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After a coup from a certain admin, she kicked everyone out and locked the Clone Wars! group so it is not to be accessed anymore, but this doesn't stop our fandom!

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After a coup from a certain admin, she kicked everyone out and locked the Clone Wars! group so it is not to be accessed anymore, but she was banned from moddb and power has been restored please re-join us!

We would really like for you to return to the group for both old and new Clone Wars and related.
You have no idea what has been going on? Let me explain

1. "backstabbed" her moddb friends and removed all other admins.
2. That member eventually gave it up and fooled Ozzy into thinking he was the exclusive admin but he wasn't.
3. With this she kicked EVERYONE out.
4. Locked the page to private.
5. Vandalized the group
6. I contacted MODDB they saw her madness and then temporary banned her and gave me as the founder power back.
7. I opened the group and rebuilt the front page, (same text but different images, I had saved the text on my computer in case this would happen)
8. I try to get people back, This time I will not share member management so this wont happen again, but I will share all the other powers like editing the front page.


Contact the admins. They will help.

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CaptainRegor Author

Then you missunderstond the line
"but she was banned from moddb and power has been restored..."
means moddb dealt with it and everything is back to normal, well when people have gotten back in.

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Sanguinius Creator

I'm really glad to see this group back in order, i was in the group since beginning but i left it before all this happened because she was acting like a spoiled brat with god complex.

Give admin rights only to the people you really "trust" and know they are mature.

Oh and thanks for the invite :P

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Who is the wondrous women?

Sorry I have a thing for evil women who are powerful.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

That's why your group was private yesterday ?

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CaptainRegor Author

Yes, it is also way all the front page images are different, everything is looking bright now though! :)

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All is as it should be again. As Sanguinius said, share only power with those you really trust. I will still gladly admin if you would like.

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