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Old versus New
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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Apr 30 2013 says:

Using old tech just doesn't make sense from a practical standpoint, even if it is "modernized". I've seen the Mandalorians in the RP make really good use of modernized cannon units, and several fannon units, and they all seemed fairly reasonable and proper (with the exception of the AT-OP Skira). Using modernized cannon units may not work for all factions or RPers though. I personally don't want to use a lot of modernized cannon land units, armor and weapons, because much of the cannon stuff should be obsolete by now, with the exception of a few that could be modernized/upgraded. Naval units have a much longer shelf life, so using modern cannon SDs is something I have no problem with, its. The Imperious and Pelleaon are excellent SDs, and it would be perfectly reasonable for a faction to utilize them in this timeline.

That's just my opinion anyway. I can argue this is much deeper detail, but I'm just going to say that your argument is irrelevant given the new rules in place.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 30 2013 replied:

I partly agree, but partly disagree.

While I see your point, I believe modernizing old tech should be encouraged rather than making fannon ships or vehicles. I have no problem with fannon stuff, as long as it's fair. I may be speaking alone here, but I love using cannon ships and stuff. Hammerheads, Sith Interdictors, Venators, ISDs, all of them pretty much rock.

I love AATs, Battle droids, in fact much of the CIS units. And this is a Star Wars RP, we should be able to use such things without having a disadvantage against fannon units. I was in fact planning to bring back the AAT, as it is a pretty good tank.

So cannon=fannon, in my opinion. Whether it is practical or not, we are RPing. We should be able to use whatever unit we want from the Star Wars time line in the present day. Of course, not stuff such as the Death Star or anything xD.

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Apr 30 2013 replied:

I agree, not saying that Modernized tech should have a disadvantage, its just not something I want to use much. I think everyone should have freedom to choose what they want to use in this area.

I kinda disagree with the superweapons. I think it should be okay for a faction to use them under VERY special circumstances in order to turn the tide of a war. Of course, it would have to be subjugated under heavy GM scrutiny before such a thing could be authorized. Doesn't neccesarily have to be a Death Star type of super weapon, this could apply to pretty much anything "super" that an RPer may come up with.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 Apr 30 2013 says:

I am against fanon when people argue that fanon is better than canon.

When it comes to ships, the same thing. However, I don't see how a Hammerhead, even modernized can go up against as SD. In size alone the Hammerhead is the size of a Frigate, if not Corvette. I don't mind people using Hammerheads, but it annoys me if people say they equal an SD, because it must be some insane tech they got in that ship.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 30 2013 replied:

But why is it such a problem? In its hay day the Hammerhead was a capital ship so why not again?

I prefer modernized or change in roles to fannon, I wanted to use Consular-class ships as missile artillery under the rule that you can modify things but have to take something out. So no lasers.

Fannon ships lead to fannon counter ships I believe.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 30 2013 says:

HH: Yeah, I've used Hammerheads before as fast attack frigates.

Ori: Hammerhead is too small to be a capital ship compared to modern day ones. I guess you could make it bigger, if you really wanted to, but that'd be weird.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda May 1 2013 replied:

Why does size matter?

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 1 2013 replied:

Small Size means less hull, less powerful engines, less weapons, less shields.

The Hammerhead is a great fast attack frigate, in my opinion, but not to be depended on in a prolonged fight.

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Adenn`Verda Apr 30 2013 says:

I only use canon except for my flagship so...

My main problem with fanon ships is that it's the most extremely annoying thing to fight against cause you then have to go to the other rpers fleet and such just to read 1 small detail while with canon ships I usually know what they do straight off the bat.

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Branden-Magister Apr 30 2013 replied:

well, that involves a bit of reading then mate.. is that soo hard?

I see no problem with fanon units because, in my opinion, they should be authorized by both the gms and your faction leader. meaning, they should be competent enough to realize when a fanon unit is either op or not explained enough in detail.

im my opinion, if it passes, why argue against it?

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_w_ May 1 2013 says:

As long as it isnt:
fannon > cannon
fannon < cannon
fannon = cannon

If we would've rp'ed in the clone wars or galagtic civil war i could understand a ban on fannon units. But this is centuries AB it makes no sence to just use old ships.

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis May 1 2013 replied:

Exactly. I have no problem with people using canon, just don't bash my fanon ships. Ironically, by "modernizing" any old canon ships, your basically making them partially fanon anyway. So it defeats any argument that canon should be better than fanon, especially when you consider when the RP takes place.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 1 2013 replied:

And as far as I know nobody is arguing those points.

But fanon should not be an excuse for superiority, even if it make sense from a timeline standpoint.

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The age old problem that bugs me the hell out.
Modernized cannon versus fannon.

Apr 30th, 2013
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