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World Crisis Mod for Generals ZH or TW!! not RA3!! (Groups : SAGE 2D & 3D fans : Forum : Ideas : World Crisis Mod for Generals ZH or TW!! not RA3!!) Locked
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Oct 13 2009, 3:47pm Anchor

Hello everyone,
i had this idea long time ago and i did already some Models (unskinned) for it... but i am not able to mod anything...
Ok this is my Idea:

I thought about 7 Factions..., because everyone can identify with one of this Factions for his motherland.
The Factions:

NAC ==> North American coalition (USA)
SAF ==> South American Federation (Brazil, Mexico, a.s.o.)
ER ==> European Republic
RUS ==> Russia
EAK ==> East Asien Kingdom
ISA ==> Independent State of Australia
AUC ==> African Unity Coalition

For example i am comming from Germany, and i want to play the ER faction against a Player from Russia with RUS, or someone from Australia plays against an African one a.s.o. ...
every Faction gots some Special units ,unitupgrades and/or unique units (like in RA2)
next thing:
Every Factions are splitted into 3 ( 4 ) Forces:
( Naval )
Special Forces

That enough for now, more ideas wanted !!!

How should the weaponsystems work ?
which timeline ?
how and which resources should be used?

Let us discuss !
and last but not least here some models

Headquarters Building




Guardtower with Energyweapon

Powerplant or silo or something

The Construction Crane

Greetz Ribot1980

Oct 13 2009, 4:08pm Anchor

Wow, awesome models.

But if you do want great naval battles, I'd suggest you making a mod for RA3... AFAIK, Generals/C&C3 aren't good enough for it.

Even BFME/BFME2, as far as I remember, there you rather "hired" ships by capturing an appropriate building and producing them, ie not building a shipyard yourself. :-)

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Oct 14 2009, 1:27pm Anchor

BFME / BFME2 ? what is this?

the problem of RA3 is i dislike the new buildsystem. i miss the 360° building placings, i don´t want to build buildings in only 4 directions...
if there is a chance to cut out this ugly thing, i can rethink this. The second thing is i don´t like the Airfields...
i hope there could be a chance to replace this like in Generals...

But i can rethink like i said... :)

btw Thanks :D
Greetz Rib

update time...

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

hope u enjoy...

Greetz Rib

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