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Once again we turn our calendars over to a new month its time to reflect on the previous months mod releases. Sit back, relax and absorb the mods!

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August started out quite slow with only a few mods trickling in from that great thing we call the Internet, only picking up near the end of the month with some very major releases like Earth Special Forces and Project Reality! Lets hope next month is even better!

Mods Featured

'Till next time mod away my good friends and watch this group for updates.

INtense! Creator

awesome stuff, hardcore clip at the end with the whole "medic attempting cpr". Good to see mods exploring new ideas, it looks like the Farcry 2 team are attempting something different with their focus on gameplay immersion.

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Its just an animation Intense.. lol. I'll admit though they did a great job at transforming the revival machine that was originally in the game into a CPR animation :D that's a really creative way of doing it.

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INtense! Creator

I didn't make my point clear enough, I'm just saying its good that abitary gameplay concepts devised 20 years ago (i.e. health packs, ammo boxes) are slowly been phased out as developers explore different ideas to achieve the same result.

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Henley Author

ya i thought it was hardcore :D

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Haha! That's cool... Hardcore indeed! Nice video once again Henley! :D

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Not just an animation, a good concept with supporting model, textures, animations and audio fx. I thought it was pretty awesome myself.

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Have you thought about doing audio commentary? It would be helpful, I watch these videos to catch up with what I've missed, and if you'd explain some about what we're seeing and what stage the mod is in it'd be much more informative.
Nevertheless, nice recap!

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That's what the Modcast is for:

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Wait didnt you guys confuse Earth Special forces with DBZ-Half life mod? it looked alot like DBZ

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Henley Author

thats because it is DBZ

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Lookin good!

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