"Space, the final frontier..." These are the opening words of one of the most famous sci-fis ever created. The opening words of one of the biggest franchises ever existed. The opening words of Roddenberry's vision, called Star Trek. The purpose of this group is to bring together everybody, who likes Star Trek, and to review the best games and mods based on this fantastic universe. I hope this group will bring the local Star Trek community together, and be a place, where everybody can talk about this great science fiction, and enjoy the company of each other.

Star Trek TNG S3EP26 "The Best of Both Worlds" P1

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Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 Episode 26 "The Best of Both Worlds" Part 1.

While investigating the mysterious destruction of a Federation Colony, the Enterprise intercepts a Borg Cube heading directly towards Earth. Unable to affect the Borg, Captain Picard is captured and assimilated into the collective as a huge battle between Starfleet and the Borg ensues.

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