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Battle of Coruscant
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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 10:36am says:


*The Sith Temple on Coruscant stood tall and proud, built during the age of Cronus on the remains of the Jedi Temple. The tower that once held the Jedi Council at their meetings had been converted into an office, and sat at that office was Darth Yoran. Yoran was in command of the Temple, an also oversaw all Sith operations on the planet. He was the unofficial governor of the planet when the Emperor was absent, and he was currently holding a meeting with the Imperial Governor, Carper.*

*A Sith entered the room as both men were debating over various building plans. He whispered something into Yorans ear, and left the room.*

"What did he want? No one is allowed here while a meeting is in process unless an emergency arises. What is happening?"

*Yoran sighed.*

"The Fel Empire seemed to have attacked us. Coruscant, to be precise. They are demanding we surrender."

"The Fels? This is ridiculous! We don't have enough defenses to hold off an entire fleet!"

*Yoran ignored the Governor, instead he spoke into his communicator. Nodding, he got up from his seat and walked towards the lift.*

"We must surrender! We cannot hope to beat them! Our forces are tied up in a losing battle over Zonama Sekot, they're unstoppable! I'm ordering you t-"

*Yoran, tired of the Governors cowardice, punched him straight in the face. Carper was knocked out cold, and Yoran proceeded to the lift. Soon he made his way to the Sith Command Center, from which he shall coordinate the defense.*

"This is Lord Yoran, current Govenor of Coruscant under the Sith Imperium. I suggest you leave the system immediately before your fleet is blown out of the sky. Our forces may be elsewhere, but I assure you Coruscant is not defenseless. This shall be your only chance to walk away."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 10:46am says:

*10 of the best Clone Legions (200,000 Clones) were present on the plant, defending key points on the surface. The Stormtrooper Corps had around 300,000 on the Galactic Capital. These troops were sent to their positions, digging in and preparing defenses, bringing forth their tanks, their walkers, their artillery. Dropships, gunships, fighters and bombers were prepped up and ready to bring reinforcements or support to any soldiers anywhre. The Imperial Palace District and Sith Temple District each had a Clone Legion to theirselves, aswell as Imperial Guards and Sith defending their respective area. AA defenses were up and running, and the shields, enough to survive a prolonged bombardment, were activated.*

*He then sent a message to all military units in the system.*

"Soldiers of the Imperium! You shall hear me! The Fel Empire wish to take Coruscant from us! They shall not! Activate the shield generators! All units take up positions! Activate the gun batteries! This planet SHALL NOT FALL!"

*Yoran cut off the comms, a smile creeping onto his face. That should get the soldiers riled up, and his usage of the Force to ram the message home couldn't really be considered cheating. Now then, the Fels may have a fleet, but do they have an army?*

OOC: I'll be taking over the defense of Coruscant, the others are taken up with the battle of Zonama Sekot.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 10:46am says:

The battle shall take place at both the Sith Temple District and the Imperial Palace District, a planet-wide battle would be too complicated to do. Just land your best troops in those places, and we'll say more Fel Troopers were sent around the planet to attack area A, B and Z ect.

Your LZs:
Sith Temple District: A range of warehouses a few kilometers from the Temple itself would be an ideal landing place.
Imperial Palace: The entire district is out of bounds to civilians, so the best place to land would be the Trade District (just making up names xD) right next to it, and is defended by 5,000 Stormtroopers and their support. Fastest route to the Palace is 8kms.

You'll be fighting through a heavy urban area, fortified with traps and such. Civilians are everywhere, of course. This is just to give you an idea of where to start, and note you can attack on target then the other or both at the same time, your choice.

Btw: Those forces exclude the Coruscant Security Forces and militia, who will also be fighting against you but not really anywhere near the "Key points" (Temple and Palace).

Capture them and you win the battle.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 10:54am says:

Btw, I'll let you have 4 Legions for this battle, instead of 2 as it is in the rules. I try not to deviate from the rules, but you'll never capture the Palace or the Temple with only 2 Legions. I don't think anyone will be too mad I'm letting him break the rules?

1 Legion=20,000 troops.

Forgot to add that Palace and Temple also have around 10,000 Stormtroopers each forming the perimeter defense.

Good luck. xD.

Lol 4 posts xD.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 23 2013, 10:58am replied:

sweet thanks mate.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 23 2013, 11:14am says:

OOC: This is if your going to defend with a defense fleet.

*The Royal Grand fleet advances until the Emperor's Justice and the Longthunders are in range of the defense fleet. The Emperor's Justice begins to open fire with its massive amount of batteries, tearing apart the smaller frigates and corvettes of the Defense fleet.

On board the two Longthunders and the Emperor's Justice, 300 missile launchers in total are loaded and prepped to fire. Then, 300 missiles, 50 of them carrying Nuclear warheads with jammers and ECM devices, are fired at the Defense fleet.

Due to the massive amount of missiles, not all are able to be intercepted and the ones that get through do massive damage to the enemy fleet, tearing apart capitols and space defenses.

At the rear of the formation, Mines are released to cover the rear. The Entire fleet is on full alert, constantly checking scanners and frequencies.

Ajax walks nervously on the bridge, but calms himself and stands and looks at the massive destruction the ship was causing.*

OOC: 250 missile launchers on the executor is canon and the longthunder was approved by Arky, just never deployed them yet. :)

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 11:31am says:

OOC: I'll use the Defense Fleet as best as I can, as well as the heavy defenses Coruscant would have around the system. But I doubt they'll last, so the main bulk of the battle will be on land.

*Rear-Admiral Quary curses as he spots the incoming barrage of missiles. He orders counter measures be deployed, intercepting a portion of them, but most manage to get through. The Defense Fleet suffers some casualties, but keeps formation and unloads its firepower onto the enemy fleet.*

*Space Stations, under orders from Darth Yoran, unload most of their Clone garrisons and send them to the planet below. Fighters escort the transports.*

*The Stations and ground-to-space defenses open fire on the enemy fleet as they get in range. Around 30 batteries on the surface contain heavy hitters, big guns designed to punch through even the toughest hull. Smaller batteries, containing two or three guns, are used to give supporting fire, though are no real threat to the capital ships, though could take apart a frigate if given the chance.*

OOC: Main Batteries: 15 small guns, 5 big guns.
Small Batteries: 2-5 small guns.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 11:39am replied:

OOC: The batteries may sound OP, but they'll only be effective later when your fleets shields are down. For now they're just weakening your shields.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 23 2013, 12:03pm replied:

OOC: how can you fire on my ships? They are just in range to fire with their biggest and longest range weapons..

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 23 2013, 1:35pm says:

OOC: "as they get in range"

That means as soon as you get in range.

As for the Defense Fleet, they'll divert power to shields until you get close enough to attack.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 23 2013, 1:37pm replied:


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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 24 2013, 12:02pm says:

24h limit? xD.

You still have time to retreat, Ajax, if you just realized that maybe the Sith aren't as weak as you thought.

Or you can fight on. Makes no difference to me xD.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 24 2013, 1:11pm says:

*The Emperor's Justice and the two Longthunders continue launching their missiles against the Defense fleet, pounding the enemy capitols and defense stations around them.

The Fleet stays in position, crews vigilant. Ajax stands on the bridge, watching the destruction.*

OOC: sorry for curt reply, slept till 12 xD gonna see a movie, Olympus has fallen, so ill respond again tonight to your response.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 24 2013, 5:11pm says:

*The Defense Fleet buckles under the artillery, not daring to advance for fear of being slaughtered. They eventually got the order to retreat as soon as all the transports had landed, and diverted all shield and weapon power to the rear shields and the rest of the power to the engines and retreated to the far side of the planet, still taking heavy casualties as they went.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 24 2013, 10:57pm says:

bed, school then reply, so ill go over the 24hr mark but i cant help it. my net is really gay and goes off at 11

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 25 2013, 9:02pm says:

*A group of Pellaeons and 2 Vigils fell out of formation and turned and jumped to hyperspace. The formation tightened up but remained in the same position. The fighter screen was relieved and they were replaced with fresh ones.

Ajax stood on the bridge of the Emperor's Justice, and waited impatiently.

A little ways behind the remaining defense fleet, the Pellaeons and Vigils came out of hyperspace. Their guns charged up and before the enemy could react, the defense fleet was torn apart. Engines were hit first, forcing to rely on their rear facing guns that were few.

Next the Pellaeons targeted the Bridges of the enemy ships, completely rendering them helpless. Fighter squadrons were sent out to provide anti-fighter escort as the Pellaeons finished off the fleet, still out of range of the enemy ground defenses.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 26 2013, 12:35pm says:

OOC: Note that the Defense Fleet is close to the planet. I didn't specify it, but I believed it would be logical. Thus when you jump in, you are in range.

*The planetery weapons open fire on the small enemy group after they come out of hyperspace. Due to the fact the ships had performed two hyperspace jumps, one after the other, their power level would be below average, and some of the ships targeted by the larger batteries succumb to the firepower, either heavily damaged or outright destroyed.*

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 26 2013, 6:31pm replied:

OOC: fine, but your defense fleet is destoryed either way.

*The Ships break off, using the fighters as cover, them purposely taking the brunt of the blasts allowing the bigger ships to turn tail and jump to hyperspace. Leaving behind a Pellaeon and bringing with them 2 wounded Pellaeons.

The Emperor's Justice and the two Longthunders open fire again on the enemy space stations and installations in the area, still out of range of the enemy defense guns.

The missiles and turbolaser fire tear the defense stations apart, draining the shields and crippling them.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 27 2013, 1:18pm says:

OOC: All your attacking ships are destroyed. As soon as they saw you coming out of hyperspace, the batteries were redirected and fired at that small group. Coming out of hyperspace means no shields and no weapons for a time. If I really wanted, I could easily keep the defense fleet as you wouldn't have the time to charge up weapons, but the defense fleet is just s "formality".

*The small Fel attack force is completely destroyed, though the batteries didn't manage to destroy it in time to save the defense fleet.*

*Yoran ordered all men to prepare for immediate battle, as the space stations would fall within the coming hours. Soon, the enemy would be upon them and their army swarming Coruscant. But Yoran was confident he could hold the planet. If not, he always had that off-world account to retire with, settle down somewhere nice. Naboo always seemed popular with the tourists. Maybe somewhere more exotic? His thoughts were interrupted by a hologram popping out over the command table. The hologram of Governor Carper.*

"Yoran! You assaulted a member of the Imperial Government without provocation! You are to be relieved of command and arrested immediately!"

*Nobody moved. Everyone knew Yoran had the ear of the Emperor himself. Everyone knew he held the true power on this planet, not Carper. All Yoran did was smile.*

"Governor, if you so much as breath in my presence again I shall have you executed for treason. I am trying to defend the Jewel of the Imperium from invaders and you sniveling in my ear is NOT HELPING!"

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 27 2013, 1:18pm says:

*Yoran brought his fists down onto the table to emphasize the outburst. The change in tone startled everyone, including the Governor, who jumped at the large bang made by the Siths fists. Yoran had always inspired fear to those who did not know him, and dread to those who did. The Governor seemed terrified, gulping and opening his mouth to speak. Yoran got there first.*

"You are hereby relieved of duty, Governor. I shall send some men to escort you to a Sith Detention Center. Good day."

*Carper knew what was happening. He wasn't simply going to be put in prison. Being sent to a Sith Detention Center was a death sentance.*

*The Hologram shut off immediately. Yoran spoke to the Imperial Generals next to him.*

"Make sure we're fully prepared for battle."

*They just nodded.*

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imperator277 Creator
imperator277 Mar 27 2013, 4:18pm says:

The 1st fleet of the Sith Imperium jumps out of hyperspace in a defensive V formation preparing to engage. A transmission is put out.

"This is Moff Vaiken of the 1st fleet. You have made a grave mistake attacking Coruscant like this. Turn back now or suffer the consequences."

The Imperiouses and Palleons egage their enemy counterparts while bombers take out their bridges, comm systems and engines. The ardent and strike class cruisers do likewise to their counterparts. The newly built Executor Deathstrike opens a full bombardment on the enemy capital ship.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 27 2013, 4:32pm replied:

OOC: First fleet was destroyed at Zonama Sekot.

So... Yeah. xD.

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 27 2013, 6:32pm replied:

rofl, your own team mate shut you down before i had even a chance! :P

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imperator277 Creator
imperator277 Mar 27 2013, 11:44pm replied:

Umm....It was're welcome. Or if it takes more time for repairs to be made then you can disregard the last move.'re welcome. I got authorization from Lord Sion to be here.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Mar 28 2013, 12:04am replied:

It takes more time for repairs, and you never retreated from Zonama Sekot. So what you've got is a crippled fleet stuck in another battle, which completely nullifies this move. Can't be in two places at once.

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Jesterzx9 Creator
Jesterzx9 Mar 28 2013, 1:25am replied:

OOC: Imperator, your entire fleet was obliterated (Including the Executor) and you still haven't replied, leaving me a rare chance.

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imperator277 Creator
imperator277 Mar 29 2013, 1:48pm replied:

Ahh. Sorry. thought I had retreated from Zonama Sekot. Been busy with schoolwork. Please disregard my move.

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Mace-Windu Creator
Mace-Windu Mar 28 2013, 12:40pm replied:

even tho the others have said something ill say this anyways Imperator your fleet hasnt gotten away from Zonama therefore your fleet could not have been repaired yet besides it does take time for repairs

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imperator277 Creator
imperator277 Mar 29 2013, 1:47pm replied:

Ok. Sorry. thought I had retreated from Zonama Sekot. Been busy with schoolwork. Please disregard my move. How long does it take for a fleet to get back up to full strength?

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Branden-Magister Author
Branden-Magister Mar 28 2013, 12:25am says:

OOC: like AK said, you never left Zonama. so im not even going to acknowledge your move.

*The Royal Grand Fleet stops its bombardment of the enemy space stations, and what remains are wrecks and floating lifeless hulls of ships and stations. The Entire Defense Force is gone, as is the entire frontal space station defenses. The Planet itself remains intact and untouched.

The Fleet then turns around, and jumps to hyperspace, after deactivating the mines that had been placed. The Men in fleet take a rest and all crews stand down.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 28 2013, 1:11pm says:

OOC: Seriously? Thats it? Lol.

*Yoran sighs as the enemy retreat. He then opened communications with all forces on Coruscant.*

"The enemy have obviously run from our extensive defenses. While they may of been our brothers in arms once, as you can all see, it seems the Fel Empire has degraded into hit and run tactics. They won't even fight us like men! Instead they hide behind their ships! Ha! If all they do is this, the War shall be won with ease."

*Cheers from all the soldiers are heard throughout the planet. Carper was arrested and killed before his plans for open rebellion along with nearly 50,000 Stormtroopers were complete. Yoran has taken control of the planet and is preparing the defenses and calling in reserves to make the planet into even more of a fortress.*

OOC: You lost a valuable oppurtunity (which I had already PMed you) in Carper, and now I have the time to fortify. Oh well xD.

+1 vote   reply to comment
lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Mar 28 2013, 2:56pm replied:

OOC: i don't like the fact that you are giving him valuable opportunities like that at all

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 29 2013, 12:28pm replied:

OOC: We must account for our troops morale. Two fleets were lost at the same time in the same battle in a very short amount of time. Although the Clones and Sith have excellent morale (the Sith have no where else to go, nothing to lose and lots to gain) the Imperials do not. Thus when the Governor saw the Fel Grand Fleet jump on, and with only a defense fleet and some stations in its way, he thought "Well, one fleet destroyed two, we have no fleets. Damn."

Some in the Stormtrooper Corps would of thought the same, and thus we have the basis of a mutiny. Not only would that be realistic, it also makes things much more interesting. But hey, it worked to our advantage now. Carper has been executed for treason, and the enemy retreated, so we get a morale boost instead.

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*Two scouting ships of the Royal Grand Fleet of the Fel Empire exit HP at the edge of the Coruscant system and scan the area and make sure all mines and such are eliminated.

The full fleet then HPs in, The Emperor's Justice being clearly visible for miles and miles away. The Fleet forms into a diamond formation, with 2/3 of the Pellaeons form the front ranks. Imperious are placed between the Pellaeons, with 7 of the Vigil class corvettes providing anit-fighter support.

Half of the Ardent-Class Frigates and the Strike Cruisers form up on the right flank around one of the Longthunders, the new missile cruiser. 4 Vigil class corvettes provide anti-fighter support.

The other half of the Ardents and Strike class cruisers form the same formation on the left flank, again surrounding a Longthunder missile cruiser. The remaining Vigils provide cover fire.

The remaining Pellaeons and a Nemesis class Star Destroyer form the rear guard, and the Escort class carriers are placed on the flanks of The Emperor's Justice, which is just behind the front point of the Formation.

Gravity Well generators are activated, as is the CGT scanner onboard the Emperor's Justice. 1/3 of the Fighters from all ships provide a screen for the ships. On board the Longthunders, their many many missile launchers are loaded and prepped to fire.

Lord-Regent Ajax Thraell stands on the bridge of the Emperor's Justice and opens a comms link with the Defense force of Coruscant.

"Soldiers of the Imperium, the war is lost. Your commanders and Emperor are trapped at Zonama and some have even ordered their men to do suicide runs, do not commit the same mistake here. Surrender now, and the Fel Empire shall leave in peace after ensuring this planet is free of any Sith. Ajax out."

Ajax ordered the fleet to stay in formation while he waited for a response.*

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Mar 23rd, 2013
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