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World Crisis Mod for Generals ZH or TW!! not RA3!! (Groups : SAGE 2D & 3D fans : Forum : Ideas : World Crisis Mod for Generals ZH or TW!! not RA3!!) Locked
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Oct 13 2009 Anchor

Hello everyone,
i had this idea long time ago and i did already some Models (unskinned) for it... but i am not able to mod anything...
Ok this is my Idea:

I thought about 7 Factions..., because everyone can identify with one of this Factions for his motherland.
The Factions:

NAC ==> North American coalition (USA)
SAF ==> South American Federation (Brazil, Mexico, a.s.o.)
ER ==> European Republic
RUS ==> Russia
EAK ==> East Asien Kingdom
ISA ==> Independent State of Australia
AUC ==> African Unity Coalition

For example i am comming from Germany, and i want to play the ER faction against a Player from Russia with RUS, or someone from Australia plays against an African one a.s.o. ...
every Faction gots some Special units ,unitupgrades and/or unique units (like in RA2)
next thing:
Every Factions are splitted into 3 ( 4 ) Forces:
( Naval )
Special Forces

That enough for now, more ideas wanted !!!

How should the weaponsystems work ?
which timeline ?
how and which resources should be used?

Let us discuss !
and last but not least here some models

Headquarters Building




Guardtower with Energyweapon

Powerplant or silo or something

The Construction Crane

Greetz Ribot1980

Oct 13 2009 Anchor

Wow, awesome models.

But if you do want great naval battles, I'd suggest you making a mod for RA3... AFAIK, Generals/C&C3 aren't good enough for it.

Even BFME/BFME2, as far as I remember, there you rather "hired" ships by capturing an appropriate building and producing them, ie not building a shipyard yourself. :-)

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Oct 14 2009 Anchor

BFME / BFME2 ? what is this?

the problem of RA3 is i dislike the new buildsystem. i miss the 360° building placings, i don´t want to build buildings in only 4 directions...
if there is a chance to cut out this ugly thing, i can rethink this. The second thing is i don´t like the Airfields...
i hope there could be a chance to replace this like in Generals...

But i can rethink like i said... :)

btw Thanks :D
Greetz Rib

update time...

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

hope u enjoy...

Greetz Rib

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