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Ori`verda Author

*Another message is sent. Two Mandalorian Warriors arrived on Tython in a Nightshade-class and landed near a secluded Temple-like structure.*

"Why are we here again?"

"To find a Jedi, last of the old order and friend to our boss apparently."

*The pair moved through the woods and approached the stone shrine, they spoke a small prayer and hoped the Jedi would be in a good mood.*

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Sab3rr Creator

*A Jedi was on the far side of the temple on a balcony. The small temple was nestled into a overgrown mountain.
He was busy with floating meditation, taking in the scene before him in the afternoon sun.

He hears a ship in the distance and recognized it wasn't imperial. It was way to soft, probably stealthed. The Jedi continues to meditate, taking out his light saber and begins to polish it slowly.

Master Saber sensed the two warriors approaching the temple, triggering its force sensitive barriers.
He wasn't that surprised by the visit. He sensed something very big was happening around him for the past few weeks. Whether it was evil or not, he could not tell.

He continued to polish his saber, letting the warriors get closer.*

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Ori`verda Author

*The braver Mandalorian yelled out.*

"May the Jedi known as Master Saber come forth! We bear a message from one he knew as Mand'alor the Strategist."

*His brother took position near a tree and watched for movement. Now they waited for response and if there was none, they would have to move into the Temple.*

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Sab3rr Creator

*"Interesting," Master Saber thought by himself as he looked up into the sky.
He looked to his side where a holo communicator lay. It remained inactive and the Jedi closed his eyes and continued to meditate.

He still tracked the warriors progress though the force searching for any other signs of motion.*

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Ori`verda Author

"The hell? Damn Jedi seem to have decided to make invisible walls."

*The angered Mandalorian rose from the ground, covered in dust. He raised his blaster and shot at the desolate hallway but the blaster bolts merely were absorbed into the hidden barrier.*

"Now what?"

*The angry Mandalorian started to dust himself off, particles fell to the ground and wall. It stuck to the barrier and revealed it.*

"Look! We can reveal the path with dirt."

*The brothers grabbed the soil and threw it all around, a murky brown maze revealed itself to them and they crossed it until they reached an elevated path leading up to the second level.*

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Sab3rr Creator

*"Well my visitors, if that is what they are, are quite intent on seeing me," The Jedi thought, "If their mood angers with a simple wall, it will be amusing when they finally make it up here."

He look sat the holo indicator again and continues to meditate, viewing a flock of birds passing by.

The Mando warriors makes it to the second level. The room is dark a gloomy. The air is thick with particles blocking most light. The room is completely covered in plant life, crumbled rocks from the ceiling strewn about.

Shapes can be seen moving in the distance.

A low growl is heard and a Dark Beast presses it's head through the gloom. 3 more shapes can be seen encircling the warriors*

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Ori`verda Author

"I don't like this."

*They stepped back to back, shoulder to shoulder and set their visors to nightvision and then to heatvision but they could not see the creatures.*

"Here we are, in the dark fighting something we can barely see. Shall we just shoot and hope we take one down before we get devoured?"

*The other Mandalorian said nothing, instead he held his Assault Rifle in hand and pressed a button on it. It lit the room brightly and the shadows vanished.*

"Nothing to fear, but fear itself. Lets get going."

*The carried on, making their way to the next level.*

*Elsewhere, more reports came in of strange and heavily armed warships passing their sectors. From the edges of the galaxy, they were spotted moving inwards and towards the battle ravaged core. Converging. Fear spread like a plague at the thoughts of another extragalactic invasion.*

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Sab3rr Creator

*Master Saber instinctively threw his eyes to one side without moving his head, now hearing the warriors making their way up the temple.

His concentration was broken when the holo communicator started blinking.
He put down his light saber he was still polishing and picked up the communicator. Felsem appeared on it.

"Master Saber, sorry for disturbing you."

"Relax old friend. Tell me what it is that bothers you."

"I'm tracking large strange ship movements. Multiple proximity sensors have been triggered. They are converging somewhere unknown. Should we investigate?"

"No I don't think that is necessary. I think my visitors might clear up this mystery"

"Are you under attack? I'll prepare the guard."

"No need to worry. I can handle it."

"Take care Master Saber."

"You as well old friend."

Master Saber turned off and put the communicator in his robes and continued to look into the sky, thinking, contemplating while the two warriors made it into the 3rd chamber.

It was almost pitch black the only rays coming from the exit on the far side, leading up. The warriors turned on their night vision again, but it didn't help. A chill was in the room. The Force was strong here.

The warriors looked closer and could barely make out a path that lead to the exit. Seeing nothing else, the made their way trough the room without incident and came upon the entrance of what looked like a balcony.*

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Ori`verda Author

"Finally, we're at the top! Lets see if the Jedi is here."

*The Mandalorians ran towards the balcony, but no matter how fast they ran they didn't seem to get closer.*

"This is getting ridiculous, we should have brought a Vornskr or a Ysalamir. By the Ka'ra I hate Jedi. Do you hear me Master Saber? I hate Jedi!"

*His brother grabbed him by the shoulder.*

"Its oke brother, we'll get through this."

*He took a few steps forward.*

"We are here to deliver a message! Let us pass please."

*No response, disappointed the Mandalorians turned around and made their way back downstairs. One turned his gaze back, the balcony was approaching them now. He poked his brother and gestured him to look back before running off towards the exit, soon followed by his brother. The two ran until they reached the exit and were blinded by extremely bright light. They were on the balcony and before them was the Jedi Master known as Saber, of the old Jedi Order.*

"There he is."

"We come bearing a message from someone you know, a former Mand'alor."

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Sab3rr Creator

*A lightsaber is heard flare up behind the warriors and before the warriors knew it, they were both disarmed and one had a lightsaber pointing at his throat from behind.

"Is that so?" the Jedi's voice came form behind them.

"Arg more tricks?"One warrior managed to say.

"Just to make sure you two stay out of trouble. Now I only know one such person of whom you speak, and he prefers to come see me in person. Why is it you two are here?"*

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Ori`verda Author

"Like we keep saying, we are here to rely a message. Mand'alor the Strategist as you know him, is now called Ori'verda. He would like for you to come visit him at the Mantle."

"Here, take this datapad. Its the official message."

*Saber took the message with the Force and read it, still on guard in case the Mandalorians might do something.*

"Dear crazy old hermit, remember me? Coruscant? Ah the memories! Anyway, I'd like for you to go to the coordinates at the end of this message. Pay me a visit in a little place I'd like to call the Mantle. If you're wondering why, well I think you could use a change in scenery and do you even know how bad the reception is there? I wanted to send you a call but it was impossible! Plus, I have a job for you and you are the only person I trust for this task. I also stress the person part since you will be working together with someone, more on that later though. Oh, and bring that fleet of yours! It will be fun."

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Sab3rr Creator

*As Master Saber reads the message he starts to smile, lower the lightsaber on from the mando warrior, but as he got the the coordinates a frown appeared on his face.

"Well, isn't this a surprise. You two can return to base. I'll tell Mand'alor th- Ori'verda that you two are worthy of being Mandalorian. Not anyone can make it this far and still keep their cool."

The two warriors departed, the third chamber now lit, revealing a splendid interior, in sharp contrast to the previous chambers.

"Felsem, I'm coming to regroup with the fleet, so expect my arrival shortly," Master Saber said over his holo communicator.

"Yes Master Saber. What is going on?"

"My old Mandalorian friend has invited me to come for a visit," Master Saber said as he put the communicator away and went out of the temple on a ridge through a secret entrance.

The Jedi approached a small outcropping in the forested mountain. As he got closer one could make up the shape of a ship hidden in the bush.

Just before he got in, he looked into the sky once more, a smile on his face.*

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Jesterzx9 Creator

OOC: I want part II =D

This suspension =( lol can't wait for Part II

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*The so easily hacked Holonet and the Mandalorian Battle-Net, broadcast an encoded message throughout the galaxy. Few take note at it because it is repeated but three times and very short.*

"Ramikad Te Hu'tuun, vode be Requiem, Stalingrad, Onyx bal Hawk. Olaror bal Mantle."

*From many different areas in the galaxy, strange warships are spotted departing from populated space. Efforts to track down the vessels has turned up little result.*

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