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Who should be in government?
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ComradeWinston Nov 21 2012 says:

Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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Mr.Walrus Author
Mr.Walrus Nov 21 2012 replied:

How about a tribunal of:

-Neil Degrasse Tyson
-Michio Kaku
-Carl Sagan (because Sagan can never really die)

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ComradeWinston Nov 21 2012 replied:

I'd replace Kaku with Krauss for the sake of pragmatism. I've seen a lot of Michio and he always seems gives off a sort of a preachy hope vibe that I've come to be a bit wary of.

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Mr.Walrus Author
Mr.Walrus Nov 22 2012 replied:

Okay that's actually a very good idea. Michio Kaku does strike me as a little too optimistic (not holding anything against him, we need optimists, and I greatly respect Kaku anyway), and with relative optimists Sagan and Tyson already on the tribunal there'd need to be some balance. I feel like Krauss would be teamed up against and overrun a lot though...

First time I saw one of Krauss' videos I got so depressed though. "WHAT? Everyone else said the universe was awesome, this guy makes it seem in a worse situation than Earth..."

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ComradeWinston Nov 22 2012 replied:

Exactly, if either of the other two weren't so optimistic the whole world would commit mass suicide.

Hmm, on second thought...

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MattmanDude Creator
MattmanDude Nov 21 2012 says:

For the USA...

Chuck Norris for President.

Ted Nugent for Secretary of Defense.

(lol okay in all seriousness now...)

I think government is best run by groups of many people from many different backgrounds, and usually is best when it stays small and empowers its people to make decisions.

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Yuribeard7 Dec 29 2012 replied:

Roundhouse kick ALL the things!

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TyXo Nov 21 2012 says:

I'm not from US, but, in my country (Brazil), I think that would be better military persons and professors/teachers. I would love to see a dictatorship (not a communist dictatorship or a rascist one). Between security and good education (I dont mind to say hail to someone) x free speech, I would choose the first. ok, my english is not that good so D: dont kill me D:

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Fluffkind Nov 22 2012 says:

I have this idea where in addition to a general election that everybody votes in we have several smaller elections, one for each "department of government". The election you get to vote in is determined by your education. Hopefully this would mean less uninformed voters and also less uninformed politicians. When you intimately know the politicians subject it will be harder for him to ******** or rely on rhetoric.

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attackmike Nov 25 2012 says:

"Personally, I'd like to see a country almost entirely run by scientists and philosophers. "

interesting and how would you propose to divide the country's resources between fields of science.

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Mr.Walrus Author
Mr.Walrus Nov 25 2012 replied:

Democracy, my friend, democracy. I'm saying that I'd like to see a republic elect a bunch of scientists and philosophers, rather than lawyers and buisnessmen, not some sort of scientific oligarchy.

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Cervi_Messias Creator
Cervi_Messias Nov 28 2012 says:

I think we should make Deer_hunter God Emporer...

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Cpt.Dann Apr 21 2013 says:

TheAmazingAtheist as president, me as Vice President, Adam Savage as Secretary of Defense, Richard Dawkins as president of National Science Administration, George Carlin as new Statue of the American Dream, Bill Maher as Ambassador...

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Who do you think would be the ideal group of people to run government? Which proffessions or specific mentalities would you see as being the best to preside over a nation/what combination of them?

Personally, I'd like to see a country almost entirely run by scientists and philosophers. My only worry is that they'd become too disconnected from the common man, though I think that they're a lot more sympathetic than the lawmakers which preside over the government currently.

Nov 21st, 2012
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