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Kinyen Crisis
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Adenn`Verda May 9 2013, 3:52pm says:

(Attacking Chalcedon's capital by the way. Make no heed to the "stray" battalions, they're just background noise.)

The Commissar Cadet Jeran Longstar stood silently in a corner of the drop ship he was in. In the middle of the room was a holo of an Imperial Officer clad in combat armor. He was the man in charge of taking the city. Standing slightly behind him was Commissar Yarik, the supervisor of this officer.

The officer was giving the assignments to each of the battalions. 2 Imperial Regiments were assaulting the capital while several stray battalions would take care of the rest of the planet.

As the officer finished his briefing he then finished with "We are here to impose order on the planet, not destroy it. Keep missiles and heavy turbolaser fire to a minimum. There is expected little to no resistance, so this shouldn't be to difficult.

We are nearing the target, make the Emperor proud."

Commissar Longstar nodded to himself at the officer's final words. Meanwhile the hundreds of drop ships were inbound for the capital city.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 9 2013, 3:55pm says:

*General Fhurst entered into the command room on Kinyen's capital city of Lax. Fhurst sat down at the large table, and activated the holographic display of the sector. He nodded to all the officers present.*

"We are starting out assault on the Federation forces present in the Kinyen Sector. Portions of the First fleet are blockading the Corellian Trade Spire hyperspace route that leads to the Kinyen Sector, that should stop most enemy forces from getting to us if the worst comes to the worst."

"I have sent Major Karl along with Commissar Longstar and Commissar Yarik to Chalcedon, along with a decent amount of our troops, to take it from the Federation. We are fortifying Lax even as we speak, and the other Imperial Bases are receiving the same fortifications. The Kinyen Sector shall fall to the Empire, gentlemen, I promise you that."

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 10 2013, 2:55pm says:

OOC: Yet the rule is there for a reason ;)


*Zoras stood on top of a building roof, overlooking the largest of Chalcedons colonies. he would have preferred to make a stand at the planet Star Port, but it provided no cover for his troops. Intelligence speculated that any invading force would number twice that of his, so an open battle were likely to have been catastrophic.

The city lay in between a forked mountain ridge, providing only one approach for attackers, but also few means of escape for the defenders. In the outskirts of the city were 3000 Troops and a 1000 droids plus vehicles entrenched, digging down and setting up PAT's. An additional 1000 troops and 500 droids were inside the city, helping volunteer citizens with blockading minor streets and booby trapping them. Behind the front lines were Artillery batteries, protected by AA and the remaining 500 Battle Droids.

Zoras called for MAAT and descended to his Command Center on the ground. All they could do now is wait.*

OOC: I have a 1/3 of the federation army here. If you want the specifics:

5000 Troops
1500 Battle Droids
100 Pats
15 AT-AE's
20 TX-130T's
40 T4's
20 FAAV's
25 MAC's
20 AT-SE's

50 MAAT's

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 10 2013, 3:12pm replied:

OOC: And as usual my math is off xD

4000 troops outside*

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 10 2013, 4:28pm replied:

And I have a 1/4 of the Fed legion*

Sorry xD

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Adenn`Verda May 11 2013, 5:07am says:

Our numbers:
6,000 Clones
60 Spec Ops
35 AW-Ss
50 AW-Rs
50 Scorpeneks

70 TX-130Ts
20 AT-AAs
15 AW-DA
15 AW-IA
25 AT-ATs

75 Hawks
200 IDTs

*The main bulk of imperial drop ships began landing several miles away from the entrance to the city. With it heavy long range artillery (AW-IA) was set up. Yarik and Major Karl were overlooking the troops in that area. The rest of the troops entrenched themselves and a small outpost was set up behind the lines.

Meanwhile the IDT's which housed Commissar Longstar's troops dropped them under the mountains. "You know our mission, start climbing!" yelled the Commissar and as he finished the clone troops fired their cords and began making their way up. As they did so Longstar began hearing explosions relatively nearby and as he looked up he also saw a squadron of Hawks fly over.

The AW-IA had commenced firing on the entrenched troops and the Hawks had done a fast fly by to get an idea of the enemy positions.

At the outpost AT-ATs began landing along with several squads of TX-130Ts and AA-Walkers.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 11 2013, 10:19am says:

*In the Command Center Zoras received word that the enemy have touched down just outside the city as predicted and he opened a Comm to the Artillery Officer.

"Stand by for target co-ordinates, once received open fire immediately"

As soon as the enemy artillery opened fire, Spotters on the roof from where Zoras just came, reported in their location and sent the data to the Artillery Officer. Before long the artillery responded, targeting the enemy artillery only so far.

After that Zoras ordered all MAAT's in the air, but they were to fly in defensive formation inside the city parameters as to not come into range of the enemy AA.

On the front line the troops were staying in their trenches along with with most of the battle droids, trying to avoid getting hit by the enemy artillery.

Inside the city troops and civilian were finishing up the last street blocks. The civilians were encouraged to seek towards the city center while the infantry set up secondary defenses at all major roads into the city and with AT-AE's patrolling the minor streets in case of breaches.

As the final pieces of his strategy fell into place, he sent a message to High Command.

"The Imperial has commenced their assault, but as far as we can see they seem to have come in less numbers than expected. The enemy have yet to try and jam communications, but expect limited or no communication from as of this message. Zoras Antales out."

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Adenn`Verda May 12 2013, 3:58am says:

With the outpost set up the imperials began jamming communications. Meanwhile the artillery re-directed it's aim towards the enemy troops in the outskirts of the city, their position given to them via the Hawk's flyby.

Hawks now formed a defensive perimeter around the Imperial's positions and in the Command Center Commissar Yarik sends a message to Captain Aurelio "I need a small scale orbital bombardment on these coordinates, transmitting the coordinates now." Not to long afterwards several turbolaser rounds fall from the sky, their target the Federation Artillery emplacements.

Commissar Longstar grunted as he neared the top of the mountain. Some of the clone troops had already reached the top and had reported it being clear. As he neared several clones helped him up.

"Alright troops, set up and get ready for combat. Snipers go towards the entrance to the city and hold your fire. When the siege starts I'm sure that Commissar Yarik would like some snipers dealing with those entrenched troops. Everyone else you know your job. For now remain hidden though."

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 12 2013, 12:33pm says:

*Zoras had not expected the Imperials to be so careless and order an orbital strike inside the city, but it had achieved its purpose, most of the Artillery had been wiped out, at the cost of much of the surrounding infrastructure.

"How many are left Corporal?" Zoras asked the man beside him.

"Only four sir and we have still to find any of the Battle droids protecting them, shall we have to continue to bombardment of the enemy artillery?"

"No, they should have done enough damage, have them fall back behind the secondary line. Tell the men entrenched in the outskirts of the city to continue to keep their heads down, they are not to fire or reveal their positions until I give the order. The enemy will seek to weaken our defense in preparation for assault, taking out our artillery was merely the first strike."

After that Zoras had all the vehicles entrenched with the men re-position themselves and had any man that could be spared camouflage them as good as possible. The 500 droids that had helped with creating blockades were sent to guard the command center and the remaining artillery batteries.

Zoras ordered the AA to shift positions and remain alert*

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Adenn`Verda May 14 2013, 2:37pm says:

Laptop broke down :/ have to get on my pc (which I rarely do during the week) in order to post. Sorry.

*At the command center the order is given to begin the advance. TX-130Ts move into range of the entrenched troops and commence firing upon them. Artillery targets the enemy entrenchments as well. Whilst this happens stormtroopers advance on foot preparing for their own assault.

Commissar Longstar received a small message to his datapad indicating him to start his side of the operation. He ordered the snipers to commence firing upon the entrenched feds, afterwards he turned to his clone troops. "Men, you know your job. Lock on and open fire. Make the Emperor proud!"
As he finished hundreds of rockets flew from the top of the mountain locked onto the enemy air units. (planetside 2 strategy :P)

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 14 2013, 3:30pm says:

OOC: No problem, but a heads up is always nice. :P

Btw, THANK YOU for exposing your position on the Mountain, that little trip of yours have annoyed me soooo much xD


*As the enemy vehicles come into range, T4's fire their missile pods, each firing several missiles and afterwards opening fire with the main laser cannons. The Federations own 130's provide fire support.

MAAT pilots were in for a surprise and more than a dozen went down fast, however thanks to their Electronic Counter Measures, many still avoided the missiles. They now turned towards the enemy position on the mountain and launched missiles of their own. The side gunner in the meantime helped keep an eye out for missiles as the Electronic Counter Measures would not be able to keep all away.

Inside the city, sniper teams originally stationed to guarding the back alleys and such, re-position in order to get a line of sight on the troops up on the mountain and open fire at the earliest convenience.

Zoras left the Command Center in charge of his Second in Command while he took left for the front lines.*

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 15 2013, 12:26am says:

*Several TX-130's swooped in on behind the Imperial Command Center. They began to fire several of their rockets at the imperial AT-AA's (if their present) hitting them hard. With the Imperials so focused on the city, they forgot to check their rear defenses. The tanks quickly retreated back. This signaled a possible Federation army was on their way.

The Federation Battalion had been sent by the High Command under the command of Alena, from the closest city there was, they were still a bit far out, but Alena had ordered the TX-130's to move ahead and scout the Imperial base, she also sighted that if they found any Anti-air, to crush it before the Starfighters and K-wings got there. On the Imperial rear K-wing bombers and Starfighters were sighted as fast approaching...*

5000 Troops
1500 Battle Droids
15 AT-AE's
30 TX-130T's
10 FAAV's
5 Juggernauts
20 K-wing bombers
50 MAAT's

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Adenn`Verda May 15 2013, 5:09pm says:

Many of the Walkers were destroyed with only a couple surviving. As the tanks retreated back the Hawks did a bombing run on them however.

The AT-ATs turn around to face the new threat along with the rest of the walkers left behind. The Direct firing atillery moved it's cannon and opened fire on the tanks as well.

In the mountains due to how disperse the troops were the rocket strike didn't due much harm, as for the troops in the city, due to the hieght of the mountain they couldn't get a direct visual on the troops.
The lock ons re-locked as soon as the ECM's effect was done. It only lasted 10 seconds compared to the 30 seconds it took to recharge and only 3 seconds to lock on. The clones had more then enough time to launch a second volley at the gunships.

In the frontal assault the snipers kept on picking off troops and several TX get destroyed. They give long range fire support and from the artillery at the back smoke canisters are loaded. As they land a massive cloud covers the stormtroopers advance as they charge into the enemy entrenchments. With the smoke launched the arty switches back to normal rounds and fires once more on the enemy emplacements.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 16 2013, 9:45am says:

OOC: Not sure what you mean by when "the ECMS's effect was done". There are no mention of it being a temporary effect.


The MAAT's were prepared this time for the second volley, while the missiles they launched at the enemy troops, did not cause much damage, they did buy the MAAT's time to cross the distance and the gunners opened fire as they flew over the ridge, targeting the rocket troops. As the enemy rocket troops opened fire again, those that manged to hit the MAAT only caused them to crash into the mountain side where they were located. Many more MAAT's when down before they crossed the ridge but as they did they made a steep acceleration upwards as they moved up into the upper Atmosphere in order to lose any missiles that were following them.

A few of the snipers manages to get a visual from some of the highest buildings in the city and they pick of enemy snipers as they target troops in the entrenchment.

On the front line Zoras recieves word that the other Federation division is attacking the imperials from behind as planned. "Good, they got our message" He says. Then he see the smoke canisters and gives the order. Hiding behind buildings in the edge of the city, AT-AE's fire their long range mortar rounds into the smoke, soldiers now stand up in the trenches as aim at the smoke awaiting the enemy troops pop out.

"Wait for it..." Zoras says, as he do not want to reveal positions or waste ammunition. The PAT's start firing, detecting something in the smoke and unloads their rapid fire lasers into the smoke. As soon as the enemy troops appear from the smoke, Zoras yells "Open Fire!" and they are met by a wall of laser fire, behind the trenches over a thousand battle droids, the rest having been destroyed by the bombardment along with almost eight hundred troops, come up and fire their Slug Throwers and laser cannons.*

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 16 2013, 2:38pm says:

*Very few tanks made it back to the Battalion, however, they provided the intel they needed, they radioded the K-wing bombers and MAAT's, which were closing on the Imperial positions to begin the bombing runs. They closed in and began the bombardment, Half of the MAAT's targeted the Hawk gunships, then began to land near the ground, where troops began to unload, mostly battle droids, around 400 of them. The droids focused fire on the remaining two AT-AA's which were being overwhelmed with the amount of targets in the air. After destroying them, they then turned their attention towards the artillery.

The other half of the MAAT's were focusing fire on the Artillery as well.

K-Wings targeted At-AT's and the tanks.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 18 2013, 1:53pm says:

OOC: Taking over from Adenn as HH is getting impatient and threatens to bring the GMs in... xD.

Plus we have a Clone Legion present, not a Stormtrooper Legion (Adenn said stormtroopers charging).

Plus MAATs are gunships, they could hardly perform moves like that. Hawks could, as they're smaller gunships, K-Wings might, but IDTs and MAATs are troop transports/gunships and so would not be able to effectivly dodge locked on missiles, in my opinion.

*As soon as the hail of laser fire opened up, the officers and sergeants ordered their troops to get to the ground, and start crawling forward. Some were killed in the initial blast, but the smoke managed to save the lives of many others. The Droids continued firing into nothing, as the Clone Troopers crawled forward, ignoring the mortar fire that rained down on them, it took its toll on the troopers but again, many were saved due to the smoke. They could see the droids firing, revealing their positions to the Clones. As they closed in, the grenades were armed and thrown, and a series of explosions rang out among the droid's positions. The Clone then opened fire, getting up and moving to any available cover, or staying on the floor if none was there, to minimize casualties.*

*The snipers in the mountains switched targets to the enemy snipers on the rooftops, to eliminate them before laying down fire on the enemy infantry.*

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 18 2013, 2:34pm replied:


"threatens to bring the GM's in" - Lol?

Normally the attempt at dodging a missile in a MAAT is reserved for very skilled pilots and crazy people. But the MAAT's have ECM, which makes it much easier, or rather harder for the missiles.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 18 2013, 1:53pm says:

*The Hawks changed targets, locking their missiles onto the enemy MAATs and K-Wings. Due to the heavy nature of the ships, the missiles would have no problem destroying them. The K-Wings were in the most trouble, as they had no counter measures protecting them. The Hawks targetting them MAATs sent a single missile on them, to force them to use the Counter Measures, then another once the CMs had been used.*

*The AT-ATs targeted the incoming battle droids, easily destroying them. The AT-AAs had withdrawn behind the Imperial lines, protected by the AT-ATs. Any K-Wings or MAATs that survived the Hawks would be targeted by the remaining AT-AAs.*

*The Artillery continued fire on the enemy positions within the city, bombarding AT-TEs spotted by the infantry in the mountains. Half the AW-DAs fired on the city, the other half bombarding the incoming Federation force, focusing on the Juggernaughts and AT-AEs.*

*The Infantry in the mountains used their long ranged weapons to fire down on the enemy infantry below. The missile launchers were used on the MAAT and any AT-TEs in range. The Spec Op troops descended the mountain covertly, away from most of the fighting.*

OOC: Hawks>K-Wings>MAATs in air combat, as they're more nimble.

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Branden-Magister May 18 2013, 2:54pm says:

*An Imperial Task Force Exits HP above the System. In command is a High General by the name of Lexor, but none know who he really is. Inside the task force is a full Regiment of Imperial Troops.

5,000 Clone Troopers
40 Scorpeneks
25 AW-Ss
30 AW-Rs
40 Spec Ops

60 TX-130s
5 AT-AAs
25 AT-ATs

100 Hawks
100 IDTs

Lexor studied communications between forces on the ground and reports from civilian media and other such resources. He deduced that the Imperials on the ground needed a relief force and a force to protect their rear.

A patrol squadron consisting of 10 probe droids descended down upon the ground and began exploring the area. Two of them stumbled upon the rear guard of the enemy forces and sent back half a seconds worth of imagery before being obliterated by enemy AA.

Lexor ordered the entire regiment to get ready to deploy. 2 Squadrons of Predators supported 75 Hawks as they descended to the surface and dropped below radar level and began advancing on the enemy forces.

Activating Jammers, the Predators and Hawks came down upon the enemy forces like no tomorrow, quickly overwhelming the Enemy AA. They lost a few predators and few Hawks before most of the AA went down, but it went down. They then brought down most of what Artillery the enemy had quickly and efficiently.

After the AA and artillery was for the most part eliminated, the Predators headed off in the direction of the enemy gunships with 15 Hawks and engaged the enemy bombers and enemy gunships, using their speed to overcome them.

IDTS and dropships then descended down, carrying the first wave of troopers and vehicles and landed down a little ways from the enemy forces but out of range of their weapons. AT-ATs deployed and formed a V formation and began advancing on the enemy forces. Troops and TX-130s followed the advancing Walkers, while AW-Rs and AW-S's led the walkers from the front.*

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Branden-Magister May 18 2013, 2:59pm replied:

OOC: behind fenris' force btw.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 18 2013, 3:05pm replied:

OOC: No one jammed our comms, so we could call them in.

Surprise attack overwhelmed most of your forces as you only have 10 AA, opposed to 75 Hawks ambushing you.

I'd like to note that Jolee eliminated all our AA in one strike in a similar fashion.

Just realized he doesn't have Arty, ignore that bit :P

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 18 2013, 3:23pm replied:

OOC: There is some faulty logic at play here, but I will let Fenris enjoy this. xD

If he notices what I noticed at least. Lol

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 18 2013, 3:32pm replied:

OOC: I think I realized what you saw xD.

Dammit lol.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 18 2013, 3:06pm says:

*As explosions from enemy grenades happen between the droids behind the entrenched troops, Zoras ordered the troops to respond in kind and they throw Thermal Detonators into the smoke and reminded them to keep and for enemy grenades there were to end up in the trenches.

The PAT's weren't fooled by the enemy troops going to a crawl as their motion sensors tracked them despite the smoke and continued their laser fire unhindered, now having targets that even moved slower.

The AT-AE's started being constantly on the move as the enemy artillery seemed to be able to target them directly.

Zoras sent a message back to the command center, that he had a two special missions for his SIC, one of them starting to jam the enemy communication and put a stop to the targeted artillery fire made possible by the spotters on the mountains and he were set up the jamming station between some of the larger and sturdier buildings of the city as to better conceal it. The other mission was based on a hunch.

The remaining MAAT's now reached the upper atmosphere and turned around, in a sort of dive bomb, having gotten a better view of the enemy position son the mountain when they flew over it, they now launched several HE missiles each on a vertical trajectory, complete emptying their magazines at then enemy positions, spreading out the missiles to as much of an area effect as possible, and afterwards pulling up from their decent and dispersing out over the city.*

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 19 2013, 12:35am says:

OOC: Bloody hell! xD Also, I thought that only our main characters could control offensive fleets? If not, then well, this attack shouldn't even be taking place.

IC: *Imperial probes drop from below and are quickly spotted by the FAAV's motion radar(I'm assuming they have it) and are permanently put out of commission before they could continue exploring. The Fed's move back out of range of Imperial artillery.

This alerted Alena and the rest of the Federation force that Imperials reinforcements were underway. The FAAV's were put into spread out positions and quickly their radar picked up the incoming foray of IDTS and Hawks and shuttles heading straight their way.

The FAAV's turned on their electronic countermeasures (just in case) and began to fire at maximum volley at the incoming Imperial reinforcements, ripping many ships and shuttles to shreds before they could make it to the ground.

Any other equipment of Anti-air among the troops of the federation are fired as well.

The remaining MAAT's and K-bombers retreat back to the Federation force and provide air cover as needed.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 19 2013, 9:54am says:

*As the Federation Army in the rear retreats, the Imperial rearguard keeps up the fire, dealing heavy casualties to the retreating forces. As soon as they are out of range, the army turns leaving a small rearguard of 20 TXs.*

*As the Clone Troopers are fighting the enemy infantry and droids, the Scorpeneks move in. They form a line, all 50 of them, and bombard any remaining PATs and Droids using their shields to deflect most incoming fire, using the smoke to hide their presence.*

*20 AW-Ss charge onto the enemy's right flank, and 15 onto the enemy's left flank. They use their laser and blaster cannons to try to overwhelm enemy troops on the flank.*

*The AW-Rs join in on the right, staying in the smoke and behind the Scorpeneks, using their Suppression Guns to force the enemy into cover, laying down a hail of inaccurate laser fire on enemy positions.*

*The Infantry throws another volley of grenades into the enemy trenches, timing the throw to make sure the enemy have no time to throw them back, and charge as the explosions all ring out. The Scorpeneks hold fire as they do this, as do the AW-Rs. Instead they advance, firing on any remaining PATs or Federation troops out in the open or on rooftops. As they close in, they resume fire on the enemy troops without having to endanger Clone Troopers.*

*The AT-ATs and TX-130s are arriving on the scene of the battlefield. The AT-ATs fire over the Clone Troopers, at any enemy positions or vehicles behind the enemy trenches. The TX-130s charge in, giving support to the infantry.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 19 2013, 9:54am says:

*50 Hawks close in on the city, making sure to fly low enough to avoid AA fire. They aid the AT-ATs in their attack behind enemy lines, unloading their remaining missiles on any enemy vehicles or positions. They then quickly retreat back, and circle around to the mountains, to provide support to the troops pinned down by the MAATs. The rest stay with the rearguard.*

*The men in the mountains are taking heavy casualties, but soon the IDTs join in on the fight. They unleash their laser cannons on the unsuspecting MAATs, hoping to save some of the Clones. Out of the 500 that had climbed the mountain, only 100 or so remained.*

*The Spec Op troops touch behind the left flank of the enemy. The Hawks and AT-ATs were bombarding most enemy forces behind the trenches, so they stuck to the mountain range as they made their way to their objective.*

OOC: I'm assuming Jolee is retreating when he states "The Feds move back out of range of the Imperial Artillery".

I'm also assuming the battle in the mountains is in the right mountain range from the POV of the Feds (Imperial's left) though that doesn't really matter, just to place it correctly in our heads.

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Branden-Magister May 19 2013, 7:59pm says:

OOC: wowow, so lost here xD ten did you command my men?

Yes of course probe droids would land aways from your forces (mostly because they dont know where the enemy is xD)

Below radar means the hawks descend out of range, sure your radar can detect them but you cannot fire that far, then they dissapear off of radar and thus off of your targeting systems. The Hawks would then storm all over you before your 10 lol FAAVs could respond and 75 hawks would obliterate them.

Just saying, still confused on what happened tho xD

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 19 2013, 8:27pm replied:

OOC: I didn't command your men, nope...

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Branden-Magister May 19 2013, 11:09pm replied:

oh. ok. so where do we go from here? Compromise?

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 11:34am replied:

OOC: And if 10 FAAV's each fire 4 missiles (80 in all) and at the same time uses its Twin laser cannons? While the laser cannon can only take on 1 targe at a time. I don't see why missiles couldn't target multiple units. And based on how you describe the attack, they seem to have been flying in a straight line. They would be practically target practice.

Just because they are out of range doesn't mean whoever is operating them just suddenly forgets about them ever popping up on the radar in the first place. Lol

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:08pm replied:

Like I said, heavy casualties xD.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 12:30pm replied:

But it is not what he is saying.

Look below genius xD

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Branden-Magister May 19 2013, 11:28pm says:

OOC: soo, ill agree to the fact that i would Loose Hawks yes, but not a single one of my craft was able to be shot at due to them being out of range of your AA guns until of course the Hawks and Predators engage your AA.

So, ill agree to the fact that i loose Hawks, say 10-15 and a squadron of Predators as they led the attack. However, 90 to 100 percent of your AA is now gone, just logical in my opinion.

Also, the IDTs and Dropships did not come at the same time as teh Hawks did, so your comment about destroying both in one comment is null.

*The Hawks and Predators break off from the attack on the Anti-Aircraft guns and started engaging the enemy Air Forces scrambling to provide cover fire for the Federation forces. The Predators easily outmaneuvered the slow bombers and blew them out of the sky with ease. The Hawks faced off against the MAATs and a few hawks went down but they continued fighting.

From below, Missiles and blaster fire was directed at the Hawks and Predators but it accomplished little.

Another wave of IDTs and dropships descended down to the landing zone, unloading this time AA and artillery. Mortar teams and AW-IAs set up and dug in and began bombarding enemy positions. AT-AAs set up around the perimeter and dug in as well, constantly scanning the skies for aerial threats.

The Imperial Attack formation continued advancing on the Federation lines, and eventually the AT-ATs took aim and began firing on the Federation forces, aiming for enemy Walkers and TXs. Their heavy guns echoing through out the battlefield.

Lexor stood on the bridge, emotionless and completely silent. He eyed the table that displayed current troop displacements and radio chatter was sent back to the bridge, from it he could deduce where the enemy was for the most part.*

OOC: I think this is fair, as all i did was destroy AA, its not like i destroyed your entire army, which i could but i wont do that :P

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 11:30am replied:

OOC: "He eyed the table that displayed current troop displacements and radio chatter was sent back to the bridge."

You're jammed.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 11:29am says:

OOC: That smoke really last long doesn't it? xD

*Zoras receives new reports on the situation on the other side of the battle field and realizes the imminent threat. He looks as the messenger and says;

"Lets see if we can't buy them time and give them a chance. Send out the word, we are going on the offensive."

As the enemy Scorpenecks and AT-AT's reveal themselves in the smoke, the T4's launch rockets and fire their turbolaser while advancing. 130T's cover the tanks against enemy infantry along with the remaining battle droids. Heavy fire teams use their Rocket Launchers to lock onto vehicles in the smoke, they target the enemy '130' tanks

On each flank, 10 AT-SE's now appear, having been hidden away in some of the larger buildings. They target the enemy AW-S's, which proves no match for them as both flanks also join in on the counter-attack. The remaining AT-AEs fire a single volley just on the other side of the trenches after which the Troops in the trenches pop smoke and draw Vibro Daggers, as they charge out of the trenches and get into close quarter combat with the enemy infantry.

The remaining Federation artillery finally reveals themselves again and open fire on the enemy AT-AT's.

The last of the MAAT's are taken by surprise and destroyed, a few AA positions in range target the IDT's and fire their cannons, saving their missiles for other targets.

As the entire front line moved in an counter attack, the Zoras himself led the charge into the enemy forces.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:40pm says:

OOC: Smoke was home made by the Emperor personally. 'Tis the most Holy Smoke under His domain, savvy? xD.

And I presumed all your arty was destroyed in Adenn's attack. Kinda... Strange, just having more pop up xD.

Also, my Hawks/AT-ATs did target your forces behind the trenches, in other words most of your vehicles that are now charging out. My main objective was to weaken your forces in case of a counter attack.

*Smoke starts to clear up. Zoras is happy.*

*The TX-130s turn their fire on the incoming TX-130s, their heavy laser. The AT-ATs keep firing on their initial targets, laying down fire on the T4, some already weakened by the previous joint attack by AT-ATs and the Hawks. Some fall to the overwhelming fire, though most managed to just march on, closing in on the enemy lines.*

*The AW-Ss retreat to the center line, most having been destroyed but some surviving due to their nimble nature.*

*As the enemy infantry charge, the AW-Rs and Scorpeneks unleash volley after volley on the unprotected enemy troopers. The Clone Troopers stop their charge as they realize what is happening, and retreat in an orderly fashion, squads cover each other as they fall back to the main assault line with the Scorpeneks and AT-ATs. Some were killed by the charging enemy troops, some were killed be friendly fire, but their training served them well, as they gunned down the charging Federation troopers.*

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 1:35pm replied:

OOC: 4 survived, as I mentioned above.

Also, my T4's were already firing long before I re-mentioned it xD

"As the enemy vehicles come into range, T4's fire their missile pods, each firing several missiles and afterwards opening fire with the main laser cannons. The Federations own 130's provide fire support." - From when Adenn first started the assault :)

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 1:43pm replied:

OOC: They have quite a lot of missiles then xD.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 1:56pm replied:

OOC: Well stand to reason they won't fire only missiles and all the time xD

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:41pm says:

*The battle in the mountains provide a small victory for the Imperial Forces. The remaining Clone Troopers take up any long range weapons, including snipers and missile launchers, and start laying down fire on the enemy AA and troops. The Hawks redirect their attention back to the main battle, circling around again to protect themselves from the AA, they rejoin the main battle line and fire on the enemy TX-130s.*

*The IDTs fire their missiles on the enemy AA, moving around to make it harder to hit them. When the AA guns in range were destroyed, the IDTs unleashed their laser cannons and remaining missiles on the charging enemy line, then quickly retreat behind the mountains.*

*The remaining AW-DAs use their large dual heavy laser cannons on the AT-SEs, and the AW-IAs split into two groups and each fire on the enemy flanks, to prevent infantry from flankin.*

*The Scorpeneks change positions, placing themselves on the flanks of the AT-ATs. The Clone Troopers, AW-Rs and AT-ATs cover them as they do this. Once the main battle line is complete, they march onwards, the AT-ATs forming the center, the Scorpeneks forming the flanks and the Clone Troopers and AW-Rs and remaining AW-Ss filling the gaps.*

*The Spec Op troops, using the battle as a distraction, place themselves into position in building and behind cover. As the enemy charge, they pass unnoticed. When the AT-SEs near them reveal themselves, the Spec Op troops use small portable missile launchers with armor piercing missiles on the AT-SE's legs, hoping to put them out of use for good. Three missiles on each leg of each AT-SE. They then retreat deeper into the city quickly, receiving cover from the troops overhead until they are safe.*

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 1:31pm says:

OOC: Not your turn Ten. : )

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 1:46pm replied:

OOC: Details, details... xD.

Jolee will post, then just place my move after his then we continue like:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 20 2013, 1:58pm replied:

Isn't it. HH-Jolee-Ten-Furere?

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 20 2013, 2:56pm says:

OOC: I'm sorry, Ten. I'm afraid I can't do that. xD You moved first, now I will attempt to take advantage of said move. The turn order is now HH-Ten-Fenris-NG. Less confusing that way.

Also, did NG suffer heavy casualties, or not? Ten and NG are saying two separate things, Ten says NG suffered heavy casualties (at least from what I saw of the discussion), and NG says he lost far less then that.

IC: *Federation troops on the other side, hear reports of the counter-assault. They had to move fast, the Imperial front was already preoccupied trying to smash the Fed attack. Alena ordered most of her forces to move in quickly.

7 AT-AE's stayed behind as well as 400 battle droids, they were ordered to try and hold off the Imperial advance from behind. Half of the remaining AA stayed behind as well to continue to provide air defenses against the hawks. They continued to fight the Imperial forces that continued to come.

The remaining federation forces came up fast from behind the Imperial lines. Remaining TX-130's and AT-AE's fired at the enemy TX-130's that were stationed behind as they came in the line of sight. Federation troops fired at the enemy forces as they continued to run forward. Juggernauts attacked the Imperial forces as well as they sped along.

Alena attempted to defend herself and a few troops with force barrier as well as cutting down any Imperial forces that closed in on her. Any MAAT's that remained (if any) went along with the Federation troops.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 3:17pm replied:

I'm not sure you're allowed to do that. I made a mistake in thinking it was my move, that's an OOC mistake, not an IC mistake.

However if you do wish to continue in your attack, be it on your head. I placed a rear guard for a reason. If the GMs allow the move, I'll respond to it in my next move (so HH, don't base your move off of Jolee's move, as it may be stopped dead in its tracks or at least heavily damaged xD).

Also, all your AA is destroyed, or at least the vast majority. We already established the fact we lost most of our attacking air units but you lost your AA (we both fired our missiles at one another, mutual destruction).

Furere suffered heavy air casualties, though the rest of his force is unharmed (including any air units he didn't use in the attack).

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 20 2013, 4:01pm replied:

OOC: Okay.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Branden-Magister May 20 2013, 10:06pm says:

OOC: fine fine, loosing two squadrons of predators and 50 hawks against 10 FAAVs makes sense.. but meh xD

*The remaining Hawks begin engaging Federation forces that were attempting to halt the Imperial advance. To make up for losses, the remaining 25 Hawks joined the fight and added their firepower to the mix. They first aimed for the few remaining AA vehicles and took them down with their superior numbers. The Hawks then aimed for the biggest vehicles first and after concentrated firepower, most were taken down. They then began engaging the enemy TXs.

The Imperial forces attacking the Federation forces on the ground received return fire and shots from enemy TXs streaked past them but most were absorbed by the AT-ATs and or the light walkers leading the charge.

By now, the entirety of the advancing AT-ATs were in range of the enemy forces and opened up with everything they had. Their big guns blasted away at the TXs and pockets of droids and infantry trying to hold back the Imperial forces.

The Escorting walkers unleashed hell with their own guns, aiming for groups of droids or infantry and suppressing them.

At the Imperial LZ, the AW-IAs and mortar teams continued firing on the enemy forces. Their mortar shells hitting areas around groups of infantry, causing them to find cover and even sometimes die as shells rained down on them.

The TXs supporting the advancing AT-ATs added their own firepower to the already immense amount of guns, and they started blasting away at Federation positions with their guns.

A final wave of transports and dropships descended down and dropped off the last of the infantry and vehicles. A reserve force of 1000 men remained in dug in positions around the LZ.*

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Fenris58 Creator
Fenris58 May 21 2013, 11:40am replied:

I'm not attacking you with my entire army, most of my forces attacked Ten. TX's and heavy vehicles included, they never did attack you or "ran" past you.

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Headhunter128 Creator
Headhunter128 May 21 2013, 8:44am says:

*The artillery continue their fire on the enemy AT-AT, supporting the offensive and takes down a few. The T4's and 130s suffer some losses but continues their assault. AT-AE's join in the attack and provide anti-infantry fire support.

The Federation troops manages to get the jump on some of the Imperial troops with their Vibro daggers, having used their smoke to hide the counter-attack and making it harder for the enemy fire to target them. As the enemy infantry starts to retreat some of the troops starts to get overeager and begins to chase them down, but Zoras stops them and orders them to slow down and wait for the vehicles. And as the heavy squads continue to target the enemy Scorpenecks and TX-130s.

"Once we clear of the smoke, keep your head down!" He yells as he force pushes an enemy soldier across the field.

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The Kinyen Crisis started when the Empire sent an army down onto Kinyen, quickly taking its capital city and imposing Imperial Law and Order onto the inhabitants. The Federation responded to the Kinyen's Prime Minister's plea for help, and sent their troops to Kriselist and Chalcedon, rejoining the exiled Kinyen Government and its remaining military forces. Most on those two planets supported the Federation, and were glad of their arrival.

The Imperials quickly sent their forces to secure Bomis Koori and Noe'ha'on, protecting Kinyen from Federation attack. In response, the Federation sent forces to Qat Chrystac, and tried to move on Nikillon but were too late, as the Imperials had already secured the planet. Now the Sector stands divided, as both factions wait for the orders to take the fight to the enemy. Who will attack first?

The Kinyen Prime Minister fears that if the Empire wins, their propaganda will make his people their slaves. However, he also fears that if the Federation wins, they may keep control of the sector, under the pretense of "protection". Many people in the Kinyen sector are also divided, not wanting the Empire to stay in control but also not wanting the Federation to stay afterwards. Will the Empire defeat the Kinyen Goverment and their Federationa allies? Will the Federation liberate the Kinyen sector, only to replace the Empire afterwards? Only time will tell...

Have fun, guys. Not sure if I'll end up participating in this (probably not), and I hope that description fits the bill, as I wasn't sure what else to write (copy/pasted from the Lore article). This is Feds/Imps, by the way.

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