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Slavian Jul 22 2014, 2:14pm says:

Alright, let's discuss our languages then.

There has been an unified effort of several Slavic Linguists to create one common language for us, to be able to communicate more effectively. Two projects merged together with their experts to bring us this ability.

The former one is the Interslavic Language -
It is based on the common Slavic Language Roots of our languages.

The other one is called the NEOSLAVONIC -
It is almost the same as the former one, except that this one brings a bit more old authentic feel to it by introducing the Old Church Slavonic language that was used in the historic region of Macedonia and from which are also derived today's Slavic Languages.

These two groups cooperate on many levels and one of them is also a News Site -

If we ever want to achieve any kind of UNITY, we need to be able to communicate effectively. I believe that this Common Slavic Language is lot easier to learn for any Slav than learning completely unrelated, foreign language.

Give it a try and send the links to your friends as well.

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Slavian Jul 24 2014, 3:52pm replied:

Novoslovienskij jazyk - Новословіенскиј јазык

Projekt novoslovienskego jazyka jest častij modernego trenda tvorienija meždujazykov, iže na razliku ot starego Esperanta sut postavieni na komunikaciji speciјalnih jazyčnih s'vazov. Tuty jazyky imajut prednost v tom, že jim ljudi razumijut bez potreby velikego učenija, zatože tuti jazyky sut blizki jih rodnim jazykam.

Пројект новословіенскего јазыка јест частиј модернего тренда творіенија междујазыков, иже на разлику от старего Есперанта сут поставіени на коммуникацији специјалних јазычних съвазов. Туты јазыкы имајут предност в том, же јим људи разумијут без потребы великего ученија, затоже туты јазыкы сут близки јиx родним јазыкам.

Προιεκτ νοβοσλοβιενσκεγο ιαζυκα ιεστ τζαστηι μοδερνεγο τρενδα τβοριενηια μεζχδουιαζυκοβ, ηζχε να ραζληκου οτ σταρεγο Εσπεραντα σουτ ποσταβιενη να κομουνηκατσηιη σπετσηјαλνηχ ιαζυτζνηχ σ'βαζοβ. Τουτυ ιαζυκυ ημαιουτ πρεδνοστ β τομ, ζχε ιημ λιουδη ραζουμηιουτ μπεζ ποτρεμπυ βεληκεγο ουτζενηια, ζατοζχε τουτη ιαζυκυ σουτ μπληζκη ιηχ ροδνημ ιαζυκαμ.

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Yurikun Jul 23 2014, 3:00pm replied:

I remember when I was in elementary school, teachers used to say that I'm pretty good at learning foreign languages. Moreover I'm interested in Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese (from which I learned one of theirs alphabets called - Hiragana). Guess I shall try to look into these see if I can manage to learn or at least remember anything. :)

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Slavian Jul 24 2014, 4:00pm replied:
Check the alphabets on the bottom of the above page link.
You may like it.

Regarding Chineese - one person told me that depending on a region, they could have up to 3000 [and more] symbols to express themselves in writing. That sounds like a lot of learning to me.

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Slavian Jul 24 2014, 1:26pm replied:

I read some of the news in the InterSlavic or NeoSlavic as they call it - I understood 90% clearly and the rest I can figure out. My advantage may be however that we had Russian Language in our schools for 8 years and I can also communicate easy with folks from Poland, Ukraine and Czech of course.

Once you speak one Slavic Lamguage, it is very easy to master this IS/NS Language. There's not that much learning to do.

Those folks seem to be looking for volunteers to translate various text, if anyone has plenty of time, they can help as well.

Once you master this IS/NS Language, we will be able to talk to any Slav out there. That's a great start for our unification.

When I get used to the IS/NS, I will start using it here - instead of english. We should have our own Languge to communicate.

Sloviani, sojedinite sa!

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Cookiestealer Oct 12 2014, 5:03pm replied:

Sounds great. It's really easy and much more pleasant to read. I'd try to post something in NS one day. Thank you for sharing.

Благодарю :)

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Yurikun Jul 24 2014, 2:16pm replied:

Not sure which to begin with any recommendations? I'm thinking about taking deeper look into Neoslavonic.

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Slavian Jul 24 2014, 2:30pm replied:

Yes, me too.
To me, the presence of the Old Church Slavonic or also called by some the Ancient Slavonic, simply completes and improves the communication.

The author of the former InterSlavic Language is from a Baltic Region and is used mostly to Nothern and Eastern Slavic Languages. The inclusion of the Macedonian Style in the later NS, should make it to appeal to any Slav out there.

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CZelednikov Creator
CZelednikov Jul 16 2014, 5:23am says:

Guys a need to ask you to AVOID political disscusion (posting pictures and comments about politics) as much as possible. This group was NOT intended as place for political discussion.
Thank you guys for understanding.

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RavenTheKiller Jul 22 2014, 2:30pm replied:

No problem my friend :)

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zizizick117 Jul 13 2014, 9:56pm says:

Slavic girls most beautiful .

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Slavian Jul 8 2014, 7:59pm says:

Give me some time. Read the private message I sent you.

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Slavian Jun 23 2014, 10:15am says:

I'm looking for a web hosting service that would allow me to create a web-site for Slavs. I cannot afford to to pay for it, so I would need that service to let me register the name for free [without anual renewals] and also let me use few GB for material storage, forums and mail.

I'm hoping that the server would be located in a Slavic Land and recognize both Latin and Cyrilic alphabets.
If anyone knows of such server, let me know.

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Slavian Jun 23 2014, 10:05am says:

A little input on Ukraine:

Ukraine was planing to enter the new ЭвроАсийский Економический Совет. This would boost Russia's ability to create massive Economic Union on the two continents [Armenia, Kyrgistan, Kazachstan, Belarus, ...].
As you know, this is something that didn't go well in the White House so they had to stop it "by any means". This effort was also financed by certain US corporations which already had billion dollar investments in the Ukraine and also have calculated great profits for the future.

The rest, you already all know.

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RavenTheKiller Jun 23 2014, 5:18pm replied:

I knew that those Nazi protesters were payed by the US to start that madness in Kiev...
But that the US invested billions in Ukraine-that I didn't know at all.It all makes even more sense now...
Thanks for the info brother

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Slavian Jun 26 2014, 9:45pm replied:

Members of the US-Ukraine Business Council:
Melissa Agustin, Director, International Government Affairs & Trade for Monsanto
–Brigitte Dias Ferreira, Counsel, International Affairs for John Deere
–Steven Nadherny, Director, Institutional Relations for agriculture equipment-maker CNH Industrial
–Jeff Rowe, Regional Director for DuPont Pioneer
–John F. Steele, Director, International Affairs for Eli Lilly & Company

Those are just come of the companies that have investments in Ukraine. One of the bigest investors is Cargill Corporation. They invest in Ukraine for more than 20 years in mostly agriculture and some strategic regions as ports.

Cargill sees the huge potential in profits from agriculture - Ukraine could feed the whole Europe. They will employ the Ukrainians, pay them some salary and scoop the profits - how ridiculous.

Companies with decent investments are also, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Raytheon and ExxonMobile.

Those are the corporations that had existing investments in the Ukraine. They demended from Yanukovich to sign the "economic reform" in the Ukraine so they can maximize their profits. Yanukovich refused, they then helped the US goverment to financed his "end".

US goverment themselves invested about $5 billion "in support of Ukraine’s “European aspirations,”
meaning pulling Ukraine away from Russia."

I have other information [in english] about Ukraine and every Ukrainian should read it to see where they got themselves. I feel bad for them, they will loose everything of value and become a cheap labor for greedy western businessmen. This already happened in Czech & Slovak Republics and to some degree in Poland. Next is Croatia [who recently joined the EU] and off course Ukraine.

The western "freedom", "justice" & "human rights" are only "tools" by which they rip you off, enslave you, violate you and degrade you.

Советский Союз - кде ты пошьол ? Ёщо отдыхаеш ?
Нам жалко за тебой !

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RavenTheKiller Jul 3 2014, 11:53am replied:

Exactly the same thing happened here in Yugoslavia.That "freedom" speech really is just a tool to turn things upside-down.

Now I'm worried about those psychos from ISIL.Did you see they even made a map of their so called "United Islamic states"?
Man if they start pulling the strings here in Balkans or the whole Europe it'll be worse then it was back in the time of the Ottomans...

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Slavian Jul 4 2014, 2:53pm replied:

Muslims are forced to unite just like Slavs are, due to the events happening in the Middle East and in our own backyards. I sympathise with Muslims, we all share the same problem. The Russia/Iran friendship should be an example to all of us.

However, some Islamic groups are too extreme, preaching that not only the West is their enemy, but also every Jew and Christian. From my view that's a clear brainwashing, plus it's really dumb to create so many enemies at the same time - bad strategy.

Although, I don't visit church very often, I consider myself a Christian. Now, Muslims, Jews and Christians share the same God - why so much hatred among them? God didn't create people to be killing each other just because they belong to a different church/mosk/synagogue - that's a man's idea and it takes braiwashing.

Now you all understand why religion was forbiden in the good, old USSR. They figured that a Union consisting of many religions would not last too long. They achieved the unity that way, but because people were not familiar with God, they became immoral and material, started demand more goods and the West took advantage of this.

I know that former JugoSlavia was multi ethnic as well and until now there are Muslims that claim to be Slavs. Brothers - let's be Slavs first!
After all, Slavic Muslims and Christians have the same Mother and Father. Religion is simply a way to worship our Father, don't hate each other because you worship a little differently.

Anyone hating or killing others in the name of their religion is brainwashed.
God didn't give such a command to anyone!
I'm sure, I wouldn't want to watch my kids to be killing each other because they associate with different groups - ridiculous.

Peace & Respect !!!

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RavenTheKiller Jul 4 2014, 4:43pm replied:

(read the comment below first :P)
I have to add this too:
The biggest problem in Ex-Yugoslavia were the villagers.They had enough of peaceful life,milking cows or whatever and suddenly they got the idea to start shooting.I told 1 villager that he's so f*ucking retarded if he wants to kill just for fun.And there he stood in front of me,staring at me...f*ucking keeping silent...didn't say a word...

P.S:I got a little carried away so please forgive me for the strong words.

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Slavian Jul 6 2014, 12:20pm replied:

Raven, don't tease them, most of them already realized that they made a mistake. Teasing and blaming them now will not help our unity. It would only separate us further - into those that screw up and those that want to undo it.

You have to talk to people with respect, so they can respect you back. Once people respect you, they will respect your opinion and are more likely to help you to achieve your vision.

Peace & Respect!

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RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014, 12:35pm replied:

Well I do talk to them with respect.This was in the time of war.When I was on a patrol,I talked to this villager,who was in my unit.
I just couldn't believe that our country was breaking apart since we all lived here together-Serbs,Muslims,Croats,Slovenians and many others who came to live with us.We all had fun,we all loved each other and then back in '92 I couldn't just accept the fact that we were enemies then.
Also,there's one book from Ivo Andric (ć),I remembered it in '93 or '94,and it was exactly as he said: "I hug my neighbor,he hugs me,but we would stab each other in the back as soon as 1 of us turns around".

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RavenTheKiller Jul 4 2014, 4:35pm replied:

Well they are forced to unite just like we are-as you said.
But the difference is that they are uniting(in a very sick and crazy way) but we just keep arguing with each other over stupid and horrible things that happened in the past.
Take Yugoslavia for example.Ustashas,Chetniks and the Muslim faschists did a lot of horrible things to each other but also to their own.Partizans were the good ones,and today more and more people hate them just because they think all partizans are communists.And even if they were it's none of their business.Everyone has his ideology.
Today in Croatia,Bosnia(including Serb Republic ofc) and Serbia,people keep arguing on the national level.If you're a Serb-Croats and Muslims will insult you in many ways,if you're a Croat-Serbs and Muslims will insult you,if you're a Muslim-Croats and Serbs will insult you.Actually it'll be more than just insults.
America and EU with that "freedom" speech and that bullsh*t about "human rights" f*cked us up.They turned us against each other,and the worst thing is-this is the Balkans.And everyone knows that the biggest sh*t starts in Balkans.

There are still good Croats,Serbs and Muslims.But those are very few.I personaly don't mind them living with me.I had great time with them back in Yugoslavia.And some of those who survived that dirty bloodshed with me are still fine people.

I hate to see people argue.I want unity.I want peace and real freedom.Not democracy.Socialism is the best if you ask me.Hell,maybe even communism would be the best solution(And I like communism a lot).

I love America as a country and I love Americans.But I hate their politics.They're just ruining the whole world with that democracy.

I just hope one day all Slavs will unite.I'm sick of these separations and borders and everything bad that came from the West.

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Slavian Jul 6 2014, 12:07pm replied:

:) :) :) Yes we know that "Huricanes" start in the Balkans :) :) :) That's why WWI started and the WWII was realy a continuation of the first one.

Just based on this recent history, we can see that Slavs will think of uniting only when something really bad happens. Then, once they get comfortable again, they start thinking about themselves only and don't care about the unity anymore. I guess, we're selfish people.

This is what was done wrong while we were united:
our personal documents should have stated -
nationality: Slavic, citizenship: name of the union.
If everyone was aware that we are of one nation, the West would not be successful to separate us.

To unite us again:
We need finances to do this. The Muslims have oil, they can finance their efforts to unite. In order to unite us, we would need to set up education programs in every republic, just to explain our people that we are "One Slavic Nation" from "One Mother" and off "One Blood". To spill your Brothers Blood is a Sin.

Look, I have some ideas to start some unification efforts, but we would need someone to finance this and once it would be successfull we would need lot more financial aid.

To me, the first and most economical step is to set up a web-site in all Slavic languages, just to find out how our people would feel about Federation of Slavic Republics - our beloved Slavia. However, if we find out that folks like the idea, we cannot just keep chating about it, we would have to act and find someone that would finance our next step.

It all comes down to money, you can't do much without it. If you try uniting someone by a military means, even if you would achieve the Union, it would break apart sooner or later. People must want it themselves.

Yes, it is frustrating to see Slavs arguing among themselves or even hate each other - it's ridiculous!

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RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014, 12:37pm replied:

I like that idea.But as you said yourself,money is the biggest problem.I have no idea where could we get the money for the web-site...And even if we could,the next problem is even bigger.And that problem is acting,as you said it yourself.
Although it might work...We just need to think of something...

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Slavian Jul 6 2014, 1:27pm replied:

We just need to keep our eyes and ears open for an opportunity to come. If our ideas will appeal to someone with a fortune, they may help us out.

Until that, we can only keep chatting and form our ideas.

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RavenTheKiller Jul 6 2014, 1:48pm replied:

Yes but since you got the idea,and here you have me-the first one who likes it,we should try something out.Anything for a start...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Slavian Jul 8 2014, 8:15pm replied:

Give me some time. Read the private message I sent you.

Sorry for the mishap on the top of the page.

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