From the planet of Korriban we emerged.. surrounded in darkness hate and anger... our time has come. The Galaxy will be ours.

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{IODF}Lex531 Admin
Jun 14 2011 Anchor

Let the randomness that made the Sith Empire the great force it is today begin!!

Jun 15 2011 Anchor

Oke. Chicken versus a wooden bucket? Take your bets and write down your opinion.

macIomhair2 Admin
Jun 15 2011 Anchor


Jun 16 2011 Anchor

Just following orders "Let the Randomness begin!!!!"

Ten10dix Your Darkest NightMare...
Jun 17 2011 Anchor

This "Chicken vs Bucket" depends entirely on the size and strenght of the chicken and the size of the bucket. Also it depends if this bucket can move and if the chicken is dark sided or lightsided. If lightsided then the chicken would make peace and harmony with the bucket and taking a walk with it. The chicken shall then think of a lie to make the bucket join the light, but then trip over a branch and break he`s neck. He was so blinded by the light he didn`t see the branch. If he was dark then he`d get his lightsaber, cut the bucket in 2 and use force lightning to burn it to ashes then stomp on the ashes and blow them in the wind.

Therefore i bet on the Chicken for i am sure even a chicken isn`t stupid enough to join the light...

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Think of your darkest Nightmare, think of the thing you never dare to even pronounce it`s name. Think of something so dark, so cunning, so powerful that one look can make grown men weep. Think of the creature in the corner of your eye, the thing you never dare look at, the thing you fear the most.
Think of the thing that comes out of the Shadows to feast on your darkest fears.

I am all these things. And so much more...

Jun 17 2011 Anchor

I thought the wooden bucket would get pecked and survive. You make an interesting argument though.

Jul 20 2011 Anchor

if its a fight to the death, 50c on the bucket!

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