They were cut off from it explained by one of the researchers during the war. They have a thirst for war mongering and hostile take over's of other species.

Before the Vong invasion another war was already under way. The Republic/Sith Wars were being fought. During this time the Old Republic destroyed Druumund Kaas with the Defender of the Core. This led to a faltering in the old republic. Many Sith became angry over the destruction of this planet. They launched vicious attacks crippling the old republic. Defeat after defeat the republic suffered. Then it began; a wave of unknown ships had just been reported to enter the galaxy.

There was silence for a few days. Then the war began; The Yuuzhan Vong millennia's after discovering this very galaxy invaded with a tremendous force. They pushed straight through the Sith Empire. The Sith Empire tried to hold on but was eventually pushed out of the Inner Rim. The Old Republic was pushed out of the Core Worlds. Within weeks half the galaxy was under Yuuzhan Vong control.

Here is what the Yuuzhan Vong look like:

Yuuzhan Vong

Soon after the invasion the Sith Empire and the Old Republic came together to form the Galactic Alliance. Many major battles were fought and the GA won many of them. They however were still being pushed back. They got pushed back to Mon Calamari. This was the old GA mainly controlled by the sith. Coruscant had been lost to the Yuuzhan Vong, and it was renamed Yuuzhan'tar after their old home world.

The GA leaders had to come up with a solution and fast. What came up most commonly was the creation of a virus. They knew Ithorians would never create such a biological terror because they knew it would destroy most of the galaxy in the process. They had to come up with it their own. Two Sith named Darth^Xerstorung and Dark Assassin decided to create the biological terror weapon on their own. They created the Omega Red Virus. The virus was tested on many different subjects and they knew it would work on the Yuuzhan Vong. They also knew that it could destroy the entire galaxy in the process. Darth_Ten10dix is the one who fired the virus into the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Not much is known about how it actually happened.

So the GA unleashed its ultimate weapon destroying much of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet but however leaving 5/8 of the galaxy on death row.

The Battle of Lehon

Galactic Alliance Commander:

Yuuzhan Vong Commander:

Before the creation of the virus one of the bloodiest battles of the war was fought over the Rakata Homeworld. Johnyboy1 was in control of the defences there and held out against multiple what the Yuuzhan Vong called ‘World Ships'. Johnyboy1 held his ground after numerous waves suffering tremendous loses. He was in his flagship the Death Enforcer. What resulted was a complete and total defeat for the Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong was pushed out of the Unknown Regions afterwards.

The Battle of Zonama Sekot

Galactic Alliance Commanders:
AK151 in the Valiance
Jesterzx9 in the Home Invader

Yuuzhan Vong Commanders:

This battle took place after the Omega Red Virus. AK151 and Jesterzx9 were combating the Yuuzhan Vong that were unaffected by the virus. The battle started right off when the Galactic Alliance fleet jumped out of hyperspace into the system. The Valiance and the Home Invader were at the head of the fleet. The battle its self was vicious and horrific beyond account. Here are the transmissions from the battle:

"Rising Justice, target one of those worldships and get right down it's throat!"
*The Rising Justice powers engines and rams into a worldship, it's kinetic armor protecting it from damage, while at the same time firing all of its weapons, some ending up inside the worldship in question.
"Sabers 7 and 9, break off and target their Miid-roiks! Everything you've got!"
*Two Sabers each take on a Miid-roik. One goes forward, angled towards the capital ship's left flank, strafing the ship, which eventually buckles, already weakened from Dragoon fire. The other goes straight towards the capital ship, suffering to direct plasma hits to it's port stabilizer, spinning it out of control. Before it is destroyed, its hyperspace engines flash as it initiates a hyperspace jump into the capital ship, destroying both*
"Lieutenant Gage, divert power to our main cannons!"
Gage: "Ready, sir!"
*The main cannons of the Valiance light up, two massive red beams on a collision course for a worldship. After ten seconds of continuous fire, the two beams break through the hull, emerging on the other side*
"Starboard lieutenant. Carve that bastard up."
*The Valiance maneuvers to the right, the beams slicing through the worldship, destroying it*
Ensign: "Sir, two Miid-ro'iks, port and starboard!"
"Gage, realign tactical reflectors on the cannons, get a targeting solution, pulse cannons."
Gage: "Ready sir!"
*Four mirrors on the forward facing cannons on either side of the Valiance realign, and the cannons fire, the shots being redirected towards the capital ships, destroying them with ease*
Gage: "Sir, Coralskippers approaching our hangar bay!"
"Are they in range of the guns?"
"Yes sir!"
"Fire main cannons, Lieutenant."
*The Coralskippers fly towards the hanger bay, housed in two opposing prongs in the front of the ships. The hanger bays close in anticipation of the blast of the two main cannons, also housed within the prongs. The Coralskippers are disintegrated as the main cannons fire, along with the port section of a Miid-roik*
"Continue firing, lieutenant. Weapons free. Ensign, recall half of our Dragoons. We need those Coralskippers off of us."
"Yes sir! Dragoons, Valiance actual! regroup and target inbound Coralskippers!"
*Half of the Dragoons flip around, firing their thrusters back to the ship, pulse cannons blazing, disintegrating Coralskippers*
"Keep those fighters off of us! Lieutenant, pour power into our interceptors. Take out those fighters!"
Gage: Sir! The Redemption!"
*The Redemption, hit with magma rocks, was speeding towards a worldship. It's two ramming prongs were in pieces, destroyed by heavy magma fire along with the hangers and main cannons. It continues to take magma hits, with chunks of its hull falling away. The warp engines flash and the Redemption jumps into the worldship in a brilliant explosion that destroys both vessels*
"Continue firing interceptors. Target the Coralskippers. Lieutenant, firing solution on the nearest worldship, all four cannons."
Gage: "Firing solution ready, sir."
*The Valiance's four cannons light up, two firing solid red beams of light, two firing orange pulses of plasma. The targeted worldship is quickly overwhelmed with laser fire and is destroyed*
"Continue firing. Patch me through to our fleet."
Gage: "You're on, sir."
"All ships, pick targets at will. Coordinate with your squadrons, do as much damage as possible. We will win this fight, men. We just need to keep it going."
*Fighters break formation with the Valiance, dogfighting with Coralskippers. Sabers strafe Miid-roiks and worldships, some assisting Dragoons in dogfights or bombing runs. Many damaged ships make suicide hyperspace jumps into their enemies, often destroying them*

During the battle, the Home Invader sustained massive damage and began plummeting into the atmosphere of Zonama Sekot. With communications with the flagship cut off, the Inevitable, a Hammerhead-cruiser, took command of Jester's forces. Another excerpt from the battle, taken using cameras on the bridge and external cameras outside the ship, shows the Overlord being diverted to help the Home Invader:

*Sparks fly as the Valiance takes a magma hit*
Ensign: "Sir, hull integrity at 40%! Hull breaches on decks five, seven, and thirteen!"
"Evac and seal off those decks, ASAP!"
Gage: "Captain, the Home Invader has lost engine power. It's caught in the gravitational pull of the planet. The ship is going down."
"Ensign, get a comms signal to the Home Invader!"
Ensign: "No go, sir! Comms on the ship are down!"
"Damn. Alright, divert the Overlord to help the Home Invader. Drag her out of the atmosphere."
Ensign: "Yes sir! "Overlord, this is Valiance actual. Divert to Home Invader. Pull her out of the atmosphere."
*Overlord comes about, still firing all weapons, it's engines flashing on as it heads towards the Home Invader, launching missiles to intercept magma cannons heading for the Home Invader. Catching up with the falling ship, the Overlord uses it's tractor beams to pull the Home Invader out of the atmosphere and away from the gravitational pull of the planet, still guns blazing*
Ensign: "Sir, we're pinned. Worldships port and starboard!"
"Lieutenant Gage, broadside mass drivers and pulse cannons. Fire when ready."
*The Valiance's 50 port pulse cannons and 25 mass drivers light up, firing projectiles, mirroring their starboard counterparts. The mass drivers tear through the hull while the pulse cannons begin to burn through it, causing severe damage to both worldships. As the Valiance is fighting, the Overlord sends EVA ships to the Home Invader, defending it from all incoming fire. 250 Dragoons circle the Home Invader, destroying Coralskippers that approach and also intercepting projectiles that make it through the Overlord's defensive web*
*Muttering to myself* "You're welcome Jester."

In the final minutes of the battle, with the Vong about to be destroyed, they launched a boarding party to take control of the Valiance. The camera footage below illustrates the combat that took place inside the hanger bay of the ship:

Lieutenant Gage: "Sir, four dropships landing in the starboard prong! They're deploying troops!"

"Gage, take command"
*Leaving the bridge, I pull out my lightsaber, a silver hilt with four silver prongs circling the emitter, and an eight inch cortosis blade at the pommel. I sprint over to the flight deck, with several Drakiir and Dragoon warriors joining me. We stopped at the flight deck, where chaos had broken out. Drakkar pilots and Drakiir warriors were fighting Yuuzhan Vong everywhere. An orange beam emitted from my lightsaber, and the Drakiir around me readied their spears around*
"For the galaxy."
*I charged into the fight, one hand swinging my blade, the other emitting blue lightning. I threw my lightsaber at a Dragoon fighter. The saber hit the fuel tank, which began to leak oil. The heat from the blade ignited the oil, causing an inferno. Using the Force, I contained the flames and drew them towards me, manipulating them to roast Vong warriors. A Vong charged at me with Amphistaff raised, but a Dragoon tackled him and drove his tonfa-blade through the warrior and the Amphistaff alike. Continuing to manipulate the flame around me, I began carving through Vong warriors, decapitating them or stabbing them through the head. Several Drakkar fell around me, and I used the Force to lift their blades off the ground. The weapons continued to fight as if with a mind of their own, a whirlwind of Dragoon tonfa-blades, Drashay bladed bows, Drakiir spears, and Sabers. At the same time, two purple shoto shot up from my back, igniting and joining the fight with a mind of their own as I controlled them. Grinning, I continued to push the Vong back, until there were ten left with their backs to the hanger shields. They fled to their landing craft, planning to escape. I threw all of my weapons at their engines, causing severe damage. I them grabbed a Dragoon fighter and slammed the dropship into space. Sprinting to a comm station, I reached the bridge*
"Lieutenant, fire main cannons!"
*The hanger bay doors sealed, shutters of metal sliding sideways to shield the occupants from the radiation of the beams. I heard a loud, drawn out bang as the cannons fired, disintegrating the drifting dropship and it's occupants. Sighing, I recalled my lightsaber back to my hand and the shoto back to sheaths on my back. Raising my ignited saber in victory, I cheered, joined by the warriors around me. Turning to the comm, I ask for a status report*
Lieutenant: We've got one worldship left, Sir. The Rising Justice is finishing it off.

With the final Vong worldship destroyed by the Rising Justice, the battle came to a close.

Galactic Alliance victory
The War was over against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Alright I am going to post the conversation between the commanders during the final hours of the war:

- Airaviper

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 6:56am says:
Incoming transmission, code red.This is Admiral Airaviper at the Maw installation! my long range scanners and scouts have revealed that the Vong are mobilizing there entire fleet! 1000s of worldships, millions of capitol ships, countless fighters! We don't have any choice! We need to launch the Omega Red missles!

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 7:13am says: Online
for the survival of the Galactic Alliance !!!

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:21am says:
Do not worry. We are even now testing the Virus. My Aprentice (Dark-Assassin) shall unleash it on some small vong fleets. When we know it works we shall unleash it on the main Vong forces.

url anchor

Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:23am says:
If i have permission i would like to make a fleet of 100 hammerheads and a prototype ship i have ideas for the prototype ship the details of the ship is at my profile first image.

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 7:28am says:
We don't have much time. Expect total galactic conquest in 24 hours unless we deploy the weapon. Defcon 5 people!

url anchor

Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:29am says:
Do i have permission for my fleet to join up with the main forces?

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:32am says:
I shall order my Aprentice and asl Lord Xerstorung to unleash the Virus. I suggest you evacuate from the Maw immediatly. I am afraid that you shall have to sacrifice the Maw. We shall contaminate it, then I shall stay behind with a group of volonteers along with Gravity Well generators to stop them from retreating. The Maw shall be contaminated and unuseable for at least 10 years, maybe 15.
Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:35am says:
Alright Darth Ten my fleet will vounteer with you to stay with you and go in and help after

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 7:36am says:
Yes Jester, and will do. All Republic forces are falling back. I will launch all of my missiles. It's hard to imagine.....half of the galaxy....completely destroyed, all thanks to those monsters. I say we eradicate all the Vong from existence!

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 7:37am says: Online
lets screw them for what they have done !!!

url anchor

Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:38am says:
Yes Sir My forces will have protype gas masks and i'll get the fleet to deploy emergency power to our gas blocking systems on all my ships so we should be immune to the gas but just in case i'll order all my crew to wear gas masks

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:40am says:
With respect Airaviper, Lord Xerstorung has all but one of the samples of Omega Red. My Aprentice has the last sample. He is currently implanting it in a modified missle. When Lord Xerstorung gives the order we shall fire. It shall take the Vong at least 5 hours to get to the Mar from their current position. We shall hopefully be ready by then.

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:41am says:
On a side not: This gas is a highly mutated form of the previous version. It has been infused with the Dark Side and their is no esccape. Although your crew shall not suffer anything for the 2 hours after exposure, they shall start felling it`s effects and after 2 minutes of expsure shall die.
Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:42am says:
Sorry for triple post >.< Correction: they shall start felling it`s effects after 2 hours and 2 minutes and die. >.<

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 7:42am says:
I had a shipment of Trihexlon weapons. Would you care if I'd launch them as well?

url anchor

Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:44am says:
Hmm if that is so my ships won't go in i will start putting up boundries and gravity well generators to stop them from retreating i will guard these missiles with my fleets life they have all said they won't to vounteer there lifes to stop the vong if the time comes.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 7:48am says: Online
everyone who is fighting is willing to do the same .

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:49am says:
I am unfimiliar with that type of missle/virus. I would hold back on launching them. It could have unforseen effects when used with Omega Red. I have informed Lord Xerstorung of the situation and am awaiting a reply. Once he does reply my Aprentice shall unleash the Virus on the Maw. If a reply does not come in time and the Vong arrive at the Maw then I shall hold them off and use a sample of the Virus I took from the Korriban Labs to infect my ship and crash it straight into the Vong fleet.
Note: My new flagship is the Vernichtung.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 7:51am says: Online
i just want to kill them all and end the war because so many of our men have laid down their lives .
Jesterzx9 Jul 21 2011, 7:54am says:
Darth Ten with respect i would like to hold there fleet back if the arrive and we don't have a reply while you do what must be done.
Now i must go to bed and rest in my ships cabin. =P
Jester Out

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 7:55am says:
It's effects are rather nasty. Trihexlon literally ignites organic tissue in a napalm sort of way. It's not strong enough to kill the vong, but it could be used to weaken them for you're Omega Red assualt.

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:56am says:
As you wish. You of course realise the risks...

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 7:58am says:
Maybe. As I said before, it may have unforseen effects on this new form of Omega Red. It could make it spread more, it could make it kill people who had nothing to do with the Vong ect. Or it may do nothing at all. As I said, we do not know. You could use it in your defenses in the Outer Rim. Although the Main Vong fleet is arriving here, their are surely other smaller Vong fleets preparing for an Attack somewhere.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 7:59am says: Online
my fleet is ready .

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 8:02am says:
Good idea. We'd have to containment all the worlds the Vong have invaded though, as they have shaped the world to bioproduce there war materials. When do you think the planets infected will be usable again? We'd have to organize a full rebuilding effort, scrubbing fallout, repopulating planets, and the like
Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 8:04am says: Online
we will have to do a restoration project

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 8:06am says:
The planets affected by the virus may not be usable for many years to come. We already needed a large amount of the Virus to kill a few prisonners, therefore we shall need to wipe the planets of all life. And the Vong could infect plant and animal life on the planet in an attmept to go in hiding if they lose and come back 20 years later with another fleet. Complete Infection of all planets affected by the Yuuzhan Vong is required to destroy them.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 8:06am says: Online
you guys know that Hammerheadcruiser is on the vongs team

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 8:07am says:
We Rebuilt Telos after the war. We can do this.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 8:09am says: Online
but i think the project failed because of NO fuel from Peragus .

url anchor

Ten[DNA] Jul 21 2011, 8:12am says:
You realise that we are talking about the infection of nearly half the planets in the Galaxy? ALL Vong planets MUST be infected WITH A FULL PLANETWIDE DOSE of Omega Red to insure that the Vong are killed. It is unfortenate but necesary.

url anchor

Johnyboy1{S1TH} Jul 21 2011, 8:12am says: Online
yes very true .

url anchor

Airaviper Jul 21 2011, 8:14am says:
This project will take years, but for the good of the galaxy, we must succeed with it. Anyway, scanners have detected that the Vong fleets are incoming at all fronts, the main fleet heading towards the Maw. Get to your positions people! This is it! Defend your posts with your life!

- Alright this is all I will post for now
*Edited by* Johnyboy1

It is unofficial but the war ended between July 21 2011 9:08 AM Eastern Timezone and July 28 2011 12:00 Am Eastern Timezone

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Mace-Windu Creator
Mace-Windu Oct 28 2011, 4:04am says:

very well written

+2 votes   reply to comment
Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda Oct 28 2011, 4:39am says:

Nice work Jolee I always wanted to learn more about this conflict.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Oct 28 2011, 5:11pm says:

The Jedi Order never actually particpated, but very nicely written.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Oct 28 2011, 9:33pm says:

It makes the Jedi Order look good. If you 'didn't participate' then everyone will by crawling up on your ion engine and critizing you for not joining to protect the Galaxy. ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Oct 28 2011, 10:25pm says:

Actually, this was when I was a Jedi, and I was in charge of a great deal of the military operations at the time (the Jedi actually TRUSTED me, back then, believe it or not :P ). So, yeah, the Jedi kinda did participate in the battle...

+2 votes   reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Oct 28 2011, 11:37pm replied:

What, they don't trust you now?

+2 votes   reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Oct 29 2011, 12:23am replied:

I blew up the Alderran temple, bombed Kashyyyk, helped destroy Tharnis's old flagship, slaughtered more Jedi than I can count, and even tried to kill Master Ariel. Would you trust me? :P

+2 votes   reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Oct 29 2011, 12:44am replied:

I barely trusted you when you joined the sith empire and I don't think i'll ever trust you AK.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Oct 30 2011, 3:19pm replied:

Exactly how, or at least why are we back on the Jedi Side again?

+2 votes     reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Oct 30 2011, 3:21pm replied:

Because we blew up almost the entirety of the Sith fleet and destroyed all of the planetary defenses around Sith planets...

+2 votes   reply to comment
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Oct 30 2011, 10:16pm replied:

Well yeah but... bah heck with it, I'll just go with my default response for this.


+2 votes     reply to comment
Mace-Windu Creator
Mace-Windu Oct 28 2011, 11:37pm says:

the jedi didnt trust you they were j ust using u lol jk =P

+2 votes   reply to comment
Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Oct 29 2011, 7:55am says:

You went rogue on that one xD The Jedi Order still didn't participate ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Oct 30 2011, 3:20pm replied:

If that's the case, then he just pulled off a Darth Revan ^^ (think about it lol)

+2 votes     reply to comment
AK151 Creator
AK151 Oct 30 2011, 3:22pm replied:


And you're right, Headhunter, I forgot.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Johnyboy1{S1TH} Oct 30 2011, 9:11pm says:

Ahem, this article is missing many conflicts that happened though the battles are now lost in the comments LOL! In fact I can still remember that morning when I woke up and got a message from Airaviper. In fact I can post the conversation

+2 votes     reply to comment
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