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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus


And make sure to send their body parts to us wicked liberals that we may feast upon their flesh. BLOOD FOR ZE BLOOD GOD

EDIT: LOL I thought this was the humor group for a second.

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ElfFriend Creator

food inc. deals with illegal immigrants that work in slaughter factories which is mostly a job that no normal person would ever want to do unless they are completely desperate for money. actually food inc. even though its mostly a show about food, deals with some immigration issues so that would be a good source to watch.

I however think that in a increasingly connected world we should be allowed to live wherever we want. its sort of surprising how i am almost supporting a one world government even though I am watching america's second revolution in the background. so i better clarify that such power as the government of the entire world would have would defiantly destroy any normal person.

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Immigrants here are doing a job not many of our own can do. They often come to NZ stuffed full of money, and they don't care how much we want for a section, house or business. They buy it, and in return inject money into our faltering economy. They're also blinkin motivated and the not so well off will often work the jobs no one wants.
Although many of us often complain that our government is selling us out because those houses and business's should of gone to us "true" Kiwis, what they fail to understand is that money that we don't have is being brought in from these immigrants.

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Kalga Creator

Remember, if (regular) people want to come to your country, then that's an indication that your country is doing pretty well (at the very least compare to its neighbors)...

... now if it's a bunch of rich CEOs coming to your country simply to stash their millions (or billions) so they won't get taxed on those, then your country might have a problem...

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

I couldn't have said it better, Kalga.

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What should we blame them for and how should we go about killing them all to purify our wonderful perfect gene pools?

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