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Славенске Единство - Slavjenske Jedinstvo

Славенске Единство - Slavjenske Jedinstvo

Feb 28, 2015 News 0 comments

Одна Крв, Один Род, Одна Зем ! Jedna Krv, Jeden Rod, Jedna Zem !

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Slavian Jan 25 2015, 3:47pm says:

This is how Slovakia greeted president Poroshenko in Bratislava.

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RavenTheKiller Feb 2 2015, 11:16am replied:

Hehehehehe good job.Soon,the fashist line will be broken.The army of Новороссия is one step closer to victory every day.
I feel sorry for some Ukrainians who are actually good people but still fight for the wrong side (Kiev's side).I hope nothing bad happens to them.I just hope the Nazis will finally go down.

Btw,have you seen that legend Syriza in Greece?The guy totally ****** Merkel and the rest of the "4th Reich" off.Greece finally stood up.
I'm just ashamed of what Serbia is doing.

As for my country,I just keep laughing at it.We ain't going anywhere,neither towards Europe,nor towards Russia.God knows what's happening here.There's about 10 000 (or even more,but I hope not) Mujahideens here.But from those 10 000,7 000 were in ISIS for sure.I'm afraid a new stupid war is coming here...

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Slavian Feb 3 2015, 10:48pm replied:

Yes, many good people in Ukraine are simply decieved and misled by their own media.
They were pretty much telling them that Russia is preparing an invasion of Europe and that they need help from EU and the US to prevent it - this is what two ukrainians from the western regions told me.

I don't know anything about Syriza in Greece. Tell us.
All I know recently about the Blakans is that Serbia is economicaly in bad shape and Slovenia with Croatia isn't that far behind.

Explain us, why do you think that someone may be interested to wage war in the Balkans. Is the situation in the Balkans between the Moslims and Christians that bad in the Balkans?

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RavenTheKiller Feb 4 2015, 7:11am replied:

About Syriza.The guy just won the elections and he's the president of Greece.I think he's from a socialist party.Anyway,the guy already fixed the worst financial problems in Greece,he also wants EU to pay Greece for some debts (I don't know much about this),and he's leading Greece out of EU.

As for Balkans,the situation was always critical.
Not just between Muslims and Christians,but between Christians themselves.I don't know who or when is he planning to start a war here but Balkans are known because of wars that start every 20 years.Now it's about 20 years since the war in Yugoslavia ended,and things are still critical.I was just looking over the internet few days back and I saw that there are about 10 000 radical islamists here from Arabia,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Turkey,Iran etc.Some documents say there are even more,but I sure as Hell hope there are no more than 10 000.And 10 000 is too much already.

Read this when you get some free time.It's an interesting document.

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Slavian Feb 8 2015, 7:16pm replied:

Here is a fresh article about Al-Qaeda. I know you follow this kind of info since you're closer to Turkey or Syria than us.
According to the article, the al-Qaeda is financed by the Saudi Arabia, supported by some in Israel and we know that they also used to be trained in the US. The circle seems to be complete now.

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RavenTheKiller Feb 10 2015, 12:58pm replied:

I just had a quick view of this,but I'll read the whole article in a few days when I get some time off.Looks pretty interesting.
But,I don't know,I just can't believe that Israelis actually sided with jihadi groups in Syria...
I mean,it's just that I like the Israelis and that I know they fight the terrorists and radical groups,so I just can't believe what I just read.Maybe it is true,but I really hope it's not.
I know many people talk bad of Israel,but 2 years ago I stayed in Jerusalem for 2 weeks and the people there seem pretty nice.

Well,it's just the matter of time until we see who's really behind the conflicts in Gaza,Ukraine and Syria. (but I think many of us already know who that might be)

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Slavian Feb 10 2015, 1:36pm replied:

Yes, the regular people are nice almost everywhere, it's their greedy politicians that don't play straight games.

Raven, I follow that news site for quite some time. It belongs to Robert Parry and his team of reporters. R.P. especially does his work right. He has contacts and he always researches the material regarding his story.
He is a professional, not some "theory" writer.

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RavenTheKiller Feb 10 2015, 5:15pm replied:

That is correct.The politicians ruin the whole picture of the nation they belong to.Except some rules who got eliminated by the US government.

Well,I'll read the article,then I'll express my opinions about it.

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Slavian Feb 6 2015, 11:01pm replied:

Someone did his homework on that article.

Well, it confirms what we discussed before about the US sticking their nose into places they don't belong. I just can't believe that people are still trusting the US, despite the US having a long list of screw-up since WWII. Unbelievable.

Second, it confirms what I read about the US and Al-Qaeda from 70's. The CIA trained Osama Bin-Laden in the US and then dispatched him into Afghanistan in the late 70's. His mission was to recruit and train new Al-Qaeda leaders and para-military units in order to cripple the south of USSR. That's why the Soviet Army entered Afghanistan in 1980? - they went to put an end to that.
This also makes the picture I posted on my profile valid.

Everyone in the Balkans either hated Tito or everyone simply conveniently forgot what he was telling you all those years. I cannot believe it's so hard for you guys to communicate down there.
Raven, I hope this new generation of Balkan Slavs is less hateful.
That article kind of shows that the Balkans don't seem to be even close to just start talks about any unification.

May Peace be with you, my brother.

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RavenTheKiller Feb 7 2015, 4:12am replied:

I don't know why exactly the Soviets went to Afghanistan but my guess is just that - terrorist activity that represents a big threat to the USSR.And until I saw this video I posted I did not know that the USSR were arming one side of Afghanistan too.I thought only the US were arming the whole of Afghanistan to stop the Soviets.

Bin-Laden was just a puppet,like many of these terrorists.And,sadly,after dozens of versions of his death I can say that I honestly don't believe he's dead.I still think he's hiding somewhere in one of those caves of his.It's Americas' fault he's a terrorist so I just say let them clean up their mess if they can.

Balkans are,like we all know,complicated.Especialy the part where I live.The new generations are weird.Instead of making love and going on,they follow their family's ideologies.But there still is hope.The only problem of these new generations is that they always think about that stupid war.And I don't think it's their fault,but their parents'.
The most important thing is that there are people who are standing for the unification.I sure hope it will happen one day.

May peace be with you too brother!

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RavenTheKiller Feb 4 2015, 2:59pm replied:

Correction,my mistake.The guy who won the elections in Greece is Tsipras and he's the premiere of Greece,not the president.

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Slavian Feb 6 2015, 10:09pm replied:

Yes, i just read something about Greece.
They are thinking about exiting the EU. I also read something about Greece sueing the EU and the IMF for manipulating Greece into some kind of bad loans or some like that.

I guess there is more to come out of Greece.

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RavenTheKiller Feb 7 2015, 4:03am replied:

Yep,that's exactly it.
Did you see on the news that Obama and the rest of the EU doesn't like Merkel and Germany a lot anymore?Few days ago,she said that Germany is a "machine that runs whole of EU".
The truth came out,but I don't think people will react how they should react on this statement...

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majo-213 Jan 23 2015, 3:00pm says:

I see most Ukrainians in moddb change their homeland to Russian Federation its terrible that war betwen big slavic nations brother kill brother...

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Slavian Jan 24 2015, 4:08pm replied:

Čau, Majo.
Podľa toho, ako to komentujú naše médiá, to vyzerá ako vojna medzi dvomi bratskými národmi. Keď sa ale pozrieme pod povrch, zistíme, že je to všetko riadené kapitálom zo západu (väčšinou z USA).

Pred týmto konfliktom, Ruská ekonómia nabierala dobré momentum a navyše Rusko buduje nový ekonomický systém (Euro-Ázijský Ekonomický Soviet, EAES), do ktorého mala byť zahrnutá aj Ukrajina.

Amerika toto nemohla dopustiť, aby niekto vybudoval nezávislú ekonómiu, ktorá by konkurovala systému, ktorý dali do pohybu práve týto imperialisti. Preto našli na Ukrajine prívržencov OUN (Organizácia Ukrajinských Nacionalistov) a zorganizovali ich pre zvrhnutie Janukoviča, ktorý by toto členstvo EAES podpísal.
Týmto nacionalistom nasľuboval západ "hory, doly" a oni to zožrali aj s topánkami. Pretože týto nacionalisti zhodili bývalého prezidenta, ako za odmenu im boli pridelené isté pozície vo vláde. Ich nenávisť je výsledkom toho, čo sa dnes deje na Ukrajine.

Prívrženci OUN sú poväčšine v okolí Lviva a trochu v okolí Kyjeva, ostatok Ukrajiny s nacionalizmom a fašizmom nesúhlsí. Politická strana Svoboda, sa hlási k pokračovaniu zásad OUN. Tie dobrovoľnícke vojenské jednotky, ktoré bojujú po strane Ukrajinskej Armády sú poväčšinou financované stranou Svoboda. Tak ako v minulosti OUN zorganizovali UPA (Ukrajinská Povstalecká Armáda), tak dnes Svoboda organizuje tieto batalióny.

Toto by ti malo dať lepšie porozumenie toho, čo sa tam deje. Naše pro-západné média ani nečítaj, informácie sú tam veľmi skreslené.

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majo-213 Jan 25 2015, 2:43pm replied:

To je jasne.OUN bola aktivna uz pred majdanom,a USA ich vyuzili ako uzitocnych idiotov,5 bilionov dolarov ich stal prevrat.
No a dnesna vlada tak ti ludia boli uz za janukovyca len poprehadzovali kabaty im islo o to aby sa nahrabali,OUN je nebezpecna organizacia boja sa ich aj ukrajinsky politici preto ich clenov posielaju na vychod skapinat v boji proti moskalom a akoze ruskym agresorom.
Cely zapad od lvova po kyjev su fanatici bodaj by nie ved ten neustaly brainwashing o moskaloch a zlom Putinovy uroby svoje.napr na tomto videu zena z luhanska ked povedala ze usla pred ukro armadou ktora vrazdi civilistov tak ju skoro zlyncovali majdancici z kyjeva.

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Slavian Jan 25 2015, 3:19pm replied:

Majo náš, to video hovorí samo o sebe.
Aká hanba. Tí ľudia vážne prešli "dôkladnou úpravou" svojich mozgov.

watch the video above, Majo posted.
It showes a lady from Lugansk, as she tries to tell the journalists that she witnessed the Ukrainian Army bombing and kiling ukrainian citizens of russian decent.
Watch their reaction.

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Slavian Jan 24 2015, 4:35pm replied:

Alright guys, now I will summarize in english what I wrote in slovakian above. I tried online translators before, but they don't translate very clearly.

"According to comments in a our slovak media, it seems like a war between two brotherly nations. But if we take a look under the surface, we see that all of this is driven by the western capital [mostly from the US].

Prior to this conflict, Russian economy was picking up momentum and on top of it, Russia is building a new economical system [Euro-Asian Economical Union, EAEU], into which the Ukraine was suppose to be assigned.

The US could not let this happen, to let someone build an independent economy that would compete with the one the imperialists built. That's why they had to find supporters of OUN [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] and organize them to overthrow Yanukovich, who would sign the membership into EAEU.
The West promised these nationalists "life in paradise" and they swalowed it with the "boots". Because these nazis overthowed the former president, as a reward, they gained certain posts in the government. Their hatered is the result of what is happening in the Ukraine today.

Supporters of OUN are mostly in the region of Lviv and little bit around Kyjev as well, the rest of Ukrajine doesn't support nacizm or faschism. The political party Svoboda claims to continue the legacy of the former OUN. Those volunteer, para-military units fighting along side the Ukrainian Army are mostly financed by the Svoboda party.
Just like before the OUN organized the UPA [Ukraine Insurgent Army], so today does the Svoboda Party organize these fighting batalions.

This should be enough to gain better understanding for the events in the Ukrajine. Our EU news media are misleading."

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Cookiestealer Jan 23 2015, 5:13pm replied:

Sorry, but i don't see a war between slavic nations there. It's war between reality and illusion, between money and soul, stupid propaganda and intellect, lie and critical thinking. Some of ukrainians are just understand now what's going on, and some aren't. Pity. But hope they will.

There are about 820.000 refugees in Russia according to official UN statistics, and about a million according to our federal migration service + hundreds of unregistered, like one of my ukrainian friends with his family. Of course now he calls himself russian, and he really is russian for all of us.

So, no. There is no war between two nations. I love ukrainians, because i can't hate that part of my bloodline. There's no difference how they call themselves after that long-forgotten political and ideological separation from Russia - brother is brother.

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Slavian Jan 24 2015, 4:54pm replied:

The Russian people are certainly better informed and understand what's behind the conflict. People living inside the EU zone are fed pro-western propaganda. That's why they even think that Russia may be faulty in this conflict as well.

Conflicts of old, were mostly about territory.
Conflicts nowdays, are about political and ecomical dominance.

In today's conflicts, people should always look for money [$$$], energy [oil, gas] and other resourses [natural resourses, soil quality, cheap labor].
We know that US corporations are already working in the Ukraine to extract oil and gas. The soil in the Ukraine is so fertile, you can probably spread the seeds from the aeroplane and you will get fields of wheat without touching/working the soil. The ukrainian people are so eager to work, they will work for the minimum wage.

Those of you that understand russian and czech, watch the latest 3 videos on my profile. You may have to understand some economy basics to get the full sense of it.

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Cookiestealer Jan 24 2015, 9:40am replied:

Hope i haven't offended any of ukrainians. Sure many will disagree with me, but i really respect any opinions.

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Cookiestealer Jan 23 2015, 5:20pm replied:

I only can hope that it'll end as soon as possible. But you all guys know who wants this war to continue :\

Oh, my awful english.

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