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Onderon Mission
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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 13 2013 says:

*The man sighed. His name was General Kol, former Commander of the Onderonian Military Forces, but stripped of his rank by the King Yon I. Now he would get his own back, and liberate the city he loved so very dearly.*

"Right, we move now. Is everyone ready?"

*Around 30 pairs of eyes descended upon him. Half of them were former soldiers, who had pledged alliance to their general. The others, like the other teams, were simple civilians, they knew how to shoot, but that was it. They had stepped up to fight for their liberty, and that was more than enough for Kol.*


*The group barged out the house. Opposite them, Alpha team also barged out their house. A patrol turned around, wondering what the noise was. They were soon killed by the resistors, who used knives and fists to take the patrols out.*

"Move! To the road!"

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_w_ May 13 2013 says:

*The MAL's stream of missiles caused cracks to appear on the ancient city walls. The small amount of troops who could withstand the shockwaves, had trouble eliminating the iron wall of legionnaire's marching their way.
Canderous tanks also lured fire away from the infantery, their mass drivers were enough to cause serious structural damage to the emplacements surrounding the wall.*

> A loud explosion was heard. Onderon troops watched in disbelief as part of their proud city wall crumbled in front of them, the droid's work was done. Together they march up with the canderous tanks trough the dust and rubble that's left.*

*The buzz droids were a great help in distracting the enemy, but the droids which went to the power stations did not return.*

*Almost unseen, after the convoy of tanks, droids and warriors, Corden and the hibrar mandalorians snuck in. They made contact with the resistance and are meant to meet them in a local pub. They will head there first and then go straight to the palace.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 13 2013 says:

OOC: lmao i see what your trying to do here Ori, but its only going to cause your men more casualties. Not killing the soldiers=morale booster, but =loss of your men due to them takign more time to disable instead of kill. lol :P

*The Onderon soldiers in the Northern Sector suffered losses and were loosing ground quickly, however they were determined to hold the line. The Sector commander ordered all troops in the Northern Sector to respond to the breach in the wall, and dozens of men started sprinting towards the scene.

The fresh men took up positions beside buildings and around corners and made makeshift barriers and cover using rubble and scrapped metal. These became fallback points for the men who had left their positions on the wall due to it being breached.

The men at these positions poured intense blaster and missile fire on the Legionnaires and the Canderous tanks supporting them. EMP grenades were tossed in bundles, disabled some of the droids.

AA guns all along the wall that were still online in a nano second tore into the detected aerial targets, causing massive casualties before the men had time to react. They seemed to fall to the ground like wingless flies.

The two artillery guns also begin bombardment of the enemy forces, causing the droid ranks to become sporadic and scattered. They knew that they would be under fire in the next few seconds, so the gun crews moved with utmost haste.

The commander of the Southern sector began to pull his men off the walls as well, and leaving a few patrols out, he led his men back to the Fortress where they joined the other men already there and fortified the position alongside them.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 14 2013 says:

OOC: We have stunners and ambushed you, our jetpacks provide speed >.< AA guns cannot destroy the small infantry falling the sky neither and most are already disabled anyways, remember buzz droids, MAL strike and infantry sabotage?

*The Screaming Basilisks take positions on roof tops, as the helpless Onderonian infantry shoots at the wave of Battle Legionnaire's which were plenty, they get stunned from above and disarmed.*

*The Canderous tanks move up through the strees, each time there is a squad of Battle Legionnaire's apart from them that scans the streets, the 72nd Legion moves from roof to roof and provdes additional cover. The group is fighting its way to the palace.*

*Several small units of the 72nd Airborne jetpack their way to power stations, they arrive relatively unopposed as they alternate between flight and running across rooftops or the ground. At the power stations they take out laser guidance equipment.*

*Ori'verda links up with Novall and several other Mandalorians, they enter a building belonging to the Resistance.*

"Novall, connect our equipment with theirs so we can get a clear picture of the battle. Have our engineers tap into communications. Now where is the leader of this Resistance?"

OOC: Also, you ignored Ten's Resistance fighters.

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_w_ May 14 2013 says:

*Corden knocked twice on the door of the local pub, no patrols in sight for now. Nobody answered.*

"Something is wrong, Ghast go around the back door."

*Corden smashed the door in with his shoulder plate. At the bar inside lied the bartender in a puddle of blood. Tables were flipped and chairs were smashed. They heard footsteps coming their way from the backdoor hallway. Before the mando'ade could react, an onderonian soldier appeared around the corner.*

"QUI..." His cry ended in a gurgling sound as he grabbed for his troath. He fell down and behind him Ghast reappeared triumphant:
"Place was full of these suckers, was."

Corden shrugged "There will be a lot more ahead than just patrols. For now we should try to make contact with another resistance group. Luckily we tapped into the surrounding comm channels. One 'Jorell' was not crypting his signals enough, that lead us to his commander; general Kol. He's an old friend to the clan, let's pay him a visit."

*The mandos got outside*
"Though if we wait too long he'll be dead before we reach 'em, they can't win on their own and they bloody know it. Gotta respect them for their courage, makes me want to smash the fat pig they're risking their lives to get rid of."

*Can'gal, the tech specialist of the bunch, lead the mandos trough obscure streets to the last known location of the general with a map one of the resistance fighters gave them. They avoided direct contact with the enemy and used silenced weapons when needed.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 14 2013 says:

OOC: I didn't really do much, didn't want to do loads in one post, so I doubted he would respond to my "move".

*The teams made their way to the main road, using the noise of battle to bypass most of the enemy soldiers. When they were in position, they attacked.*

*First, the men on the rooftops were gunned down, nearly all at once. Grenades were thrown, and enemy soldiers guarding or using the road were blasted away. Then the men rushed out from the alleyways, guns blazing. A single AAT was hovering down the road in front of them, along a previous escort of 50 men, though a lot had been killed by the grenades. The AAT turned its turret, and fired at the rebels on the rooftops, sniping them off.*

*General Kol barked out orders, grabbing a missile launcher. He shouted something, a war cry lost in the noise of battle, and fired the launcher. It hit the back armor, and the AAT fell to the ground. The enemy soldiers were taking cover, and more and more people were joining in on the fight on the road. Most enemy reinforcements were stopped, forced to try to get through Kol's forces. Others were picking enemy groups trying to bypass the roads on in the alleyways. Although some of them got through, larger formations were either slowed down or held down. Kol hoped this would relieve the pressure the Mandalorians were having.*

"General! When are the bloody Mandalorians getting here? We can't hold out much longer!"

*Kol swore as he leaned out from the wall he was using as cover, blasting off his pistol at enemy troops. Although they had been taken by surprise, the Onderon Military had quickly mobilized their forces and were making a frontal attack on the road. Luckily, plenty of cover was available and not many hostiles wanted to try the back alleys, leaving their flank secure. He glanced over at the man who had asked the question, a Lieutenant Torper.*

"They'll get here when they get here, son. Now less talking and more fighting. We've still got plenty to kill."

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 14 2013 says:

OOC: You ignored my Artillery, your choice. :P and yeah i know, besides i didnt realize i had abondoned the walls xD so the AA guns werent even manned :P
*The Soldiers were being pushed back at Every corner, although they did not give up hope. They were fighting to maintain their Sovereignty, to be under their own rule, not under the Mandalorian rule. They kept firing off missiles and tossing grenades, destroying more of the Droids and or disabling them, ocassionaly a Canderous tank would get disabled, but their armor was think so it was harder to eliminate them.

In the southern Sector, the Forces falling back to the fortress suddenly came under heavy assault from unknown combatants, it finally passed through the ranks that a traitor was leading other traitors against them, and had halted the groups retreat.

The soldiers suddenly became enraged and risked all odds to brutally slaughter their opponents, the traitors. Rockets and Rotary Cannon fire ripped into the roofs of the buildings around them, eliminating any cover the rebels could use.

Grenades were tossed up onto other roofs and even into windows to clear them out of enemy forces. Colonel Maxel, leader of the Southern Sector Forces, braved all odds and led infantry rushes against fortified rebel positions, overwhelming them and slaughtering them all.

As he took cover he radioed out and ordered all Southern Forces to re-route and attack the resistance fighters. Men then began filtering back around and reinforced the Onderon soldiers already fighting.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 14 2013 says:


*On the bridge leading into the city, King Yon defiantly marched down the ramp, flanked by 50 Royal Guardsmen and another 50 Onderon Soldiers. His voice echoed through all communication devices inside the city.

"Soldiers of Onderon, these tyrannical bastards are here to take our land, rape our women, and loot our homes! We must not allow these barbarians to secure a victory! We must hold them back! FOR ONDERON!" Yon Shouted raising his bright gold sword high in the air.

The morale of the military forces in Onderon soared as they watched their own King lead men into the battle against the Mandalorians, their spirits rose and they fought with renewed determination.

A 1/4 of the Forces stationed inside the Fortress departed from the fortress and surrounded a lumbering AT-AT as it lead the soldiers and met up with Yon and his men.

The determined and fresh force of men headed towards the North and begin reinforcing the embattled defenders, holding the line against the Mandalorian forces that advanced upon them.

The two artillery guns on top of the palace continued to pound the droids and the Canderous tanks, scattering more droid wrecks.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 15 2013 says:

*Every time an Onderonian soldier were to move near the convoy and fire, a warrior from the 72nd Legion used his stunner to disable the soldier or the large group of Battle Legionnaire's would open up their weapons on the enemy formations.*

*The Resistance fighters did their work and relieved the pressure off the Mandalorians, Ori'verda took a small team of Ori'ramikade and linked up with them while Novall worked at their command centre.*

"Hey Onderonians, mind telling your comrades to stop shooting at us? I thought we were here to take care of your oppressors not get shot by you people! Who's in charge here anyway?"

*Canderous tanks took over control of the artillery, they activated their sensors and forced the artillery to fire on separate Canderous tank units, by doing this many Battle Legionnaire's and tanks were saved.*

*With the power stations lazed, the MAL artillery strikes with their guided missiles. The power grid goes down and the city of Iziz goes black. The group of Ori'ramikade responsible take to the skies after receiving new orders.*

*The Ori'ramikade group activated their stealth fields and thermal camouflaged armor, half took the guidance system and set it up on a building and the other half took a sniper position near the palace.*

*The rocket and grenade barrage on the buildings caused a lot of rubble to be made, which actually is useful cover depending on your viewpoint of it. The Mandalorian ground force finally advanced and linked up with the Onderonian resistance, relieving them.*

*With the defence grid down, Mandalorian Gladiators and Kom'rk's showed up in the sky and barraged the AT-AT and any and all unmanned vehicles the enemy may have or piece of cover they may use later on. Careful to avoid getting caught by infantry missiles or cause casualties.*

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Bisszy4ever May 15 2013 says:

*To kill time and exercise, Terek, Stormclaw and Solus'cabur go hunting for Cannok on Dxun. Terek in particular seems keen as he can never say no to a lovely piece of roast, no matter the animal.*

"Commander, I see some of them sleeping in that nest over there."

*Terek points in the direction, taking out his hunting knife.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 15 2013 says:

OOC: Rebels are in the Northern Sector, close to the Mandos, not the South.

Btw, you seem to think this is an all out rebellion with rebels isolated and easy to pick off. General Kol grouped his forces (pretty much all, except for those ambushing in the alleys) on the Northern Road, his goal to hold it and stop major reinforcements from reaching the front lines.

And you're using King Yon stupidly. Yon is not the type to go into battle. He sits in his Palace, getting fat, having parties and generally leaves all important matters to his helpers (this is how the Sith easily manipulated him). I don't mind these new forces coming out, but instead have them be lead by the Onderon General, not the King. He's a coward, plain and simple.

*The enemy forces seemed to concentrate on the rooftops and in the buildings, though most of the rebel troops were concentrated on the Northern Road, using the buildings and debris as cover, though avoiding going into or on the buildings.*

*Kol spotted the AT-AT advancing up the road, along with the main bulk of the Onderonian forces. He could see some Royal Guards, but doubted the King himself was present, he wasn't the type. The AT-AT was an old design, but retained its power non the less. Kol swore, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer against such an assault force.*

*A group of armored warriors ran up to him, Mandalorians. He seemed to joke about the situation, which Kol disliked, but could see his point.*

"You are taking care of the oppressors. I'm General Kol, Commander of the Onderon Resistance. I was the one who called you in. Where the hell are the rest of your men? We need reinforcements now! You think we can hold this road much longer? We're slowing them down, but we've lost at least 200 meters to the enemy, and losing more every second."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 15 2013 says:

*He was interrupted as a nearby hovercraft exploded into a ball of flames, the AT-AT having killed a small group of rebels that took cover behind it. Kol muttered something, then resumed speaking.*

"We're only slowing the enemy down. We cannot beat them back. If we do not get reinforcements soon, the rest of the road will be lost and with it my entire force!"

*Kol turned his head away, quickly raising his blaster above the rubble he was hiding behind to take pot shots at the enemy. Although the enemy had been slowed down, the AT-AT was the huge ram piercing through the rebel's formation. Onderonian troops were advancing with it, using its heavy firepower to aid them in their assault. Although this made them go slower, they were easily pushing back the rebel forces, who were outnumbered and underequipped.*

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_w_ May 15 2013 says:

*Suddenly one of the AT-at's frontal legs was crippled. A bes'uliik was seen flying away. The AT-AT was imobilised but it's firepower remained. The bes'uliik pilot used his last missiles and missed it's head thanks to enemy flak fire. he knew that the resistance would fall if that one at-at remained operable. He turned around and slammed his bomber angular in the at-at's neck. Thanks to the thin beskad layer, the bomber sliced trough the neck and main body before being halted by the at-at's inner structure. Onderonian morale dropped as their assault stalled for a moment.*

"Are the vengefulls in place? Good."

*Corden managed to lead his force trough the back alleys, no doubt that the onderonians would be alerted to the presense of such mandalorian force by now. he did not care, the force ahead of them seemed to have one goal; breaking the rebels.
Corden comforted himself with the vision of Yon outraged with the word that traitors dared to oppose him. And in a fit of rage he ordered his main force to combat the rebels rather than finding the mando'ade.

"... or are they really stupid enough to think that cassus' fancy flyin sen'tras could break a king on their own?"

*Corden was amused by what seems the onderonian way to clear out traitors, nearly all surrounding buildings suffered from collatoral damage.*

"I'll show them brutal... Ghast, now is the time!"

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_w_ May 15 2013 says:

*The fully armed and armored mando'ade preyed on the onderonian flank's like hunters and a wounded krayt. they assualted the onderonian force from the flanks, Corden placed snipers on the roofs which decloacked and used their vengefull sniper rifles to pick of ondoron soldiers. Thanks to their range, they were outside the area with severely damaged buildings. The snipers concentrated on the onderon soldiers already in combat with the rebels, thanks to their accurate fire, they avoid hitting their comrades.*

*Mandallian giants armed with bumper swords and heavy repeaters teared trough the lightly armored onderon forces, giving the bulk of the mando forces time to get into position, behind cover men with battle rifles, assualt rifles and bipoded guns laid down supressive fire. some men were assigned to watch the back and flanks. Zealots led the other mandalorians into close quarter combat with the enemy.*

Meanwhile Corden and 10 WWC workers approached Kol.
"No time for old memories pall, but this should do."

*the workers carried mandalorian weapons and ammunition.*

"I heard you were downgraded to mere blasters these days, corden grinned."

OOC: since furere thought the rebels were at a completely other part of the city, i'll say this road is in the north but closer to the palace than the walls, so the other mandos did not get there yet. those are fighting at the walls/power stations still.

btw sorry for the long posts and any spelling mistkaes, i have to go to bed immediatly, cya.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 15 2013 says:

OOC: lmao i think its about time to finish this up, however, you do realize that no matter what Ori, your men still killed people and or soldiers because in leveling the buildings, you killed said people inside it.

Ten, you never said Yon was a coward and you never gave a description of such a guy, im just going with someone who sees his independance threated and so goes on teh offensive.

Also my bad, i had thought you were in the south, and that being case, you could not have stopped the southern forces escaping teh walls because they headed to the center of the city=fort, not the north. But this battle is over anyway, ill help you guys out :P

*The men of Onderon continued fighting, although their numbers had dwindled to down to less then a total of 1000. Maxel and his men had made it back to the fort and now that was the largest force of gathered men. They had back up generators and stores of food, so they felt safe inside the Fort.

King Yon, even though seemingly he appeared to be fit and active, actually stayed back from the fighting, taking potshots at the enemy forces, letting his officers lead his men against the Enemy forces.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 15 2013 replied:

*He watched in disbelief as the lumbering AT-AT was disabled in mere seconds by an unknown source, not even its turret was functioning. The soldiers around it scattered and were pinned down by new groups of Mandalorian forces and rebel forces.

The Onderon soldiers began slowly falling back to a rally point around the group of officers leading the charge against the Rebels and along the way they suffered numerous casualties, but a few groups did manage to make it back to Yon.

As the officers begin discussing a way to get back to the Palace, a pair of Mandallian Giants then materialized nearly out of thin air on the right flank flanked by Mandalorian soldiers. They took the Onderon Soldiers by surprise, tearing them to shreds literally, and men dropping either dead or dying and in extreme pain.

Every last Onderon soldier poured intense blaster fire on the group but they seemed to basically absorb such tremendous firepower and continued tearing through the Onderon ranks. Finally a Mandallian giant staggered and fell, its repeater dropping to the ground with a loud thud. But the other tore apart the Royal Guards next to Yon and swinging his repeater to the left a bit, tore up Yon from shoulder to shoulder.

His mangled body dropped to the ground and his sword clattered, giving off a metallic sound. The officers surrounding him were also killed or seriously wounded and soon the Onderon forces were leaderless.

They finally managed to drop the last giant with directed firepower and managed to wound or kill the Mandalorians accompanying it. However the damage they had done was immense. The entire upper leadership was dead or dying, and 80% of the forces in the sector were dead or dying.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 15 2013 says:

*Radio chatter spread through out the ranks of their king falling and when it reached Maxel, he assumed command of the Onderon Military and sent out a message to all forces in the city.

"Soldiers of Onderon, we have been defeated. Our king and our generals lay dead. We have lost all means of fighting against an armored and efficient force such as the mandalorians, our ranks are thinning and we have lost sons, brothers, fathers, friends, too many to count... We must stop this bloodshed before anyone else dies in the vain and our very city is destroyed, we do not want that ever." Maxel said in a saddened tone.

The soldiers not inside the fort simply lowered their weapons to the ground and rose white flags around their areas and began tending to the wounded, with haste. Maxel lowered the flag of Onderon, and replaced it with a white flag, the flag of surrender.

The battle was over, loss of life, even though the mandalorians had doen their best to minimize it, was still high. Civilian loss of life, moderate, although not as high as the amount of soldiers lost.

The entire Onderon high command was killed, and the Onderon military was effectively destroyed in its effectiveness. Iziz had suffered extensive damage and would take close to two years to be full repaired, and this was the greatest reason the soldiers stopped fighting..*

OOC: figure a fitting end lol. Nice job mates, of course you can decide what happens from here on in.

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 16 2013 says:

OOC: What just happened? Wout just killed my commandos on the AT-AT And NG just roleplays that the king along with command dies?

Oh and no, because unlike the Resistance and the Onderonians my Mandalorians did not kill anyone. I never ordered the Canderous tanks to fire, most warriors and droids had stunners and even my aircraft scanned thermals before firing.

I´d like to wait for NG´s response before continuing...

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 16 2013 says:

OOC: Disregard the last sentence above

*The Mandalorian ground forces and 72nd Legion took up a position around the citadel (palace/fort) and aimed at most entrances. The Onderonian military that had been stunned earlier awoke in a guardpost along with the other Onderonian soldiers that surrendered. The guardpost being nothing more then a city street that was blockaded by Mandalorian soldiers.*

*Upon inspection of the amount of dead soldiers and civilians and collateral damage it was noted that the costliest loss was the wall and power station, few people died in this skirmish and most were killed by the Resistance. The Mandalorians lost a good deal of droids and Onderon suffered structural damage to many houses due to the Onderonian soldiers firing on them.*

*The citadel was locked down, with many of the royal family and aristocratic elite not willing to surrender as long as their royal guardsmen protected them.*

*A group of Ori’ramikade led by Novall and Ori’verda prepared to storm the building through several entry ways. Quickly a series of stun and smoke grenades were thrown through windows or doors that were busted down by the Mandalorians. After impact, the commandos breached the citadel using their thermal vision to stun the remaining targets.*

*Ori’verda, Novall and two other Ori’ramikade entered the throne room where King Yon would sit.*

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Tactical_Injustice May 16 2013 says:

The Requiem Company moves into position, close to the main ground forces that were attempting to assault the Onderonian palace.

As the platoon reached the palace, they checked every inch outside of the building to make sure no one is around to hamper the Ori'ramikade group, of which they are currently trying to storm the palace.

Solus`cabur establishes a link to Ori`verda's com.

"I disregard the order to pull my platoon back to Dxun," he said with pride and courage.

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Bisszy4ever May 16 2013 says:

*After the hunt Requiem Company landed on Onderon with a transport flown by Terek Skirata, following their commanders order.*

*Terek Skirata landed the transport near the main ground forces that were attempting to assault the Onderonian palace and they got out and Formed formation following there Commander.*

"Following orders sir!"

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus May 16 2013 says:

OOC: Hold on. Apparently, I just got taken out for a hunting trip -without my knowledge - and now, I'm crossing Ori'verda's orders--again, without my knowledge or consent. XD

I'll be taking a visa trip to Harbin in for about a week, so I might not be online during that time. In the future, Bizzy, please don't drag me into things I never consented for my character to participate in. In a case like this, simply assume Stormclaw was delayed, or joins at a later date. However, for the sake of continuity, I'll let it pass this once.

*Upon hearing his commander's orders, Stormclaw glanced nervously at Solus.

"Sir, we've been on dozens of missions together, and I think we both know that Requiem Company is for stealthy operations. We're not equipped for this type of direct confrontation that you seem to be planning for. I think it's a risky, if not a dumb move, but I bet you know where I'll be--right in the action."

*loads sniper rifle like a badass*

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Bisszy4ever May 17 2013 replied:

OOC: It was Milos idea to go on a hunting trip xD and make me interact with you guys, I just wanted to send supplies that's all xD.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 16 2013 says:

OOC: I thought my portrayal of Yon was enough, typical King having parties, thinking he was invincible ect.

And who am I supposed to execute, eh? xD.

*General Kol came out from behind his cover. Men around him were cheering, jumping, laughing. They had done it. Some, like the General himself, remained quiet, instead looking at the City and seeing the fires, the corpses, and destruction this small and short battle had caused. Kol had known this was the price they had to pay for their freedom, but still was saddened by the loss of life. He sighed, and turned to the Mandalorians.*

"I cannot thank you enough for your help. The People of Onderon are in your debt. May I see your leader? I want to see the man that came to help us when no others would."

*Many things had to be done. General Kol and a few other resistant fighters were forming a temporary government until the City and People recovered. As Corden and Kol walked the streets, Kol spoke.*

"The Republic of Onderon. That will be a first, eh? The Onderonian Monarchy worked for thousands of years, but after this I doubt anyone would want a new King or Queen. You're good fighters, you and your men. I know you're Mandalorians, but I am still very impressed by the support you gave my men. The People of Onderon may be indebted to the Mandalorians, but I am indebted to you, Corden, and your leader of course. If ever you need my help, you need only ask."

*Kol smiled, though only a small one. The corpses he was stepping over didn't incite much joy.*

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_w_ May 16 2013 says:

OOC: i must say that i'm really dissapointed with this kind of anticlamitic ending. If it would be this easy and quick, i wouldve just send in a bloody taskforce.

Btw we had very little part in killing onderon rebels/civilians
your soldiers however:

"The soldiers suddenly became enraged and risked all odds to brutally slaughter their opponents, the traitors. Rockets and Rotary Cannon fire ripped into the roofs of the buildings around them, eliminating any cover the rebels could use.

Grenades were tossed up onto other roofs and even into windows to clear them out of enemy forces. Colonel Maxel, leader of the Southern Sector Forces, braved all odds and led infantry rushes against fortified rebel positions, overwhelming them and slaughtering them all."

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 16 2013 says:

OOC: Meanwhile people ignore the concentration camp I set up and the fact I am storming the citadel xD.

I'll just clear the citadel of the remaining folks and hand over the POWs to the Resi tomorrow, giving NG some final not-so-random move (s).

Oh and TJ, don't randomly contact someone in the middle of a comnando operation. I'll be sure to repay the debt be sending you on a stealth mission and randomly starting a com with you to alert all the guards :P.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 16 2013 says:

OOC: lol, what the hell you want? this battle to go on for more days? lol i figure that due to the Onderon military suffering all those losses (Not killed, but wounded) their morale would be weakened and as such the killing of Yon would cause them to agree to the call of surrender.

Besides, you want to continue destroying Iziz? only make things worse lol xD

And No ori, Yon is dead. lol but ill let you execute the mad uncle :P

*The 50 remaining Royal Guards were positioned at the Door leading into the throne room, and the throne room itself. Sitting on the Throne was Yon's Uncle, Xavier. He had a sword across his lap, and a squad of Royal Guards flanked him, as he was now rightfully king, even though the Monarchy was now all but destroyed.

The Royal Guards all drew weapons but Immediately Xavier told them to stand down and reluctantly they went back to attention. Xavier rose from his throne.

"Mandalorian, your forces have destroyed Iziz and killed my nephew. You have crippled our military and effected our way of life for decades to come. I challenge you to a duel, and the Victor shall claim Iziz as their own." Xavier says, brandishing his sword in a challenging stance.*

OOC: there lol gosh i dont understand you hypocrites :P dont like me killing your men, hate it when my men all surrender xD jesus christ :P

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 17 2013 says:

OOC: In which case you still owe me one :P Also we cannot continue destroying Iziz when the battle is just in the citadel lol, most damage would be done to maybe the paint of the room.

*Ori'verda listened to the speech and grew more tired of it by every second. The Ori'ramikade had since taken up firing positions around the room, outside it was the same story with the warriors aiming through openings at the occupants of the room.*

"I don't have time for this nonsense."

*He said as he aimed his arm in the direction of the king and lowered his wrist, the whipcord was shot from his wrist and went around the king and his blade, tightly squeezing the two together. Luckily the blade was angled at its side so it did not cut the king in half.*

*With a tug, Ori'verda pulled the king towards himself and gave him a mighty Keldabe kiss he would not soon forget.*

*The Royal Guards were stunned by a firing squad of Mandalorians and the other Ori'ramikade who were stationed nearby.*

OOC: Well NG if you so dearly want to end this then very well :P.

*Outside, the Royal Guards were escorted to Prisoner Camp Street and Ori'verda met up with Corden and the Resistance leader, ready to exchange the last monarch over to the Resistance.*

*The trio and their prisoner stood near a podium, Ori'verda could see a rally of many Onderonians and some Mandalorians amidst the crowd but mostly on the high ground. Strikecraft would fly by every now and then and in the distance Onderonian children were sitting on the Canderous tanks. The future looked promising.*

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_w_ May 17 2013 says:

OOc: i'm not a hypocrite, what makes you think it's a good idea to end an event like that?

"Never say never, don't forget that history repeats itself too often. These are turbulent times for all we know, and i'm sorry to say it, this young republic could meet it's doom too. The death of king Yon did not drive back the sith and whatever they were trying to achieve here. I heard some rumours on Dxun, but i have no proof."

*Corden looked at the corpses on the street too.*

"I don't like it, feels like we're caught in some galactic prologue. Keep an eye on those darjetii weasels because we won't be here. Set up a makeshift military because we won't be looking. The onderonians will probably chose to lead their lives in democratic mediocreness. A live directed by an inept semi-democratic government system and treatened from all sides. War breaks out and that live's waisted.."

"Maybe the onderonians will once again recognise the values of a confederation with us. But that ideal could use some... guidance from the inside."

*Corden looked at Kol.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister May 18 2013 says:

good job mates :P

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 18 2013 says:

OOC: Erm, you don't know it was the Sith xD. No one does, even Yon didn't know he was being manipulated. So I'll just ignore that stuff and respond to everything else.

"These are troubled times indeed. I heard the Kinyen Sector has fallen into conflict between the Federation and Empire. Pirates seem to be everywhere, trade lanes are being preyed upon all over the Galaxy."

*Kol sighs*

"I respect the Mandalorians, do not get me wrong, but you seem to imply we are inept and inefficient. I can assure you, that is not the case. How King Yon became so... Tyrannical, is unknown to us, but we have not had this bad a situation since, hmm, it must be 4,000 years ago, if my history is correct? We know how to stand on our two feet."

"Saying that, we are not fools. We realize that standing together will make us all stronger."

*Kol shakes hands with Ori'Verda, exchanging a few words with the Mandalorians before stepping up to the podium. Nearly the entire population was present, and silence overtook everyone.*

"People of Onderon. We have won our freedom! We have removed the tyrannical dictators that lead us, we have broken free of the chains they shackled us with!"

"And now we march on wards towards a better, and more prosperous future! The courageous Mandalorians heeded our call! They came when no one else did, they did what no one else dared to do!"

"So, to ensure our continued freedom, we shall once again ally with the Mandalorians! They have made a generous offer, and I believe it is in our best objectives to accept it! People of Onderon, what say you!"

*The air was filled with cheering. Kol grabbed Ori'Verda's arm, raising it into the air.*


*The crowd exploded into noise and cheering, as the populace thanked their saviors. Years of cruel oppression had dimmed their hopes and so they gladly accepted the help of their knights in shining armor.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 18 2013 says:

OOC: The end I guess.

Now where are our points? :P.

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_w_ May 18 2013 says:

OOC: wait did i succed :P
probably was planned already but w/e :D

*Corden took the cheering as an end to this chapter. relieved that they achieved their goal... He had more pressing matters on his personal agenda though, he left in a hurry as his pink davaab soared the skies. He made a troubled and off impression when saluting cassus and Kol.*

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Ori`verda Creator
Ori`verda May 19 2013 says:

OOC: Before I forget and people say:
"There go the Mandalorians again, keeping people in camps and occupying the world."

*The Mandalorians leave a token force behind and turn over the prisoners of war to the Resistance. The token force has the primary task of helping Onderon rebuild and re-stabilize the region before returning to their bases on Dxun.*

*The Onderonians and Mandalorians sign undermore several treaties, unofficially they are now allied.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 May 19 2013 replied:

There go the Mandalorians again, keeping-

Never mind.


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Ten years ago, when Onderon became an independent sector once more, the powerful Judos family, some of the richest nobles in the Galaxy, bought the Onderon sector, proclaiming themselves the new Royal Family of Onderon and promising the people that they would rebuild and improve the planet.

And they did. King Karl I restored much of Onderon's infrastructure, and improved it tenfold. However, his death led to his son taking the throne. King Yon I was far crueler and greedy, but he had many assistants, friends and family who ran the sector alongside him.

Until the robed men came.

They informed the King of the "conspiracy" going on, they told him they would cleanse the sector of all traitors, and give him back his power. He agreed, and they did just that. This was three years ago.

Now, the people are oppressed. Bread costs too much, they are earning too little, the Nobles are walking all over them, the Military does whatever they want without punishment. And the King listened still to the robed men, now his dear friends.

Six months ago, they requested permission to begin a large dig on the moon of Dxun, but for what nobody knows. Only a week ago they convinced him to give them the majority of the artifacts housed in the Royal Museum.

While it has taken a lot of time, the robed men have managed to make the King their puppet, and in doing so they control the Onderon sector. Soon, they shall take complete control, eliminating the middle man. But not until the artifacts are safe, and the excavation is finished.

The People have called upon the Mandalorians for aid. But will these brave warriors be able to destroy whatever has corrupted Onderonian Society and reduced it to a primitive, medieval state?

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