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Arkania: The Hunt
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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Jun 17 2013, 3:18pm says:

OOC: might as well do something.

IC: the chariot's flight did not go unnoticed however, and when ori exited the ship he was met by to arkanian guardsmen.

"Halt, who are you that would have the audacity to land on our planet without clearance."

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 17 2013, 3:18pm says:

The weather was extremely harsh outside of any shelter, making progress slow. Ice cold wind buffeted the frigid tundra planes of Arkania. Ori'verda has protective heating gear but it was bulky and didn't improve the already hard task of traveling in this harsh terrain.

After heading up into the foothills beyond the closest town Ori'verda could see what looked like a mining outpost in the distance. With nothign else to do Ori'verda found himself frequently looking up at the sky in the hope of spotting what he searched for.

Nearing the mining outpost Ori'verda could see strange commotions going about the camp.

Entering the camp he wasn't even noticed until he asked a local miner what all the commotion was about. Apparently the camp was attacked by something unknown. After the attack nothing and no-one could be seen near the camp.

Everyone was on edge and trying to fix a mining rig that was turned to slag by the mysterious attackers.

Not knowing where to go next Ori'verda decided to help the miners discover who had attacked them.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 18 2013, 3:32am says:


"Me? Oh I was just in the neighbourhood and decided to go on a leisurely stroll. Let me guess, you want me to pay a fine or toll or something similar? So be it, but then I'll be on my way."

Hands over several credit chips and walks past the guardsmen who for some reason is on the outskirts of a town.


The mining rig had scratch marks and seemed burnt in several areas, it and the surrounding area as well. It appeared that nobody got hurt and that across the entire camp, the attack seemed focused on the mining equipment.

Ori'verda turned to another miner and asked him: "Do you have any competitors or rivals that would direct attack at you like this?"

OOC: Travel music, AC Revelations style:

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 18 2013, 4:27pm replied:

"Not this far out sir. There is still enough of this frozen dust ball left to go around," the miner replies.
He pauses and looks around.
"Though one of our coworker has been acting strange lately. Babbling on about some nonsense. I don't know. You can ask around if you want. Wouldn't stay too long... reports say a strong blizzard is heading in over there parts. Could last a while."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 19 2013, 2:14am says:

He nodded towards the miner and walked off to find this co-worker, here he was helping the locals unravel what was probably the most mysterious and exciting event in their lives instead of continuing his hunt. Not that it mattered, at least if he helped the miners he can claim to have done something more important then hunt for probably non-existing dragons.

The co-worker looked shifty, was he the one to cause the incident? Maybe, experience tells that it is always the shifty ones who is related to pretty much any and all events somehow. Besides being worried about the mental state of the man, Ori'verda was also alarmed by the heavy snowfall that started to increase, unlike the Arkanians he was not prepared to face a blizzard.

"You there, I have some questions for you. Do you maybe have a place where we can talk?" Ori'verda said, the volume of his voice climbing due the rush of snow and wind muting most sounds.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 19 2013, 7:33am says:

"Uhhh yeah sh..sure. Ann...Anything is better than standing here in the open where might see us if it comes back," The miner shouted in alternating tones while looking at the sky absentmindedly.

Ori'verda and the miner went to take shelter in one of the many prefab buildings littering the dig-site. Each had it's own generator which was extremely loud and was only amplified in the tin-canlike prefab.

They didn't start talking right away, with Ori'verda staring at the miner for a while, while the miner was looking everywhere except at him, looking extremely uncomfortable.

After a while Ori'verda said: "You aren't the one responsible for the destroyed mining rig."

"I'm telling you all it wasn't anything from this world!" the miner shouted, arms flailing. "I was the only one looking at the sky at the time! It came in from above like lighting and rained destruction on the digger and tore the rest off in one fell swoop!
Don't look at me like that. Why is everyone looking at me like that!" the miner shifts and gets up, but one look from Ori'verda he sat back again, looking very tired.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 19 2013, 8:09am says:

To himself, Ori'verda wondered if the miner was intoxicated. But perhaps there was some truth in his words, how high were the odds that the miner was talking about an Arkanian Dragon? One of the rarest semi-sentient species in the galaxy with a penchant for mystery.

The man sat down, he looked exhausted from recalling the memory of the attack. He had to wrap it up lest the deranged lunatic decided to act on impulse and figure out the hard way that you are not called Mand'alor for nothing.

"Listen here little man, nice to know you like staring at clouds while the rest of your friends work. I appreciate, it because now I know that some being from another world decided to come to this frozen hell hole of a place, and randomly attack just a few pieces of mining equipment. Now it is freezing, my patience wears thin and just like everyone here I want to get to the bottom of this matter and move on, so you will tell me everything you know, concrete information that I can..."

He passed out, hanging in his chair like a drunk (Sound familiar? :P). Ori'verda watched out of a window as the blizzard raged on, partially hoping to catch a glimpse of his prey. The mining equipment was brought in, the damage indicated that it was held by claws and flung from its rooted place, further analysis showed that it fell from the sky a few meters further to the west.

And west was where Ori'verda continued his search once the blizzard passed, the vast open tundra on one side and the large series of mountain peaks to the other.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 19 2013, 1:31pm says:

Sudden howls of wind blowing down from the mountains catches Ori'verda's attention now and then but no sign of of his mission.

He reaches another mining camp when the blizzard returns. This mining camp was more populated with sentry guns peering at the horizon. Talking to some miners Ori'verda learns there have been cases people going missing in the mining tunnels.

With nothing better to do Ori'verda offers to search for the mienrs and explores the excavation tunnels.
Bored tunnels led to a huge natural underground network of diamond deposit caverns. Armed guards watching Ori'verda as he explored. There was allot of probe tunnels heading off indifferent directions with dead ends.

One however had a tunnel leading further in, the shaft was dark with no lighting and the entrance looked like it was melted by heat rather than mining equipment.

Ori'verda checked his NavComp. The tunnel headed off in the direction of the mountains.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 19 2013, 1:45pm says:

Inside the tunnel, darkness consumed the surrounding area like a virus. The guards that had earlier escorted Ori'verda now turned tail, laughing about the foolish Mandalorian going into what was probably the most dangerous part of Arkania, under their breath.

With the only source of light coming from his rifle, as even the low light visor mode judged the tunnel too dark to see, Ori'verda pressed on. Everything was dark, the beam of light lit up only what was caught in the beam itself, it was as if the darkness had ensnared the light itself.

The sounds of the outside world slowly fading into the inaudible, communications being cut by the size of the mountain and even mobile equipment starting to act weirdly, despite being made for the situation. It was unnerving, but curiosity and a staunch belief in his own skill made Ori'verda carry on through the utter darkness, with occasional distant brightness coming in form of a dimly shining crystal or a crack that revealed the outside world.

Surprisingly, his oxygen levels were not decreasing as one would expect when going this deep into the mountain. After a long twisting tunnel passages, the rare open cave was filled with fresh air, somehow being pumped into the mountain by forces unknown. How smart were the Arkanians and Arkanian Dragons? Were they able to create deep underground cities that still had air? Or were there still undiscovered forces at work?

Regardless of oddities, he returned to the now and focused on the mission. Trying to find his prey and maybe even the miners if he could spare the time. It was now that Ori'verda was directly underneath the mountain, nearing its core, its heart, distant strands of light welcomed him.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 20 2013, 2:55pm says:

A gut wrenching scream echoed through the tunnels, although it seemed a fair distance off. Maybe close to the outside of the mountain?

Ori'verda enters a large domed cavern, filled with tiny strands of light. But figuring out how this light ended up in the middle of a mountain is a mystery.
It was pretty obvious this cavern was not natural. There was 10 other tunnels leading out from this chamber.

On closer inspection there was personal equipment miners would have on their person strewn about, but no sigh of the any of the missing miners. Radio and navigation was dead or inoperable.

Ori'verda listens. Five minutes pass.
Another scream echoes down into the chamber, Ori'verda swivels in it's direction instantly and he is pointed down one of the 10 other tunnels. The compass of his NavComp was the only thing not spinning around randomly and it seems this tunnels leads to the outside of the mountain which faces tundra flats.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 20 2013, 3:07pm says:

He picked up the pace, every scream meant whoever was doing the screaming was brought closer to his or her or its end. So Ori'verda ran down the tunnel, throwing caution to the wind and at times almost tumbling over small rocks.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 20 2013, 3:26pm says:

A sudden gust of wind fills the tunnel, Ori'verda enters another chamber and sees something slip out on the other side. He could have sworn it was a tail. Ori'verda sprints to the tunnel and notices a miner in the corner in a panic stricken state looking at the tunnel.

Ori'verda ignores him and bolts down the tunnel. Light spills into the tunnel and Ori'verda finds himself on a overhang outside the mountain. Something streaks by with a gust of wind that almost sent Ori'verda tumbling over the edge. and a roar go's off in the distance.

Ori go's back to the miner, now staring wide eyes at him, his face pale.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 21 2013, 2:44am says:

The cliff was steep, but he could always use his jetpack to scale it if not for bad weather, his whipcord also had the possibility of holding him as he lowered down. He pushed aside the thoughts of an immediate chance and offered a simple comment on the situation to whoever might be listening.

"Well played."

Inside the miner was in a pretty bad shape, but still alive if just barely. Bacta would not help here, this man needed warmth, the thought of providing it with his jetpack caused Ori'verda to laugh making the miner uneasy.

"I'm going to get you out of here, just stay alive."

He grabbed the Arkanian and held him over his shoulder, saying a small Mandalorian prayer and hoping that the man's fingers were frozen enough so he would not press any dangerous buttons on his jetpack.

And so Ori'verda started walking, following his NavComp to the nearest camp.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 21 2013, 3:39pm says:

Or that was the plan. The decent by whip cord wasn't an option with the extra load, so Ori'verda backtracked through the tunnels.

When he reached the domed cavern again he was stopped in his tracks.
An Arkanian Dragon was staring him down. The cavern amplified his rasping breath that came in big gulps. Condensed vapors floating up from it's nostrils.

It was standing between Ori'verda and the only known exit. And Hell knows where the rest of the tunnels lead.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 22 2013, 2:29am says:

"Why hello there."

Ori'verda said, dropping the miner on his face who bellowed out a grunt of disapproval. His visor started scanning, his helmet started recording and his weapons were being prepared.

"At last we finally meet."

The whipcord was ready to be launched in case the dragon flew away, the jetpack was being warmed up as well. Ori'verda was quite surprised to see the Arkanian Dragon in front of him, just like that. But as a Mandalorian with a battle ahead, he found no time to contemplate the meaning of this particular dragon encounter event in the timeline of his visit to Arkania.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 22 2013, 10:10am says:

Without warning the dragon roared and let loose a spiral of flames in Ori'verda's direction. If he didn't act fast the flames would engulf him and the miner in seconds.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 22 2013, 10:53am says:

Quickly the whipcord was fired around the miner's torso as the jetpack started up and Ori'verda with miner in tow dove around the flame. The Mandalorian held position in front of the dragon, with a press of a button on his wrist once more the miner fell.

"You're going to have to pause your little barbecue, it's between you and me now."

Soon after uttering his awesome one and a half liner, Ori'verda flew back to the ground and held up his MCW-101. The visor scan showed no information, unable to work properly in the current condition and unable to understand a species thought extinct. So Ori'verda fired almost blindly in bursts and what he perceived were to be weak spots, the eyes.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 22 2013, 11:18am says:

Ori'verda open fire but the dragon was faster, darting off into one of the random tunnels, where it knew it had the advantage.

Ori'verda pursued but was surprised the dragon re-emerged from the dark tunnel almost instantly, knocked him back and before Ori'verda realized the dragon had grabbed the miner and was escaping into one of the tunnels. The protesting screams from the miner echoing down the tunnel.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 22 2013, 11:46am says:

"This is not my day."

Not about to let himself be bested by a drake and have some poor Arkanian suffer for his failure, the jetpack propelled him forward like an arrow. Ori'verda's size allowed him to manoeuvre the tunnels with some ease but the occasional near crash experience persisted.

Because most electronics were inoperable underground for some reason, he had to be patient when to fire his jetpack no-longer-guided missile and fell the dragon at a correct time so he could swoop in and save the miner, if he was still alive.

The jetpack's fuel would hold for some more time according to its non-electronic gage.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 22 2013, 8:20pm says:

The tunnels was a maze designed to confuse any would be attacker. With dead ends and tunnels looping back on themselves. This was the dragons territory and he had Ori'verda right where he wanted him.

A short scream from the miner followed by a grim sound of bones snapping made the air tense. Ori'verda finds himself the hunted instead of the hunter in the dark and eerie tunnels deep inside the mountain.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 23 2013, 2:56am says:

So much for saving the miner, the bloody beast was going to pay for it. Even if it meant that he would end his own life. To spare some of the jetpack fuel, Ori'verda landed, but he did not await his prey.

After every so often, he would drop a detonation package in various tunnels, the ones he walked into, ones he came across or those that were simply around him. It wasn't going to do much as the mountain was huge, but at the very least the chance of killing the dragon or otherwise causing it to regret its decision of not facing a Mandalorian, whose patience was wearing thin, was more then enough reason for Ori'verda to act so rash and suicidally.

After creating his nightmare of explosives, he simply stood by at the epicenter and waited for his prey to hunt him down. He weighed the odds, he was quite far from any immediate explosives so he would survive detonation and likely stay stuck in the mountain for a long time. Those odds seemed acceptable to him.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 23 2013, 2:03pm says:

A low growl could be heard nearing Ori'verda. Then it stopped.
Ori'verda's finger hovered over the detonate button.

His utility light only illuminated the tunnel a few meters. His thermals showing static after a few meters.

A jet of flame shot out from one of the tunnels, traveling at insane speed. The sudden light temporarily blinds Ori'verda, but he dodges the flaming missile, dropping the detonator.

The dragon pounces, covering the remaining distance just as Ori'verda recovered. He takes one look at the detonator lying on the tunnel floor a meter away from him.

The Arkanian Dragon lunges at the Mandalorian, razor sharp claws aimed to massacre the warrior.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 23 2013, 2:15pm says:

Ori'verda in a readied stance, manages to evade the drake's charge by rolling to its side. The drake lands and turns around, like a serpent recoiling from a nest.

"Oke I have had it with you, now I'm going to give you a choice. Fight me, or die running, because this game we've been playing is growing tiresome."

Full of anger and spite for the drake, the Mandalorian grabbed the nearby detonator and tugged it away. Once more his MCW-101 stared the dragon down and spat its own variant of infernal heat.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 23 2013, 2:19pm says:

The dragon charges forward and opens it's maw. A roar is heard for miles down the tunnel and another ball of flame is on it's way to singe the Mandalorian when it is only a few meters away.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 23 2013, 2:28pm says:

As the fires stirred in the mouth of the dragon along with its zealous charge, the blaster shots of the Mandalorian rifle pierced its maw and effectively killed it.

Quickly after another spiral of flames crossed the tunnels and Ori'verda was caught off guard, sent into the rock wall.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 23 2013, 11:06pm says:

Before The Mandalorian knew what was going on, he was being dragged through the tunnels, but that didn't last long as he struggled free and jumped to his feet.

Another dragon was infront of him, about the same size as the previous.
They were in a small cavern with one exit, but they couldn't be far from where he killed the first dragon. Does this chamber have explosives in it?

Ori'verda drew his blaster, but a tail whip sent it skidding across the floor, with enough force to almost shatter his wrist. This dragon was even faster than the previous.

The dragon was circling him, intent on killing this kin slayer.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 24 2013, 2:57am says:

OOC: xD.

As fast as it was, it would need two tails that were aerodynamically designed to beat Ori'verda in his quick draw, both of his Shredders were unholstered, though in all likeliness only one would be effective against dragons.

The cavern was small, not big enough to manoeuvre properly in and cover was non existent. Of course this was also a disadvantage for the dragon, which covered the only exit.

Quickly Ori'verda fired a burst of rounds from Vengeance, the Verpine Shatter rounds should rip even the toughest of scales right off.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 24 2013, 11:52am says:

The dragon shields himself with one wing, but even that is not tough enough to stop the ballistic rounds. It tears through the wing but their killing power is stopped.

The dragon wines in pain. The dragon retaliates by spraying an arc of flame across the whole cave. With almost no room to maneuver, Ori'verda was staring death by fire int he face. How heat resistant was his armour?

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 24 2013, 12:07pm says:

Not, his armor was not heat resistant. Or at least not as much as it could or should be. In less then an instant the overlapping cloth that covered his armor, designed to provide warmth against the Arkanian cold, it now provided searing heat and burnt the Mandalorian's beskar'gam.

Quickly he stripped himself of the burning cloth, the bundled up heap of burning rags looked like a makeshift campfire, the only thing lacking was something to be roasted above it. Ori'verda swore to himself that he would not be roasted, that fate was beneath him.

Several shock plates got loose because of the burning, the flakvest that held his armor in place was scorched but he was still in proper order to fight and now able to move faster due the lack of the heavy clothing.

Once more Ori'verda let loose a volley from Vengeance, this time followed by a single shot from Justice. The sonic weapon was uncalibrated for Arkanian dragons and thus set to kill Krayt dragons, it should still do some damage in form of an unrelenting force.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 24 2013, 1:23pm says:

The dragon nimbly jumped to the side, missing half of the volley, but was hit none the less, then it was hit by the sonic blast.
The dragon was thrust backwards, it's claws scraping the floor to counteract the force.

It coiled up as it went backwards and as soon as it came to a halt if jumped straight at Ori'verda. The Mandalorian was in the process of dodging the attack when he cringed from something deafening in his head. There was no sound other than the dragon jumping at him. But something was clawing at his mind.

The dragon knocked him back, was on top of him. Ori'verda shot once straight into it's belly. The dragon moaned, then plucked Vengeance from Ori'verda's grip with it's mouth and tossed it to the side.

It loomed over again with it's gaping maw, intent on rippping Ori'verda's head off.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 24 2013, 1:32pm says:

Just like its fallen kin, this drake would now learn the consequence of providing a weak spot to a fully armed and armored Mandalorian. with a speed indicating that this was obviously not the first time a hostile had Ori'verda on his back, he raised his arm into the mouth of the dragon and fired directly into with his wrist blaster.

Teeth reflected the light of the beam, which passed the underlying tongue and pierced the back of the throat, ripping it apart and cauterizing at the same time from Ori'verda's perspective. The beast's eyes went dark as its life was extinguished, whatever thoughts passed through its head quickly evaporated as the dragon's head fell downwards.

The mighty serpent collapsed on Ori'verda, whom struggled to get it off his person. Once he rose up, he stood as a victorious hero who had slain two Arkanian dragons and an avenger, for exacting retribution to those who attacked presumably innocent Arkanians. Of course, if he boasted of this to any of the "civilized" empires they would not hesitate to incarcerate Ori'verda for breaking "galactic law".

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 24 2013, 9:44pm says:

The Mandalorian dusted himself off and tried to find his way back.
He was alerted when he saw there was no dead dragon body where he encountered the first dragon.

He wheeled around and sprinted back to where he killed the second one, to make sure.
The second was still lying there, now in a growing pool of what looked like blood.

Ori'verda was not going to search for death in the tunnels.
His body temperature was dropping. He did not have sufficient clothes anymore to stay out here for long.

He needed to sort out his navigation. Ori'verda figured he could re-calibrate it from outside the mountain, so he headed back to the ledge through the tunnels.

Nothing attacked him, but he could not help being annoyed by a faint buzz in his head that wouldn't go away. This was not shell shock, this he was sure of.

He could feel the cold seeping in it's icy veins of slow death though his body...

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 25 2013, 3:36am says:

The cold, the blasted cold made him near immobile. The pain was severe, but he would not allow himself to feel it, to let it effect him. Concerns such as pain were trivial and beneath him, let the untrained rabble deal with it along with their excuse that pain reminds you that you are alive, what a joke.

Finally the icicle Mandalorian reached the ledge only to find the blizzard had started up once more and was more fierce then ever, his electronics were all non-operable now so navigation of whatever kind was impossible. If he survived, no, when he survived this dragon slaying adventure he would definitely upgrade his electronic gear even if it cost him short-range efficiency in combat.

With no other option then praying for a miracle, Ori'verda did perhaps the perhaps the most risky and foolish thing he had ever done. Then again, the option of freezing in a random cave was also not appealing.

He jumped over the ledge and fell down, his line of vision non-existent due the snow storm. His jetpack roared at full power and propelled him like a thunderbolt through the storm, at this point he was a living, unguided missile.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 25 2013, 10:17am says:

The blizzard cleared, and Oriverda's NavComp blinked to life once more.

He flew back to the second mining camp, not in the mood to walk at all, damn it to hell if his fuel ran out.

He remembered to try an land short lest the camp's sentry guns open fire, but that didn't seem to be a problem.

The camp was on fire, the sentry guns slag. The buzz in Ori'verda's head came back and it was worse than ever, scratching, kicking at his mind.

Then something exploded on his back, or that's what it sounded like. His jetpack fuel had run out.
Ori'verda cursed for being this negligent, but this wasn't the first time he would have to do a hard landing.

He never got to the ground.

It felt like an AT AT slammed into him. Some bones crunched, he could not make up from down, but that was the east of his worries.
His vision filled with a huge Arkanian Dragon. It looked at him, and Ori'veda could swear it smirked at him. Then the cold, pain and shocked claimed the Mandalorian. He passed out.

Ori'verda awoke in a cave with a million lights shining at him. Then his helmet light winked out and he saw it was filled with thousands of diamonds. Oh, and the biggest Arkanian dragon he ever saw.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 25 2013, 11:54am says:

OOC: Hey I never curse! Oke well, rarely.

What does one do in such a situation? His instinct was to kill but his weapons were probably long gone. Then he started to think, he was still alive and not dead, that was better then being dead.

The next wave of thoughts came in, why was he alive? Did the dragon want to toy with him a bit before finishing him off, in some twisted act of vengeance? The beast was big, far bigger then the others he faced and looked older, more experienced. Though his helmet showed a skittering image, the appearance of the drake was messed up and colors were distorted.

Ori'verda grabbed his buy'ce, his helmet, and took it off. The overwhelming rush of cold, smell, sound and wind assaulted his senses and in response. He only breathed in and out in a steadied pace, reassessing the situation, his surroundings, what remained of his arsenal and all other things.

Memories from what happened eluded him, Ori'verda remembered colliding with something, probably the serpent and then nothing. His bones and muscles ached, injuries were likely to be present in some form but with a dragon looming over him he could not complete a physical assessment fully.

Around him, the cave took form in almost complete diamond or clear ice, it seamlessly transitioned between each other in shade and color.

Finally, he mustered his breath, the cold air felt good. Ori'verda figured it best to be blunt and sharp, the odds were that this dragon was just like the others, unable to speak.

"Why hello there."

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 25 2013, 1:30pm says:

The buzz in Ori'verda's head cleared and now it felt like something other than his own thoughts were part of him.

The dragon snorted.

Ori'verda was perplexed, there was no other person in the cave, yet a voice could clearly be heard speaking to him. The dragon's mouth did not move.

"This is not your world. Why is your actions directed at trying to kill our kin?"

Ori'verda studied the expression of the dragon. Some form of telepathy?
"Your answer warrior!"
There was no sound in the cave besides their breathing, yet in the Mandalorian's head it sounded like he was being shout at.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 25 2013, 1:50pm says:

Did an Arkanian dragon, classified as semi-intelligent by galactic administrations, just talk to a Mandalorian? The sound of its voice was heavy, as if it wasn't actually speaking but breathing its flame that somehow melded into understandable words, words in galactic basic to boot.

The fact this Arkanian Dragon talked to Ori'verda instead of frying him, and addressed him as warrior was quite flattering. At least to Ori'verda.

"My actions are that of preservation, I protect the innocent Arkanian miners and tried to save those that were caught in the talons of your kin. Make no mistake, I am a warrior, it is my bloody business to make forge my wealth through blood, but I am not an aggressor."

"You may as yourself, what brings a Mandalorian to Arkania? Exploration, the galaxy is vast, I anticipated no harm done in trying to unravel some of its secrets."

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 25 2013, 8:17pm says:

"Missinformed! Ignorant!"
The dragon roared, and looked Ori'verda in the eyes. It's green eyes glowed like crystal.
"Aggression takes many forms. The aggressors use swords and arrows against it's victims. Does the sword and arrow have a say in this matter? Not.
You have no business here, for you do not know which side you play."

The dragon raises his head. The reflection form the diamonds play patterns on his scales and gives the illusion of changing colors on the dragon, ranging from cold purple to bright orange.

"Your false sense of preservation only dooms those that cannot fight."

A sliver of silver can be seen on the dragon's chest. A battlescar? or a feature of older dragons?

There are no secrets here, only those you wish to make from ignoring the truth. You anticipated wrong. Now give reason to me that I may not end your reckless exploration."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 26 2013, 3:00am says:

OOC: Yeah... I'm gonna go ahead and totally ignore COT's move.

"Because I am not one to be threatened, nor do I back down from a challenge. Should you defeat me, more will come in my place so be glad you only face one Mandalorian today for tomorrow there could be hundreds, the day after that thousands, I'm sure you get my point."

It had easily become second nature to Ori'verda, almost sub-consciously his arm moved to the hilt of the beskad that hung on his back, next to his jetpack. With one downwards swoop the blade was unsheathed and drawn in its full glory, the sound reverberating through the cave and the crystal light dancing on the beskar steel itself.

Tremor, the ancient beskad katana hovered in the direction of the mighty serpent. It was light and quick, eager to find something to cleave through.

However, after a few moments the sword started to feel heavy and holding it caused pain. Blast, Ori'verda had suffered an injury to his sword arm, which unfortunately also held his wrist blaster. He carried on the fa├žade in the hopes the dragon would not see past it.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 26 2013, 7:07am says:

OOC: I don't mind ppl joining in, just know where we are int he story and respect the formality that I'm driving the ultimate outcome of the event.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 26 2013, 8:02am says:

The dragon was unfazed. Standing his ground.

"Threatening me is a hollow action. Your armies will find nothing to defeat here warrior."

Ori'verda might be able to withstand physical exhaustion and pain, but the cold weekended his mental resolve just enough sothat the buzz in his head caused him enough pain to let him drop his sword in his lap.

How could this be normal pain he has learned to conquer so long ago? Somewhat fazed by this, Ori'verda looked up to see the dragon's tail about to crush his scull.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 26 2013, 8:15am says:

With what strength he could muster, he rolled over, the tail missed him by mere inches. But the momentum, the power it carried into the ground shook him. Ori'verda lied on his back and simply laughed.

"But Mandalorians don't make threats, we make promises."

If he could not beat the pain in his head, he could at least trick it or himself by being mentally unfit either way. Of course he wasn't in a condition to fight, with a injured sword arm and who knows what other damage he sustained. Best he could do was resist death and occasionally nudge it with a club.

Ori'verda waited for the serpent's tail to go down again, once more he rolled away from it and this time it just barely missed him. The momentum he built up combined with the force of the dragon's attack sent him twirling through the air like a dart, but it gave him a chance to land on his feet. Quickly, he fell to a knee, pain on his entire left side from knee to chest.

Tremor was a few meters away, but it seemed like the other end of the galaxy. So with his good arm he raised the broken one and fired a few blaster shots in the general direction of the dragon, his vision was clouded. Had he hit anything?

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 26 2013, 8:35am says:

shots chipped and ricochet off the diamond walls. Some recolliding with walls once or twice. One however was going for a headshot.

A searing rumble reverberated through the cave as the dragon spit a jet of flame and extinguished the blaster shot mid flight. A winged claw came down on Ori'verda.
It was met with Tremor inches above the Mandalorian's face. What happened next only took a second.

All the dragon had to do was overpower the injured Mandalorian. The dragon's claw and sword closed the remaining inches between Ori'verda's face.

Ori'verda's mind was filled with images. Images of death, extinction. Great machines consuming a world from the inside out.
The dragon was not his enemy.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 26 2013, 8:55am says:

The portrait of death would have amused Ori'verda, was it not such a one-sided butchery. Arkanians directing drones and large metal constructs into the deep reaches of Arkania, crushing everything in front of it and leaving wealth in its wake that is quickly taken from workers and used by the greedy to fuel their hunger for more. In the distance, flights of Arkanian dragons turn their gaze from this destruction and move to other reaches, but always followed by the machines.

Then Ori'verda returned to reality, the rather foul breath of the dragon looming over him nearly knocked him out of reality again.

"So... It seems you too act in name of preservation?"

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 26 2013, 1:09pm says:

The dragon, lifts his head up, snorts, still holding the Mandalorian down.
"The action you speak of is misguided. We act in the name of our kin.
You do not have the right to decide what is preserved here offworlder.
That right is earned here through kinship."

The dragon squints at Ori'verda.
"So I ask you warrior. Do you know the true action of preservation?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 26 2013, 1:36pm says:

"If you are asking of me, would I lay down my live for my kin, my brothers, and my home. Then yes, I would, without hesitation."

Kinship and brotherhood, both were familiar concepts to Ori'verda, to any Mandalorian. Along with the Resol'nare, the Six Actions, among the six was self-defence, a form of preservation. It extended to your tribe and kin.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 27 2013, 4:30pm says:

"Then you shall either become a sword performing the action of preservation here, or leave. Dead or alive," The dragon replied and released his talon from Ori'verda.

The sudden move almost made Ori'verda drop his sword again. Sweat was dripping from the Mandalorian's brow. The dragon calmly stared at him as if waiting for an answer to a question. Vapor from the cold steaming out of it's nostrils.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 28 2013, 3:56am says:

"You do not count among my brothers, so I don't have to help you. But I will. Just be sure to fly me to a hospital first, unless you haven't noticed I am kinda bleeding to death and need to get patched up before I start a rampage on the Arkanians."

With that said, Ori'verda looked to his sword Tremor and wondered how the hell it got into his hands from where it was. Then he passed out.

OOC: Note to self, never write comments in the morning.

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Sab3rr Creator
Sab3rr Jun 28 2013, 11:00am says:

Ori'verda awakes in a small cave. Orange light pulses around him. There is a small fire and what a looks like all sorts of gear and supplies in piles around him. Most likely salvaged from the mining camp or miners themselves.

Food, state-of-the-art heating clothes and all of the Mandalorian's guns and gear lay there.
Ori'verda feels rested and healed, but how he got to this state he did not know. It did not matter.

A voice came to him, "The arrows are strung warrior, make ready."

A grinding noise in the distance became louder and louder. Ori'verda exited the cave. He was in the melted tunnel he first entered from the mining tunnels. He looked back, but for some reason the entrance to the cave he was just in could not be seen.

At that moment a huge drilling rig burst through the tunnel wall farther down heading in the general direction of the mountain's core. A battlecry of roars could be heard further down. All hell broke loose in the tunnels below the mining camp.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Jun 28 2013, 11:55am says:

OOC: What? Mandalorians and battle music go hand in hand.


Before he knew it, the gathering of dragons flew past him with the one that had shown him the visions sweeping the Mandalorian along. Momentarily Ori'verda was blinded as the dragon erupted from the mountain, all around him a host of Arkanian Dragons appeared and formed a vengeful swarm, the anger could be seen in their eyes and the flames dripping from their razor sharp fangs. Their very soul craved for revenge against those who intruded on their grounds to put it to the sword and conquer it in the name of lust and greed.

Ori'verda climbed up the dragon, sitting on its neck as its kin flew around in circles. Far beneath a large fire could be seen, the fire of industry.

"What's your name dragon?"

It breathed its fire in a furious storm of blue flame and dove into it with the Mandalorian on its back.

"Try pronouncing it warrior."

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OOC: Since Ten is extremely busy (and probably serving me my own medicine), GM has granted me approval to do some side missions which I was planning to have done miraculously during my vacation, to fill the gaps and not make it seem as though my character dropped off the face of the galaxy.

*During his time as Mand'alor, Ori'verda never felt truly ready for it, despite years of training the feeling of not having earned it and not being strong enough to be their leader haunted him, despite others often trying to convince him otherwise.*

*From his years in exile he learned many things, made arrangements but before the chance was given to pursue these journeys the Uprising began and Ori'verda returned home to liberate Mandalore.*

*Now, after so much time has passed without the galaxy's empires moving in on his people with weapons aimed high like in the past, he sees an opportune moment to finish what he had started.*

*Arkania was home to fearsome, semi-sentient beasts known as Arkanian Dragons, during his exile Ori'verda learned about them and their formidable nature. Whilst the galaxy outlawed hunting the creatures, the same rules of course never applied to Mandalorians.*

*The Chariot landed on the outskirts of a populated town, Ori'verda immediately headed for the mountainous area ahead of him. Hoping to find dragons there.*

OOC: Oh and the role of dragon is taken.

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